2019 Most Popular Interactive Touch Panels in Moscow Fair

The end of April ITA TOUCH company took part in the SVIAZ Exhibition in MOSCOW

SVIAZ is the largest communication exhibition in Russia. This fair was held with along China One Belt and One Road Consumer Electronics Show in Expo Centre, Moscow. The exhibition was last for 4 days from April 23 to April 26.

Many electronic consumer suppliers from China attended the Fair, including commerce and industrial electronic suppliers also. ITA TOUCH provides commerce products for school, classroom, government office, TV show, airport, hotel, station ... etc., the booth number is 25A02 at Hall 5, Pavilion 2.

At this exhibition ITA TOUCH company took the samples of 65" Interactive Flat Panel with 20points touch, anti-glare glass, 21.5" Capacitive Touch Display with Android 7.0 OS  & Electromagnetic Pen pressure 2048 levels Tablet 21.5" in the fair, and designed the large propaganda paintings with LCD digital signage totem, touch table and several kinds of solutions for education, conference / meeting, which offer the detailed equipment with software and hardware.

Although most of the visitors went to the fair who would like to search the newest telecom products, or want to buy some small daily consumer electronics, since the main theme of this exhibition were communication and consumption, but also a lot of customers have given great appreciation and interest, most of them were much confident to ITA TOUCH intelligence interactive panel would give a deep change for education and conference because of its professional solutions with multiple functions of the smart hardware with programme, which it will bring various communication in the near future, as you know in Russia this kind of application has just been beginning or being widely accepted by schools, teachers, governments, etc. The market potential would be huge.

Look, the teacher and students were writing and talked about how this interactive smart board would use for them, and draw the image ...

ITATOUCH-Capacitive Touch Screen Buy-the Most Popular Products For Education And-1
Students were enjoying the great functions of  Interactive Touch Display

They were drawing the image, annotated some words, they like this smart panel...

It is really very convenient and easy to get an interactive vivid presentation, learning, and teaching.


ITATOUCH-Capacitive Touch Screen Buy-the Most Popular Products For Education And-2                
ITATOUCH-Capacitive Touch Screen Buy-the Most Popular Products For Education And-3                
ITATOUCH-Capacitive Touch Screen Buy-the Most Popular Products For Education And-4                

Certainly, there were many agents who trade the Interactive Boards, Digital Display in the fair, they carefully checked/inquired ITA TOUCH products, check out these pictures that clients were viewing/ trying the interactive display ... , ITA TOUCH received several hundreds of business cards in this fair, and have confirmed and been coming to handle the business cooperation with them.

Thanks to the customers that giving recognition and trust! ITA TOUCH people will continue to develop and research the latest interactive products, and offer the best service to support our customers. see you next fair!

Welcome to inquiry us,; We expect you joint us to expand more big markets!


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