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by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-15
cnn  -  drawing tablet best buy
Starting with the Super Bowl shopping by John Berman and Zola Ida sangbolin, go back to the main page of the transcript;
Violence in Gaza;
The Palestinian Authority is basically on the side;
Black Friday aired on November 23, 2012
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John Berman, cnn anchor: 20-
1 billion, that's how much Americans expect to spend on this Black Friday.
So put on your shoes, tie your waist and pick up your credit card.
But, most of the time, the waist is tied.
Alina Joe, cnn anchor: In addition, breaking news.
New incidents of violence on the Gaza/Israel border, this time against
Some 700 people took part in the protests in Israel.
Berman: now there are hundreds of millions of dollars in the power ball lottery.
A bad holiday is coming soon.
Zhao: But did you just say the waist?
Berman: I actually said it twice.
I said it twice and let the record show.
Zhao: Good morning, everyone.
Welcome to start as soon as possible. I'm Alina Cho.
This is John Berman.
Zoraida Sambolin took a day off and God bless her.
30 minutes after an hour.
This is CNN's breaking news.
Zhao: We started with the breaking news of the conflict between Gaza and Israel.
There are new reports of violence this morning.
It happened in Gaza near the Israeli border.
According to Hamas security forces, about 700 people participated in
Israel protested against the border.
Hamas claimed that at least one Palestinian was killed and 19 injured when Israeli forces opened fire on protests.
Berman: of course, we will see this over time.
At the same time, another big story for us is that Thanksgiving is now in the book and we turn to the post-turkey day tradition of Black Friday.
Earlier this year, large retailers from the coast to the coast even opened on Thanksgiving night and holiday shoppers left.
We're all telling this story.
We stayed at the front line this morning.
George Howell is at Best Buy store in Atlanta, a shopping mall in Arlington, Virginia.
Let's start with you, George.
When I was talking to you last time, you found some incredible deals.
I think they are still there.
George Howell, cnn correspondent: John, you mentioned that TV.
I try to keep it for you. BERMAN: Yes.
Howell: There are a lot of deals here.
Let's talk about hot topics, you know?
When people come to the "Black Friday" event, you start to understand what people want.
Obviously, this is definitely needed.
You know, iPad. -
Look at this one.
You know, obviously, it's a good time to get it on Black Friday.
Demand for tablets is also high.
This is what the store is doing.
They are trying to get as many people in as possible, especially Best Buy.
Now in this best buy-
Sorry, this best buy, when you see what happened this morning, about 600 people are waiting around the store to enter as it opens at midnight.
Many people are excited about the deal they can make here.
Keep in mind that for Best Buy It's a disappointing company with third-quarter revenues, so they're determined to make sure as many people as possible join.
You know, to help them get through the rest of the year, John.
Berman: Okay.
George, I'm sorry my voice problem infected you.
You know, I didn't realize they could go all the way to Atlanta.
You know, I asked before, this store you're in now looks very organized and calm.
But have you heard of any problems? HOWELL: Yes.
No problem here.
When you remember the number of people coming in, the operation was very smooth.
But we know that there was a fight in a supermarket in Indiana and people entered that store.
And also in Sacramento, John, we know that a customer threatened to stab other customers if he was pushed.
So, you know, it's always amazing what you see on Black Friday.
Nothing happened in that situation. BERMAN: Yes.
Howell: no one was stabbed.
Everything goes as smoothly as possible.
But, you know, a lot of people are trying to make these deals and you see the frenzy every year.
Berman: Okay.
George Howell, outside Atlanta-
I hate to hear stories like this.
Nice to meet you this morning. Thanks, George.
Zhao: Stacey Cohan is now at the Pentagon Mall in Arlington, Virginia.
Good morning, Stacey.
Where do you look like?
CNN reporter stacey cohan: Well, Alina, I haven't had a chance to shop yet.
So, I want to leave it to the rest of the people here.
I have Jennifer White (ph)
Look at this.
She was only in the mall for an hour or so?
You did a good job.
Why come out so early?
Is that the problem?
Unidentified Woman: Well, for me, it was actually a bit late because the mall opened on the night of the merchandise.
So come in and out at 4: 30, 5: 00 and I can get everything quickly.
Also, many clothes, clothes shopping.
COHAN: You said that because some stores opened at midnight, you think it helps to ease the crowd at 5: 00. m. ?
Woman: Yes.
COHAN: How's the line?
