as a bemused parent to two adolescents i can tell you that the future generation is utterly baffling

as a bemused parent to two adolescents i can tell you that the future generation is utterly baffling - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-05
as a bemused parent to two adolescents i can tell you that the future generation is utterly baffling  -  drawing tablet
My wife and I are undoubtedly the worst parents in the world.
We don't know the frustrating information, but all the evidence is in it.
Consider the facts: 1.
The 14-year-old daughter wants to buy a new backpack for the upcoming Duke of Edinburgh Awards Tour, preferably hand-made and delivered by Zoella.
On the contrary, because this is-
After the trip we got one from Freecycle. 2.
The 11-year-old son has been trying to explain the confusing complexity of the latest computer game he is designing, but it makes our eyes roll in our heads and ask silly questions like: "Is that a bit like Pong? ”3.
My wife and I were invited to a family reunion in Liverpool, which meant leaving the kids for the first time in years for the grandparents to spend the night.
This means that a 14-year-old daughter may get a Zoella backpack and an 11-year-old son, the 300 tablets he desperately needs, just like I need-Roseman football year 197879.
When I was a child, it was never so much trouble to take care of the child.
For weeks, we were left outside the bar, drinking Coke and potato chips, and dug out of the snow in spring.
Our nanny is very angry with the children at home. made tattoos;
We have never left our children to strangers other than the family-admittedly, they are a bit strange.
I'm a baby since I was 10.
To be fair, my uncle is five years younger than me. (
Irish family.
This is complicated. )
Since Yashi, the elderly have been complaining about young people. there is nothing new in the generation gap, but in recent decades, the generation gap does seem to expand-partly because of the confusing nature of the technology, but also because of the rise of the X Factor. your-
The dream mantra puts such a burden on young people. . . expectations.
Young people seem to be thinking now if they post some empty vlogs or sub-Sheeran whine-
They will immediately get a billion dollars online.
Release or record trading in Sterling.
It is irritating that this happens sometimes.
So why bother to do a boring, repetitive job? ie all jobs)
When are you on your "journey" to the stars?
When I was at school, we were told in our career that there were two options-military or youth training programs.
We had to watch every episode of "Black Boy" as a preparation for the outside world, and when it was about to take the math test, a teacher excitedly announced: "Hello everyone!
We have just been told that no matter who has the highest math score, there is an apprentice waiting for them at the local sausage factory!
I never learned math. Level. Nor my sausage-
However, try to tell young people today that they don't believe you.
The media kept quibbling and telling them that they were harder than any other generation, and it didn't help much, including people who were wiped out by Somm, Black Death or dinosaurs (
I never had history. Level, either).
The generation gap in my family is bigger than most people because we have children in the future.
My son was born when I was 39;
I am in my 50 s now and my child is suffering from the teenage trauma I experienced 40 years ago.
In that era, the world has changed like never before-in many ways, so have children.
Although all the topics about children growing up faster than ever before, in some ways they are wiser than we are (-Yes).
When my daughter was so big, I watched Crass at Todmorden Town Hall, drank cider and sucked glue;
She had lunch at Hampstead and for God's sake she had never been exposed to alcohol, fag or even a lighter.
I think it does make her more mature than when I was 14, but you know what I mean.
Maybe this is also the question of where you are being asked.
I grew up in the back street of the Hebden Bridge, where we would spend endless time playing football and cricket, climbing up the roof of the factory to retrieve football and cricket, scared girl in line under the rough ramp, at Grifters, Evel kni-style.
My wife grew up in Kirkby, in the largest Parliament estate on the Alpha side of the Centauri, surrounded by abandoned apartments, burning oil barrels and fanatical wolves: a long way from Islington must be said.
In our case, there is a complicated question: My wife and I grew up as single
The family of the parents, her father, my teenage mother.
Money is tight, so, like all parents, we want our children to have material stuff that we never had before-except, of course, most people (
Iphone, tablet, laptop)
We never did because they didn't exist, even in the craziest view of Raymond Baxter (
This is the future host of your millennial generation).
To alleviate our guilt about the upcoming night, we haven't had the courage to mention that my wife and I purchased flights to Australia for Christmas.
We were so excited to inform our 14-year-old daughter, who frowned and was only 14-year-oldyear-
Old girls can frown.
"But what about my ridicule?
My wife and I looked at each other.
What the hell is Mocks?
The 14-year-old daughter told us that they were mock gcse and apparently she and her friends thought it was important.
I do worry about young people today.
Now I have something else to feel guilty about.
Do parents feel guilty?
This will never change.
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