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cecil john rhodes was a bigoted buffoon - diamond smart table for sale

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-04
cecil john rhodes was a bigoted buffoon  -  diamond smart table for sale
I told my son not to make my sequel, "lazy Zambia intellectuals";
Break the shackles of tradition, delete the old decrees and create new ceremonies.
Follow the example of Mandela, Gates, Jobs or Einstein.
Find someone who has changed the world.
You and your peers in Zambia must create sharp focus by doing something spectacular and straighten out the bending of African history that will bring pride to Africans.
Look at a piece of metal and bend it with your will power.
Let the world see its innovation.
You can all do it!
He nodded thoughtfully.
I said, "Go ahead yourself . "
They created poverty and hunger, forgetting the cynics and the pessimists.
Forget the politicians. they invented greed and corruption.
Forget the diddlysquat we invented. me and my peers.
Forget about my father and his peers who have been deprived of the right to innovate and that is part of the reason we are in this sad state.
"My father is smart and smart, but he is not allowed to think too much.
He did not think much, they told him.
They actually said he didn't think at all and they convinced him.
Cecil Rhodes said: "This is what Europeans think.
Buwana Rhodes is a great giant.
"My father told us.
"He had a bigger dream than us, the dream of Cape to Cairo.
"I read about him in elementary school.
The book says he is tall and strong.
There are enough diamonds to buy the world.
What I didn't know at the time was that he was a paranoid clown and was the reason why my father was not doing well.
As Prime Minister of Cape Province, he imposed his racist educational philosophy on Africans and equaled my father with a child.
He compared him to Druid.
Brutal British in Iron Age
The settlers of Europeans and burrs kept reminding my father that he was new, original, unrefined, and therefore thought like a Druid.
They told him that his brain was smaller than theirs and that he was a barbarian, Savage, Savage, Kaffir.
Until his confidence plunged to zero, they repeated.
When mu Zungu shouted, Jeremiah!
My father shot up like a bullet: "Bwana!
"You have passed.
This is your certificate.
He passed by while building bricks.
His friend was hardly tanned.
Their friends scored zero points in animal husbandry.
Rhodes was determined to leave my father and his peers in a state of brutality.
My father moved to a church school and almost became an architect.
Rhodes despised the missionaries for fear that they would produce locals who could manage the Telegraph and the machines.
He is concerned that if the locals are educated, they will "get the franchise without difficulty ".
"At least he acknowledged the physical and spiritual power of my father and his peers.
"In this racist environment, my father and his friends are not able to make the most of all their human abilities to innovate, invent, transform and transform their God --
The ability or desire given.
Rhodes succeeded in making the African environment hostile to innovation.
"My father had a mild education and was unable to study or find out.
He was not curious enough about the invention.
Not confident enough. Not able; not at all.
He had no idea how the radio he bought worked.
How the telegram delivers the message.
He left this to the white man and jumped on the bus to work.
He never thought he could do the bus himself, as Asians did.
The word "smart" is synonymous with my father's time, but it is wrong smart.
"Be smart," said my father.
"Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and wipe your shoes.
"I recalled with a smile: Father in black shoes.
They sparkled like FTJs in the sun for twelve minutes.
He told us he was right to wear clothes to kill people.
They died so badly that they called him Sir. Smart.
They call me Sir. Smart too.
I followed my father.
I combed my hair, applied Senoria Mafuta, brushed my teeth with Pepisodent and wiped my shoes with gold block shoe oil.
I 've never taken a moment to say I can make Senoria, Pepisodent, or Nugget shoe oil myself.
There is a cliché circulating in Zambia: Ifi fya basungu (
These are for white people).
My father told us to be careful.
"Don't do the dangerous things white people do," he said . ". "You'll die.
Don't play with electricity, you will become a skeleton.
Don't try to fly, you will be a bunch of broken bones.
Don't climb the mountain. you will freeze to death.
Don't go away. you will be eaten.
"We became lizards and we were not far from home, so we did not explore or discover.
We have never become a dangerous demon like an evil carnivore.
We have never been involved in venture capital.
We're scared like hell.
I told my son that education began to make sense in 1964.
Soon we had our own university.
But we are still like our father.
We have no Adventures in the lab.
We laugh like fools.
We assembled an electric bell and marveled like a child.
No, we didn't invent it, not the faucet, not the toilet seat, not the shoes, not the toothpaste --nothing.
Not even a rat trap.
We did not invent.
We haven't.
