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10 best smart speakers that will modernise your home - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
10 best smart speakers that will modernise your home  -  what is a smart board
Thanks to streaming services like Apple music and Spotify, listening to music has never been so simple.
Smart speakers make things easier, so simply saying a command is enough to start playing your favorite tracks.
Smart speakers can do more thanks to virtual personal assistants (or assistants)built in.
Apple's Siri can only be found in one speaker, Apple HomePod, while Amazon's Alexa appears in several speakers made by Amazon, with hundreds coming from other companies.
Google Assistant on Google's own pipeline-
Brand speakers and more.
Smart speakers can not only play music, but also turn on or off compatible lights or thermostats, answer questions and tell you a joke.
If you want speakers to read you recipes or set up kitchen timers, they are useful in the kitchen and will be handy when you have butter on your fingers.
After all, it's crucial how we test the audio quality of the speakers, no matter how smart they are, and if they sound bad, you won't use them a lot.
Bass quality, sound clarity and so on have been tested.
So, how smart is intelligence?
The voice assistant may understand, "What's the weather like today?
But be able to ask, "Do I need a coat today ? " Good too.
"Again, can an assistant manage the comparison?
Alexa can answer, for example, "who is higher, Alan ladard or Marilyn Monroe?
"Who is older, Ken Dodd or Ronnie Colbert?
"But we failed when we asked about other British celebrities.
Oh, if the music is playing, how good the microphone can hear you without yelling is also taken into account.
You can trust our independent review.
We may get commissions from some retailers, but we never allow this to affect from the real-
World testing and expert advice.
This income helps us to fund the news business of the whole independent country.
Virtual assistant: Siri Wifi? YesBluetooth?
Yesdimension: 172x142 This is the best-
It sounds smart.
Where other companies focus on smart technology, Apple insists that the most important feature is audio, which shows that.
The internal tweeter radiates sound in all directions in a clear, clean and very pleasant way.
If you put two HomePods together as stereo pairs, things will get better, which gives you an immersive experience.
This is Apple, set-
Up is very fast and simple.
Siri isn't as advanced as Alexa in some ways, but does well in music, especially if you subscribe to Apple Music.
Of course, it can play anything on a smartphone, but the integration with Apple's streaming service is very good and can even find tracks from their lyrics.
This is the best test to hear your inquiry through music playback.
Note that this should not be your first Apple device-you need an iPhone, iPad or iPod to set it up correctly.
Apple uses a smart home system called HomeKit, so it works best with HomeKit
Compatible gadgets that appear on the IPhone and other Apple gadgets in the Home app.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
YesDimensions: the 130x250x150 mmAudio Pro makes excellent speakers, so it's no surprise that adding Alexa to the very successful Addon C5 will produce excellent smart speakers.
For example, a dual microphone ensures that you are heard when you want to command the speaker to change the track.
These work even if the music is loud.
The bass is particularly strong on this machine, although the rest of the audio also has a lot of details.
For example, while the design is not as trendy as Apple HomePod, it still looks cool and sounds great.
The audio on the HomePod beat this but it was a close call.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
NoDimensions: the 161x120 mmSonos speakers are very good.
This is small and, like all Sonos products, has a big advantage that you can add to the system when tilt or budget allows.
One is mono, but it sounds great: combine the two together and they are audio equal for Apple HomePod.
With two speakers you can put them anywhere you like to make sure the real stereo is separated.
However, the microphone on the Sonos speaker is not as good as the HomePod in listening to your voice through music.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
Yesdimension: 246x174x107 this is the second
Generation Echo Show, the best device Amazon has made in terms of practicality and audio quality.
It has a bright, colorful 10.
1 intouchscreen-for example, if it shows you the recipe, you can go to the next page with sound instead of your sticky fingers, ideal for the kitchen.
Ask about the weather and it will show an elegant image of the cloud or the sun.
It can even play lyrics in time according to the music you play.
You can use the screen to make video calls to other Echo users, whether they are upstairs or around the world.
Sound quality is good, although not very Hi, the room is full of soundfi quality.
Amazon's Alexa, the most versatile of virtual assistants, adds what Amazon often calls skills.
