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2013 review: the best features of the year - best tablet for artists

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
2013 review: the best features of the year  -  best tablet for artists
Read more & colon;
"2014 preview and colon;
Ten important ideas will be "dig deep, look carefully, and think hard next year-this is the goal of new scientists --depth articles.
Each one is perfect for keeping in your favorite readingit-
Later the app, curled up in front of the glowing tablet computer for a long reading.
These are the best features of the year selected by our editors, and are the main examples of great ideas that mature when solving problems in 2012.
Usually only subscribers can read them, but we offer them for 10 days free of charge from December 24-all you have to do is register with us.
Visit our restaurant after you have digested these readable foods
Deep article archive if you are eager for more.
Quantum shadow and colon;
Mysterious events in Webb and Cologne
For me, our cover story for the first issue of 2013 is the perfect tool to remove the holiday burden.
Physicists and philosophers have been arguing for centuries about the true nature of matter-particles or waves?
In the 20 th century, quantum physics seems to give the answer & colon;
Both are carried out at the same time.
That's enough, but it's not as strange as the latest quantum experiment says.
The most shocking thing is physics!
JobGraham Lawton & colon's desk workout is not the antidote to death;
This is one of the stories that will change the way you look at your life and will also help you to change your life better.
It's about sitting too much even if you exercise a lot is very, very harmful to your health.
It connects with people around the office of New scientists and extends to the wider world because of its universality and surprising valuehome message.
Are you comfortable? Well, DON’T!
Voice within the colon;
The power to speak with himself, David Robson and Cologne;
Take a moment from the screen and listen to what you think.
It's probably the word that jumps in your head.
Psychologists have neglected this "inner language" to some extent, but recently they have begun to explore the question that once thought could not be answered & the colon;
Does everyone's inner voice sound the same?
What about deaf people without spoken English?
What are the benefits of all this chatter?
Anyone reading this article by psychologist Charles finihoff will have some insight into their inner lives.
Hologenome and colon cancer;
New Perspectives on evolution Michael Lepage and Cologne
Our Microbial hangers
Playing a huge role in evolution?
In fact, it is so important that we should not treat natural selection as involving a single plant or animal, but should we consider its effect on the collective, including all microorganisms?
This is the radical idea that Richard Jefferson put forward in the 1980 s.
For more than 30 years, there has been increasing evidence that he is right.
How did we lose 1400-
Ton ocean liner?
Paradise Douglas Hotel Cologne
"Oh, by the way, we lost a ship.
A brilliant old-
Yarn of modern styleday ghost ship.
A retired ocean liner was off the tether, drifting across the Atlantic Ocean on a collision course with the Irish coast.
The only problem is that no one can find it.
Over the course of the year, there seems to be no more secrets to the disclosure of global surveillance, and there is no place to hide the idea that we will still lose 1400 --
It is strange that tons of ocean liners are reassuring. The body:
The big skin of Douglas and Cologne, safariKate;
We all have one, which we think is clear to us, but on this particular issue we want to have a lateral look at the human body.
The result is that given the various ephemera that our unruly physical impulses bring, and the question of whether it is possible to eat so much that your stomach explodes, this is a very interesting option.
It's hard to pick a favorite, but for the sake of a pure creative boom, our news editor, Rowan Hooper, imagines a small national hunt on the surface of the body. Read it.
It will crawl your meat.
Law of the future
Will you be defamed by a robot?
This electron structure and colon cancer.
As long as technology changes human ability, the legal world must adapt.
Richard Fisher talks about the mind in this topic
The possible bending legal consequences of Robot, drone and human invisible transmission.
All of this, and the things that have to be the worst joke of the New Scientist's year.
Repair brain and colon breaks;
A new understanding of depression
Why is the anti-depression not working?
By the end of the 20 th century, it was considered a successful deal to study the effects of compound amine drugs on depression.
However, over the past decade, it has become clear that as many as half of those treated with these drugs have not improved.
This response is not to call the treatment itself ineffective, but to call these patients "treatment-resistant”.
May we be mistaken about the anti-depression?
A survey shows that maybe we are wrong on more basic things & colons;
Depression itself.
This article is about the meaning of a long, chaotic debate on topics other than abstraction.
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