Woman: Great.
I don't have to wait in line.
Are you finished?
Is your Christmas shopping really over?
Woman: almost. COHAN: Really?
So it's worth --
You have children.
So you don't sleep anyway. -
Woman: That's right.
I only get up an hour earlier than usual.
You go there.
We have a lot of shopping bags here.
She says there are good deals on clothes, and it's not long to queue up in Pentagon City.
This is a four-level mall.
They have nearly 200 stores in Pentagon City, so there are a lot of deals to do.
So, I think it's great if you come out now.
I think what you're seeing across the country is probably Thursday's vacancy easing some of the stress on Friday.
But, hey, is it a good day to shop?
Any day is a good day for shopping.
Why not come out? Alina?
Zhao: OK.
This woman's Christmas shopping is almost over.
It's a sad, sad thing for me. All right.
Stacey Cohan, thank you very much
Berman: of course, Thanksgiving begins about three weeks after Hurricane Sandy, and many people are still dealing with the consequences.
New York City and volunteers gave them something to thank.
Like free turkey dinner supplies and warm clothes.
There are so many volunteers in some places that volunteers have to be rejected.
The soldiers enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal at home.
But they have to eat fast.
In Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the soldiers received a festive meal of all the fixtures, including 2,200 pounds of turkey.
But the soldiers are punching in, so they only have 10 minutes to eat.
Berman: give them a minute or two on Thanksgiving Day.
Yes, that's right.
Okay, $0. 325 billion.
Let me say it again--$325 million.
This is the current Grand Prize for powerful balls.
It's enough to break my voice.
What will you do with this money?
Think about it when we pay for it ourselves. (
Business break)
This is CNN's breaking news.
Zhao: there was a sudden news this morning.
Violence erupted in Gaza near the Israeli border.
Israeli forces reportedly shot protesters as they approached the border, killing a Palestinian and wounding 19 others.
According to a Hamas spokesman.
The incident broke the peace since the ceasefire.
There was an exchange of fire between Israel and Hamas on Wednesday.
CNN's Sara Sidner broadcast the story of this development for us from Jerusalem.
Good morning, Sarah.
First of all, what can you tell us about this latest incident?
Sara sidner, cnn senior international correspondent: Now, we know the numbers are up.
According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, 25 people have been injured in the past 24 hours.
One person was killed.
Now, the Hamas government says these people are farmers working near the border and they were shot dead.
But according to the Israeli military, they have different claims about this, they say that there are several groups of people trying to cross the border fence into Israel, and the soldiers first shot in the air as a warning, then they shot at their legs.
The Israeli military did not confirm whether there was a death or jury, but was still investigating the incident, but did say that the men were protesting and trying to come to the Israeli side of the border.
Hamas says they're farmers.
So the story there is very different and over time we have to figure out the truth.
But this is a very difficult time because, as you know, we are in a state of cessation.
Fire, but fragile.
It hasn't lasted 48 hours yet.
It's been about 30 hours.
So, this is one of the situations where you have to wait to see if this would undermine the agreement between Hamas and Israel, and if we would see some escalation, for example, that any rocket came here.
This could break this fragile stop if this happensfire.
No one really wants to see this at this point, Alina.
Zhao: That's right.
As the White House has been saying, this is a fragile stopfire agreement.
That being said, Sarah, as you know, this is the day after the stop
In addition to the incident, the fire was relatively calm.
That being said, however, the crossing into the 24-hour barrier in Gaza should have been opened.
Further talks should be held at this point.
But nothing happened.
So give us a status report.
What is the latest progress in this regard?
SIDNER: Well, what I think you heard from the government of Israel is that when there are 24-
Calm and stop for an hour
They will discuss further opening the border, which Hamas has been asking.
Hamas also called for an end to the blockade.
But these are the things that will be discussed.
But just stop-
Egypt is the guardian of the cease-firefire.
A senior Israeli diplomat told me that they were pleased to see Egypt again in this position, which the Mubarak regime held when he came to power, they fear President Morsi will not be able to do this because he is more aligned with Hamas as he is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood
So they are happy to see that at least Egypt is there and should be the guardian of temporary peace.
But the concern is that we saw an incident so soon after the ceasefire --
The fire has been extinguished.
Many people are worried that if this happens again, there will always be a stop along the Israeli/Gaza border.
The fire will make no sense in the next few days-Alina.
Zhao: OK.
