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5 apps for kids who like to draw- drawing apps for kids - computer drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
5 apps for kids who like to draw- drawing apps for kids  -  computer drawing pad
Painting seems to be a natural expression of creativity for adults.
But for young children, it sometimes takes a little comfort to get them interested in art.
Thanks to modern technology, it is easier for children to try painting than ever before.
Apps on Android or iOS devices may look complicated, but there are many apps that are custom made
For little children.
Budding artists can use techniques to try colors, different brush styles, stickers, shadows, and more.
As a bonus for parents, there is no confusion to clean up afterwards!
This list shows five excellent drawing apps that can be easily downloaded from the web for kids of all ages.
Use the iPad for iOS 4.
This wonderful app has won many awards, such as the parent Choice Gold Award issued by the parent choice Foundation.
The news was also published in national newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times.
The drawing board does have everything the children need to create original artwork without being too gimmicky.
There are basic drawing tools like crayons, markers, brushes and sketch pencils.
To add fun, kids can add color to their artwork with color stickers.
If all your kids want to do is not just paint, this app has coloring books that can be downloaded for an extra price.
Like most drawing apps, the artboard can share your child's work with family and friends by email.
DoCoMo BuddyRequires: Android or iOS device DoCoMo Buddy is perfect for young children as it allows them to draw with their fingers, just like a finger painting.
It has a lot of colorful backgrounds to doodle with, so kids can add their own ideas to their heart's content.
Parents and children can also upload photos they take as customizable backgrounds.
If you have two or more kids who like to draw, you can link their device so they can doodle together.
The best thing about DoCoMo Buddy, of course, is that it's completely free. But be warned--
Unless you are willing to pay a small fee for the ad, you have to deal with the adfree version.
PicsArt requirements for kids: Android or iOS device is another height-
Includes rating apps for many basic drawing tools. It has an easy-to-
The interface is very suitable for children.
You can use PicsArt to draw on an empty canvas or color in interesting clip art images like animals and dinosaurs.
The app also supports painting with up to ten fingers at the same time, so it's great for the small artist group.
Squigglefish requirements: ipadsquiglefish is one of the most unique drawing applications on the market because it actually combines the old
Make paper drawings with digital artwork.
You first draw the outline of a fish on a blank sheet of paper.
Color the fish with crayons and take a picture of your hand
Draw with iPad.
Then your fish will magically appear on the screen and look like it's underwater!
It's easy to do, but smaller kids may need help taking pictures because you need to hold the camera very quietly.
If you have kids who like messy artwork, then check out the Wreck app.
This unconventional app is a companion to Keri Smith's best-selling book.
Parents don't worry--
The kids don't really "spoil" the app.
It's just a blank canvas for kids to doodle and become their own masterpiece.
Kids will love to spoil the app because it encourages them to be crazy and parents will love the app because it fosters the imagination of the kids.
Conclusion children learn to draw at different stages.
The first is unlimited graffiti, no definite form.
Then there are simple strokes and have a deeper understanding of why they draw. -
Because it would be fun to write the world they see on paper!
If you have a kid who likes to paint, take a look at some of the apps listed above.
They are affordable and easy to use, and they are an excellent alternative to traditional paper and pen Art.
In addition, the app makes it easy to share children's artwork with family and friends.
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