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back to school: 3 cool tech gadgets - digital pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-03
back to school: 3 cool tech gadgets  -  digital pen tablet
Moving on pens and pencils, these gadgets are seriously improving the classroom experience.
Today, laptops or tablets are absolutely essential --to-
School Technology Shopping
But if you want to go beyond simple basics, there are a variety of gadgets and gadgets that can improve the classroom experience.
From smart pens to printers, we went through the new version and found three tech gadgets that would definitely be among the best behind almost every student --to-
School wish list
Of course, most things can be done on your phone, but printing is usually not one of them.
Through all this, complete clear and colorful printing at homein one printer.
Epson Advanced Expression XP-6000 Small-in-
A printer can print various items-
From photos to completesized, double-sided reports —
Just click a button quickly. $149. 99 | Epson.
Please note:
Enter the next level with IRIS Notes Air 3 smart digital pen.
Smart pens send your stylus notes, graffiti and charts directly to your Android or iOS device so you can learn and share them --
No need to type or scan them.
What about the best part?
This digital pen works on standard paper, so you don't have to have any fancy paper to make it work. $199.
99 | best BuyFan jamIf you're going back to college-to-
Your shopping list is long.
But in addition to the microwave and the new duvet, you may want to go to the dormitory-
Chilling options like this Dyson Pure Cool purge fan.
Fan improved air circulation due to its350
When smart sensors and internal filtration systems perceive particles, bacteria, allergens and gases in the air,
And get rid of them.
Now, it would be nice if it could do your algebra homework as well. $549.
99 | DysonCanada
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