Sarah Sidner lives in Jerusalem for us. -
Sara, thank you, as always.
I want to bring Stewart Holliday in.
He was the former president of the United States. S.
Ambassador for Special Political Affairs of the United Nations.
He is currently President and CEO of Meridian International Center, a public diplomacy organization.
Ambassador, let me start with the news of the shooting incident on the Gaza-Israel border.
How much trouble is an event like this?
How dangerous is this fragile ceasefire? fire?
STUART Holborn, President and CEO of Meridian International Center: Good morning.
At the local level, this is obviously very disturbing, you know, life is at stake and there is this delicate balance in the ceasefire agreementfire.
But from a bigger point of view, this is--
A lot of money has been invested in this ceasefire.
Fire on a political level.
At this point, it seems more like a typical border incident category issue than a direct violation from both sides of the ceasefirefire.
I think what's going to happen next is something we have to focus on.
Berman: many critics think the deal is a short-term one.
Fixed terms, band-
For example, assistance will continue as long as Hamas can rearm and then perhaps launch a rocket again.
Is it naive to talk about a long-term topic? term deal, A?
Should the United States do this? S. --
What should America do? S.
What are you doing now?
Hollinger: Well, America, of course, President Obama sent Secretary of State Clinton, where she was when she was at peace ---when the cease-
A fire agreement was reached.
I think it's a new signal of contact, even though we have
The Middle East, known as turning to Asia, is clearly still a vital security interest for the United States.
So I think you will do more activities in Israel.
You will hold elections on January.
Two Palestinian factions--
Hamas and Fatah-
Talking about some kind of alliance.
So I think you will see some sports.
It is clear that at any time, extremists, especially those who are actually more radical than Hamas, may try to undermine the stability of the situation.
Berman: You mention Fatah, in the last 10 days or so of conflict, they are called Powerless, powerless, in some cases, members of Hamas criticized some of the area's Islamists.
On CNN yesterday, a member of Hamas mentioned the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. Let's listen. (
Start Video Editing)
Ghazi hammad, senior Hamas official: I think people now feel that the only way to push for Israeli concessions is resistance because it took President Abbas about 20 years to negotiate, but they don't get anything from this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Berman: Does the Palestinian Authority still have the power to negotiate?
Are they just an empty suit?
No, they do have--
They do have the power, but they do not have the need to enforce or bring any massive support in Gaza --
Scale trading.
So it's really a split government.
But if we are going to negotiate with the Palestinians, you can bet that Abbas will be the key interlocutor.
Of course, what Hamas is doing now is, you know, a draw for them, or a ceasefire is portrayed-as a victory.
Now I think if you look-
You know, the damage to Gaza is hard to call a victory.
But they are fighting for political support.
Of course, they also lost their main defense minister.
There has been another major role here over the past few days, namely Egypt and the new leader Mohammed Morsi.
He owes much to the United States. S.
Help reach a ceasefire agreement.
But he did something extraordinary overnight, and he gave himself some new administrative powers, which actually saved all these rulings in the last five months from any legal challenge.
It is said that this is only the next step in becoming a dictator here.
Is he using this?
Well, we have to keep an eye on this.
You know, the timing is weird.
He has received support and support from the United States and other countries, especially in the role of mediation of the ceasefire.
He is really considered to be stronger from this point.
But the question goes back to whether Egypt's judiciary was actually appointed by Mubarak, and to the inspection of the administration.
He said it was a temporary step before they had a constitution.
So we have to see if there is anything that looks like a permanent implementation that could be a big problem for democracy in Egypt.
Berman: Well, like you said, at least curious.
Thank you so much, Stuart Holliday, former president of the United StatesS.
Ambassador for Special Political Affairs of the United Nations.
Thank you very much.
Berman: Nice to meet you this morning.
You have to watch a video.
Thanksgiving surprise for a military family in Las VegasWatch.
You know we see this from time to time, but I never get tired of seeing it. (INAUDIBLE)
When her father, Sergeant Ronald Morris, walked into the room, Morris was taking a dance class.
Since he was 14, he shouldn't be home yet.
Mission in Afghanistan.
So, as you can see there, his child certainly didn't expect him to have Thanksgiving.
But guess what? It happened.
The family said they were grateful for being together. And safe.
What a great story it is.
I'm with you.
We see this from time to time, but I don't see it enough. It is amazing.
Zhao: that's great. Great.
BERMAN: Forty-
Seven minutes after an hour.