Buy now virtual assistant: Google Assistant wifi? YesBluetooth?
YesDimensions: 336. 6x 190 x 154.
Hefty Home Max is very powerful in audio.
It doesn't have the music subtleties and details of the HomePod, but it's a powerful, impressive speaker with a lot of bass and the sound won't be distorted even at high volume.
This is a great party speaker designed to be a hi-fi replacement.
Sometimes, especially as the sound of the music is quite loud, it takes several times to get yourself heard with your next command.
But unlike HomePod, it has a wide variety of radio stations that you can easily listen.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
YesDimensions: 104x97x91mm this looks like a baseball in 2.
5-angle touch screen.
Although it has other advantages, its size and shape make it a very good alarm clock.
Like the Echo Show, it has a camera so you can make a video call to other Echo users.
But you may not like the idea of having a camera attached device on your bedside.
Audio no problem, great for waking up listening to radio or any music of your choice but not for Hifi.
In terms of responsiveness to commands and problems, it has the same functionality as most other Echo devices.
You can play the video on the screen, but actually, it's too small to watch too much on the screen.
Buy now virtual assistant: Google Assistant wifi? YesBluetooth?
Yesdimension: 178x118x67mm google's latest smart home gadget has a bright pin-
For example, the sharp 7in touch screen is perfect for use as a digital photo frame or an elegant kitchen clock.
Unlike Amazon's Echo Spot and Echo Show, Google deliberately missed a camera for privacy reasons.
The light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen and if you use it in the bedroom it will be convenient and will also change the level of the blue light so that it does not dominate.
Google is part of the Alphabet group, which also includes Nest, so, for example, if you have a Nest video doorbell, Home Hub can show who is at the door on this screen.
Audio is the weakest one in the test: Google's top priority is to provide a neat center for displaying weather, operating compatible smart home products, etc, rather than filling your house with music.
So Google Home Max is a better proposal.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
NoDimensions: 650x100x68.
This is a speaker, a speaker that is placed under the TV to optimize the sound.
But this is a smart speaker, the sound quality here means it works well in music as well, you don't need a separate hi-fi.
Sonos's product is usually crafted and sounds great, but the product offers something extra: It's amazing value.
Sonos's large speakers cost £ 699.
Five microphones listen to you call Alexa.
Sonos will also join Google Assistant in the future.
You can also call Siri on your iPhone and control the speakers from your phone.
It's great to listen to your TV on this speaker, it has a wide stage and amazing effect.
But please note that the small room is better than the big one.
Buy virtual assistant now: Alexa WiFi? YesBluetooth?
YesDimensions: 43x99mm while excellent for the intelligence part of the equation, music play is not the power of the small dots.
This is good for radio stations, especially speaking, and it is good at basic tasks such as answering questions or telling jokes for Alexa.
So, it's ideal for kids who want to ask when Winston Churchill will be prime minister to help with homework.
For the best music effect, you can connect it to a normal speaker via Bluetooth or audio cable.
Audio books play ,(
Sound is by Amazon)
Very good on this and other echo machines, it remembers where you went, for example, even if you used to listen on an iPhone or an Amazon tablet.
This is the second one.
Generation Dot and have a better speaker and a more stylish design than the first one.
Buy now virtual assistant: Google Assistant wifi? YesBluetooth?
YesDimensions: smart speakers for 162x110x1110 mmsony send audio to all directions so you can put it in the middle of the room and it sounds good all the way.
It's not as good as Apple HomePod, but, again, it's a lot cheaper.
It can feel when your hand is close to the top of the speaker, so if you wave your hand on it, some features like pause and volume can be controlled.
There is a digital clock on one side, but you can dim it or turn it off if you want. It’s splash-
It proves convenient and you can choose from a black or white finish.
Buy audio now, Apple HomePod, Audio Pro Addon C5A and Sonos One this award-winning smart speaker is actually around the neck --and-
The Apple is on the front edge, but it has a neck.
This is one of the best.
And speakers.
Amazon's Echo speakers are arguably the smartest, but none of them sound as good as the trio just mentioned.
These virtual assistants get smarter every day, but sound skills are set up once you buy the hardware, so choose carefully if the speakers will be your primary source of music.
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