apple will drop its pressure sensitive 3d touch displays from the iphone: analyst claims flagship fe

apple 'will drop its pressure sensitive 3d touch displays from the iphone': analyst claims flagship feature launched in 2015 is being ditched because of a lack of adoption - pressure sensitive tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
apple \'will drop its pressure sensitive 3d touch displays from the iphone\': analyst claims flagship feature launched in 2015 is being ditched because of a lack of adoption  -  pressure sensitive tablet
Apple plans to ease pressure
Sensitive display technology for the upcoming iPhone series
According to a new report.
The technology, known as 3D Touch, records the amount of pressure applied to the glass display and performs different functions depending on the force.
Apple includes many shortcuts and menus in the iOS operating system, which can only be accessed by pressing hard on the 3D Touch display.
3D Touch is a key selling point for iPhone 6 s and 6 s Plus-the first phone to launch this feature, which has since been included on each iPhone model.
However, according to industry experts, few developers have incorporated this feature into their app, and Apple will remove the 3D touch from the upcoming phone.
After the launch of the feature in 2015, an Apple executive said that if 3D Touch was not accepted by app developers, it would be a "huge waste" of talent and resources ".
Apple plans to reduce its pressure-
According to a new report, the sensitive 3D Touch display on the iPhone.
3D Touch reads the amount of pressure used when tapping the screen to perform different functions.
According to reports from investors that see bymacrums, the animation shows a preview when holding the map linkBarclays analyst Blayne Curtis said that Apple's upcoming iPhone model does not include 3D Touch
Curtis and his colleagues met last week with companies in Apple's Asian supply chain and made predictions based on the information collected.
In a note to investors, Curtis said that any iPhone series will no longer provide 3D Touch-up by 2019.
This is in line with analyst Ming's previous report.
Guo said in a statement on April that Apple will give up its 3D Touch system later this year.
Touch 3D read the power used when pressing the screen to activate different functions.
For example, when your finger is placed on the email in your inbox, the push-in screen pops up-
A preview inside the message.
In the drawing app, you can change the thickness of the pencil line being drawn by applying more pressure to the display.
3D Touch is an important part of Apple's iphone 6 s marketing campaign.
It appears in every subsequent iPhone, including iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.
Apple said during the iPhone 6 s release that the development of this feature has brought huge costs to the company.
Phil Schiller, marketing director, told Bloomberg: "Engineering-
It's wise to build a display hardware3D Touch]
It is indeed an incredible difficulty.
"If it doesn't do something, we're going to waste a whole year of engineering-really, two years-at a huge cost and investment in manufacturing --people]
It will be used.
If it's just a demo feature and no one actually uses it after a month, it would be a huge waste of engineering talent.
Apple will launch the latest iPhone next month, and rumors about what features the phone may have shrouded the Internet.
In the new details, Apple will make this year's lineup the brand of the year.
According to toBloomberg, this means that the new equipment will mainly include internal improvements, not any major aesthetic reforms.
This coincides with previous reports that suggest that Apple will launch three similar models to the existing iPhone X all-
Screen design September 12.
These three models are considered to be boasting. 8-inch, 6. 1-inch and 6. 5-inch displays.
Thanks to a new Apple, all three models of battery charge can last more than a day
Designed processors increase battery life by up to 40 cents. A 6. 5-
The inside inch iPhone called D33 will have Apple's largest screen so far, along with new features such as being able to view content on the sideby-side view.
While this will be the biggest phone in the lineup, Apple is said to be considering whether the 6 "plus" tag should be abandoned. 5-
Bloomberg noted that inch devices. The 6. 5-inch and 5. 8-
The processing speed of the Inch model and the upgraded camera will be improved.
It is unclear what specific changes will be made.
Apple will try to attract prices
Sensitive consumers with 6. 1-
In addition to adding a border, the inch model most similar to the iPhone 8-less screen.
The devices will also have a new processor, which is expected to be called the Apple A12, which will greatly increase the battery life of all three models. The next-
A generation chipset will increase the number of transistors, which are miniature switches that allow power to pass through the processor.
Last year's iPhone chip had a 10 nm gap between each transistor, but this year Apple is expected to narrow that gap to 7 nm.
The smaller gap between transistors means that the chip can work more efficiently and requires less power to work, thus prolonging battery life.
The manufacturer behind Apple, TSMC
It is estimated that the power consumption of the company's seven nmchip processors is about 40 lower than the previous processors.
As analysts predict, iPhone users may expect a significant battery boost if Apple adopts a new chipset design for its new model.
According to writesMacWorld, Apple is also expected to include some battery life optimization, which will help reduce the battery consumption when the phone sleeps.
However, the latest estimates also depend on some other details of the phone. Real-
World battery life is also affected by other factors, including the number of applications, the type of display, and the efficiency of cellular and Wi-Fi
There's a radio on the phone.
Elsewhere, the three new iPhones will be available in a variety of colors, including aluminum (
Not stainless steel)
Chassis and LCD display.
Because all three models have an edge. to-
The edges show that they also have gestures
The control-based system used in the IPhone X replaces the need for the home button.
Apple's face recognition system "face id" will also be included in these three devices.
Bloomberg pointed out that according to previous rumors, Apple is expected to launch dual SIM technology for the two larger mobile phones in some areas.
Including dual SIM support, it is easier for users to switch between mobile carrier plans.
This feature may attract international users who often travel to different countries.
Another detail that is unclear is how Apple will launch its new smartphone.
The new premium phone is unlikely to be called the iPhone XS, as consumers may think it's "redundant" or "extra small ".
However, moving to iPhone XI (iPhone 11)
Given that this is a year, it will mark a bigger aesthetic upgrade that the company may want.
The IPhone is not the only Apple device that is expected to undergo a facelift at this year's event.
Apple is also expected to release a larger-screen Apple Watch, as well as a thinner iPad Pro model, Bloomberg noted.
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