But what if you need some extra cash, like $0. 325 billion?
This is the Powerball awards.
The next picture is tomorrow night.
We want to know what you will do with $0. 325 billion.
Zhao: I can think of something.
Berman: I have to get 0. 325 billion things.
"Please, tweet us now," earlystart cnn.
This is easy to do.
The children are surfing the Internet these days.
I recommend it. (LAUGHTER)
Everyone is on the Internet, this Internet thing.
Ready to hear this noise millions of times today. BERMAN: Oh. Make it stop.
Berman hates it.
Let it stop.
Zhao: It's Black Friday, guys.
We don't report it like everyone else.
After this short break, you'll see what I'm talking about.
We're back after this. (
Business break)CHO: Fifty-
Two minutes in an hour.
Welcome to start as soon as possible.
Today is Black Friday.
The day after Thanksgiving
The music of John Berman.
Today is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.
However, the new tradition seems to be shopping on Thanksgiving Day.
Large box shops from the coast to the coast offer these gatekeeper deals.
Even before the turkey dinner.
CNN correspondent George Howell has some good deals in a Best Buy store in Atlanta.
George, right? Good morning.
Including laptops under $200?
George Howell, cnn correspondent: You know, Elena, there must be a lot of big deals here at Best Buy.
They are absolutely focused on making sure shoppers know this.
Best Buy, for them, in this particular store brand, make sure they get as many customers as possible, which is their biggest gain today.
But you know, we know that there are 0. 147 billion fewer people shopping this year than last year, compared to only 0. 152 billion last year.
According to the National Retail Federation.
Still, when you talk to customers, you feel they're ready to spend more money this year, you know ---
I 'd like to ask Mary Smith.
Mary, we talked about this before.
You have more confidence in spending this time. around.
Tell me.
Mary Smith, a Best Buy shopper: Yes.
I just think the economy is getting stronger and stronger.
You know, it's much simpler than last year.
So, you know, I saw you looking around.
What stands out most to you?
What do you want to buy?
Smith: Well, I got a report today.
Howell: very cool.
The other thing is that I did the same thing last year, you talked to these people.
You talk to your family.
It seems traditional.
You know, after Thanksgiving, you came out, you shopped for Black Friday, and you said the same thing to me?
Smith: That's right.
As long as I remember, my mom and I will always shop the next day after Thanksgiving, which has always been a tradition, just the beginning of the holiday. HOWELL: Wow. Wow.
Many people seem to be doing this.
You know, there are fewer people in the store than we saw before.
But you know the store opened at midnight.
We saw about 600 people entering the store.
Many people are shopping today.
You will see it from today to Sunday.
The stores are doing everything they can to get as many people as possible in the door.
Zhao: That's right.
That's the thrill of chasing, right, George Howell?
I can understand that.
We live in Atlanta.
Thank you, George.
Berman: Okay, everybody.
Here are some tips from Dealnews on what not to buy today that can save you some money.
First, toys.
Two weeks before Christmas, you will find that the price of toys is higher. So wait.
Second place in brandname HDTVs.
You can find deals in third party manufacturers, but brands
It is best to buy in January or February.
Third, jewelry-sorry, honey --And watches.
Dealnews said avoid ---
Are you talking about me? (LAUGHTER)
Yes, I beg you. Totally.
Dealnews said that avoid buying any jewelry or watches throughout the holiday season.
Fourth, winter clothing.
You can find cheap clothes, but for winter clothes like coats and gloves, they are much cheaper in January, and the fifth in the ranking is Christmas decorations.
If we can, we'll be closer to Christmas.
It will be cheaper then.
Of course, they are the cheapest after the holidays. CHO: Right.
50% off the day after Christmas.
One last thing.
Dealnews says you can get 70% of your income.
I don't know if you're in the store right now, maybe you're wasting your time. It's like (INAUDIBLE)
Dealnews is like what to buy now?
Something like a tank top or something like that-(LAUGHTER)CHO: Maybe. Maybe. A bikini? You know?
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, look, you know, you have to think, you know, online shopping has started, and everyone is shopping online these days, but the chase is so exciting.
I don't quite understand.
I'm not a Black Friday shopper myself.
I like shopping, you know, but I'm not a black shopper on Friday.
That being said, you know, those shops are busy.
So someone is doing it. (LAUGHTER)
In any case, the starting point begins after this quick break.
We're back after this. (
Business break)
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