blackface image of students at top md high school draws rebuke from politicians - classroom whiteb

blackface image of students at top md. high school draws rebuke from politicians - classroom whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
blackface image of students at top md. high school draws rebuke from politicians  -  classroom whiteboard
Maryland's elected leader said publicly on Tuesday that one of the highest counties in Montgomery County had a black-faced incident involving students --
They say they are deeply upset and will continue to work to address the issue of racism.
Earlier, there was an incident involving 2 out of 9 people over the weekend.
Grade students at Walt Whitman High School who posted a photo of themselves on their black face on social media and used n-
As they described the photos.
After President Robert W, the incident attracted widespread attention.
On Monday, Dodd sent a letter to his parents saying he had called the police to help with the investigation.
The image is widely known among students, appears on Snapchat, and then shares it on Twitter, officials say.
"I want to stress as strongly as possible that this behavior will not be tolerated at Walt Whitman High School," Dodd said in his letter, "and students will be subject to serious disciplinary action. Capt.
Tom Jordan, a spokesman for Montgomery County Police, said Whitman's school
Headquarters officials investigated the matter and recorded it as "bias --
Related events
He said: "The behavior of the students is not a crime.
"In general, prejudice," Jordan said.
Related activities or remarks must be associated with potential criminal acts
For example, an attack
This incident is considered a hate crime.
The racist incident is the latest in three schools reported by the Bethesda school, one of the least diverse high schools in Montgomery County this school year, with a student group of 67% white people and 15% people in Asia, spain has 9% people.
African-American students account for 5% or less of the students enrolled.
The school is the subject of a book about outstanding students, often at the top of various rankings in public high schools in Maryland.
It is listed as one of the top 100 high schools in the United States. S.
News and world rankings this week.
The Montgomery County Council expressed its views on the matter on Tuesday.
Nancy Navarro, president of the Council (D-District 4)
Speaking on behalf of the organization, the incident was seriously disturbing and insensitive.
"We are unfortunate that these types of events are still happening in 2019," Navarro said . ".
"In light of this, we must continue our education and outreach efforts to inform our residents of the harmful effects of racism on the inhabitants of our communities.
Officials say Whitman has been working hard in recent weeks to increase inter-racial awareness.
Students from their Minority Scholars Program
The leading group dedicated to promoting academic success and leadership has been introducing the inequalities and struggles faced by non-ferrous students at school in math classes.
They also made a video of their experiences.
"The dialogue at these preliminary meetings is very strong," Dodd said in the letter . ".
Later in the parade, a student released n-
According to a letter back home at the time, the words used by the students on the interactive classroom whiteboard were part of the course.
Officials said the incident was filmed on mobile video and posted on social media.
A spokesman for the Montgomery County school, Gboyinde Onijala, said that there was an incident earlier this year in Whitman, which was said to be a racial nickname. Michael V.
Williams, a long-time educator dedicated to improving opportunities for students of color throughout the county, said students at Kennedy High School were upset about the black face incident, and began writing to say that they did not want the county to tolerate hatred.
Williams said: "In essence, they think this is not only the problem of Whitman, but also the problem of Montgomery County, hoping that it will be properly resolved . "
Founder of the Minority Scholars Program.
"But we all believe that there are opportunities for healing and learning.
We hope it can be used like this.
On February, another Montgomery High School Winston Churchill High School in Potomac distributed n-
The term "pass", which grants to those who have obtained permission to use racial slurs for their use.
Byron John, chairman of education at the Montgomery County Division of the National Association of People of color, said the incident was offensive, but in oppositionAnti-immigration
Flash and racial speech in daily life.
"Now it's part of the ether," he said . ".
John said it is important for educators and parents in the least diverse schools in the county to recognize that students of color are often "ignored and are not accepted as formal in the community
And solve the problem openly.
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