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a gadget able to extract energy from thin air - writing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-08
a gadget able to extract energy from thin air  -  writing tablet for pc
Prototype engineers are working on a variety of devices that can remove energy for the mobile devices we rely on, and the battery is consuming too fast.
The battery is dead because you forgot to turn off Wi-Fi setting? No problem.
Some devices can capture sunlight, heat and wind into juice for tablets. Soon, an energy source
Harvesting devices installed in one of your shoes may also give a boost to your smartphone.
Now, computer scientists at Georgia Tech have invented something that sounds like it's from Nikola Tesla.
This is because prototype gadgets that work with antennas and other components can draw energy from the air, which are made of silver nanoparticles and other materials on inkjet printers.
Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, including Professor Manos Tentzeris (above)
Parties from radio and television transmitters, mobile phones and satellite networks.
So far, the device has been able to collect enough juice to power small sensors and RFID tags.
For example, researchers said last week that they had managed to collect enough energy from a television station half a month ago.
A kilometer away to power a small temperature sensor
Researchers at Georgia Tech also envision the manufacture of wearable health devices.
Monitoring equipment for obtaining electricity from environmental energy.
Equipment manufactured using scientists inkjet printing technology will have light, paper-based Componentsthin.
Even in such an environment
The researchers say the power of the energy collection device cannot exceed that of small sensors and chips, which can supplement the juice collected by solar cells.
Smartphone accessories, but accessories that are small enough for mobile use seem to only attract the most hardcore players.
Fling Mini announced last week (about $25)
, It has a suction cup base that covers the same location on the smartphone screen, which is the same as the original on the iPad.
Spiral design of Fling Mini (
You put your thumb in the center of the spiral)
Create tactile resistance and improve the gaming experience of the iPhone or iPod Touch, such as meteor blitz, robot kill and betrayal blade.
The detachable Fling Mini has two
Pack and store it in a fiber bag. The other even-more-
Mini game accessories are joystick-
The company of this mobile phone arcade fighting rocker ThinkGeek. (about $18)
It is also connected to your iPhone screen.
Think Geek says that in thousands of game apps, any one
The screen control pad will work with the joystick and it will also work with the capacitive touch screen on many Android smartphones.
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