When I searched Google for "African inventors", I was taken to "Inventors and Inventions: African-Americans from George Washington Kaver to Frank Zamboni ".
I stopped because of the pain.
My son saw an injury.
"I sympathize with you, Dad," he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.
I shook my head. "No, you don't.
As a nation, you don't know what this has done to us.
As Walter said, we are at the bottom of the totem pole.
"My son knows Walter, the white man I met on the plane.
I received a letter from him by email.
He once wrote: Hi, field (
I did not forget your name)
One of my friends forwarded me the story you wrote about the conversation on our New Year's Eve plane.
I got your email address from your editor. God!
My friend, you have the memory of an elephant.
You remember almost everything, and of course you have your own ideas. You write well.
A lot of Africans I 've seen write very well.
They write much better than ordinary Americans.
Some of you speak English very well.
Of course, you are better at running.
No one can catch the legs of the essels and Kenyans.
Even if you don't invent a marathon (joke).
By the way, my friend and I had a good laugh at some comments.
Some people say you're stupid, others say you tolerate me being an idiot.
This makes it impossible for me to put up with your rash attitude towards advice.
That's why from the time you talk to me, nothing happens and nothing happens.
There is no proper debate, only insults.
You're wasting your time writing.
Africa is not going anywhere.
Because you are all very angry people, it is trapped in middle age.
You all have resentment, jealousy, distrust and resentment.
You hate each other's guts.
You are angered by the success of your friend.
Most of the meetings your leaders attend are a waste of time and money.
The AU building is a white elephant.
Nothing compared to the United Nations and the European Union.
The man in black, this is what we call your leader.
They came, met, ate, laughed, and left.
When I am in Zambia, we will be sitting at the table with four learned Zimbabweans and three of us.
We will nod and the Zambian will shake their heads.
They will argue and we will say yes in agreement ".
No matter where they are gathered, the three Zambian people hope to have a strong objection that will die.
That is why you fail and will fail forever.
I'm on my way to Zambia, in Africa.
I won't reveal the location because I don't want you to write.
Your critics may be bashing my life hard.
Anyway, there is no progress here. Zip.
The dirt I left in the shed piled up.
I told the minister in charge that to buy a car for a politician, not a limousine, he was unfriendly to my suggestion.
Anyway, I wish you all the best in your writing.
This is a good concern. Walter (Still in buwana)
Walter left a sour taste in my mouth again. I felt failure—My peers and I
But my son and his peers gave me a hope.
That's why I want it. a-
With him and them.
"Tell your friends not to pursue their father," I told my son . ".
"You all live in a risk-driven world. Take risks.
Take time to think.
Create something for God, anything of world value with African inscriptions on it.
Stop Western stereotypes about Africa;
Africans are lazy, slow and unconscious.
"When my son got up and left, I was thinking about my country: there was a gate and a job somewhere in Zambia.
There are scientists, mechanics, physicists and many talents.
They were full of great ideas there.
They are in town and country.
Unfortunately, the efforts of many gifted and gifted people follow the path of frustration.
They have seen limited opportunities for the entire life cycle ahead.
They are discounted when they try to express their ideas.
The article "Zambia intellectual laziness" inspires thinkers across Zambia and Africa to challenge the limits of austerity and join the battle of thought.
Calls were made for the establishment of an African revival in which Zambia became the region --
Ten years later, when our young leaders took leadership, what happened in Africa was a broad test case.
Our slogan is: "What we are is the future of innovation", and we will send out a legacy of vitality to get rid of unhappiness and shame.
In your T-shirt.
Text messages, emails, tell, convince friends.
Spread the message simply.
Send me a short note on Ruwebooks @ aol.
You will support this initiative.
Other Africans on the continent must join us.
The cause we are forming is not politics.
This is about men and women in Africa who are so demoted by people like Walter, claiming their basic mortality rate.
This is the shameless pursuit of millions of young Africans inspired by the future, just like millions of young Americans inspired by Barack Obama.
Please note: The adulterated title "you are lazy (Intellectual)
"The African scum that my article circulated online" was not created by me.
Also, my article is not sold.
It is recommended that all readers not pay for any of my articles online.
Plagiarism is prohibited.
Those who limit plagiarism to using only their own work without credit must find a detailed definition, including a literal theft, to understand its full meaning. ---------------
Field Ruwe is from the United States-
Media practitioners and authors in Zambia.
He is a doctoral candidate with B. A.
In Mass Communication and Journalism, and M. A. in History.
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