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democrats call for barr to resign. transcript: 5/1/19, the beat w/ ari melber.  -  smart kitchen table
Chuck todd, MSNBC host: swear.
This is exciting.
This is a newMSNBC podcast hosted by another Chuck, former US brandS.
Lawyer and Chuck Rosenberg, msnbc contributor
Broadcast in the first two episodes
It features these guys.
People you may have heard of, former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI directorS.
Lawyer Pratt Ballala
Both are worth listening.
It's here tonight.
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The "beat" starts now.
Stephanie Ruhr is looking for Ali.
Your guest is Corey Booker.
Okay, Stephanie, here you are.
You don't need me. Go to it.
Stephanie Ruhr, MSNBC host: Yes, he will.
It will be a busy day.
Thank you very much, Charles.
I'm Stephanie Ruhle from my friend Ari Melber.
This evening we start with the breaking news tonight.
Jerry Nadler is speaking at the moment.
Let's take you. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Jerrod Nadler (D)
Chairman of the Judicial Committee: accommodating and obtaining complete reports and basic evidence will not last long.
Complaints about congressional subpoenas are not optional, and if integrity negotiations do not lead to compliance commitments in the next day or two, the next step is to seek contempt charges against the attorney general.
There are many questions that must be answered.
The committee will meet at 9: 00 tomorrow as planned.
My colleagues will be present.
I hope and expect that the attorney general will think and be there overnight.
Is there any problem?
Unidentified woman: Will you issue a summons for the gentleman
In the morning?
Nadler: We will issue a subpoena in the morning.
We will not issue a subpoena tomorrow.
But the first thing is to get an unedited report and we will be negotiating about it in a day or two.
Remember, if necessary, that this was summoned.
If necessary, go to contempt shortly thereafter.
We will also start a process where the attorney general, bar, will be there.
Unidentified Woman: What's your reaction to saying that you 've broken the ranking members of this hearing?
We did not undermine this hearing.
The Commission has the right to decide its own procedures.
The attorney general has the courage to try to call the shots.
The government has the courage to decide our procedures.
This is only part of the government's complete obstruction of Congress.
What the ranking member is saying is that by determining how we are going to proceed, we are putting off as if he should not come to be our choice.
He tried to blackmail the Commission not to follow the most effective means of obtaining the information we thought we needed.
Congress cannot allow the administration, we cannot allow the government to give instructions to Congress on how we operate.
Woman: Sir.
Chair, some of your colleagues asked forBarr to resign today.
Will you join their feelings?
Nadler: Well, I think he has to answer for obviously dishonest testimony in the Senate and in the house, which is certainly an option.
Unidentified Woman: So, will you bring a contempt case against not-NADLER?
Unidentified woman: Will you file a contempt lawsuit for not receiving an unedited Miller report?
That's what I said.
Man: No?
Unidentified Woman: What should I do if I don't appear?
That's on the road.
Go along this road.
We haven't sent him a list yet.
Are you not going to do that?
That's not what I said.
We will-we may issue subpoenas, but first-our priority is to get the unedited Miller report.
By the way, we would like to have Miller on board in May 15, which is another priority. (CROSSTALK)
Woman: Have you had a conversation with Miller?
Male: May 15?
That is the day we talked about.
Female: have you (INAUDIBLE)? Nadler: Not yet.
Well, they have announced that they have not-the department has announced that they have no objection.
They are trying to set the date.
The last question.
Do you really need a lawyer from the Commission to ask questions?
Do you think this is one of the reasons why he won't come?
I think that's why he won't come.
He was afraid of having to face a skilled lawyer.
The problem is-in fact, we have also seen hearings in Congress.
Our members are very talented.
They asked good questions, but five.
Minute rules are not good for follow-up.
Now, we 've seen a number of government witnesses, including lawyers, spending the first four. and-a-
Wasted half a minute.
Second-get an unanswered answer in the last half minute, then the son of the next person.
This is very valuable because any lawyer will tell you that in this case someone is a staff member lawyer who can follow up and deal with the issues raised by the member, follow up when he doesn't respond.
Wait, you said it last week.
How can you say that now?
This is the most effective way to get to know the facts and get to know the truth.
Considering-and I can understand, given how frustrating it was at the earliest since March 24-and at the latest since March 24, I can understand why he was afraid of facing more effective exams.
Unidentified women: what impact does this have on impeachment? Thank you.
Woman: Thank you very much. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Ruhr: Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, talked about the Minister of Justice Bill Barr's refusal to testify on his committee tomorrow.
Nadler now says that they may eventually despise him.
We are going to cover all aspects of the story today.
For a moment I will speak to Senator Corey bookers, who questioned Bal and now says that he should resign.
We start where bar's Senate testimony ends today.
After Robert Miller wrote him a letter, Barr was forced to defend himself, suggesting that Barr had misled the public with that letterpage summary.
Today, the Democrats must have owned it. (
I think your answer is misleading.
I think the same is true for others. SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI)
You lied to Congress. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA)
: It is clear to the American public that in this case you are biased and you are not objective. SEN.
Richard blumenthal (D-CT)
I think history will judge you severely. (END VIDEO CLIP)
RUHLE: today, bar defended Donald Trump over and over again, avoiding the issue of interaction between Bill bar and the president himself, almost like the president's defense lawyer. (
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Harris: has anyone from the president or the White House asked or suggested that you investigate anyone?
Yes or No, sir.
William Barr, Attorney General of the United States: the president or anyone else.
Harris: you seem to remember something like this and can tell us. BARR: Yes.
But I am trying to solve the word suggestion.
I mean, they 've discussed a few things that they didn't ask me to start an investigation, but Harris: Maybe they 've suggested that?
Barr: I don't know.
I will not say advice. HARRIS: Hinted?
Barr: I don't know.
Harris: inferred? You don`t know. OK. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Ruer: Bal also hit Bob Miller and Bob Miller for refusing to make a decision on the obstacle. (
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Bal: I don't think he should be investigating if he feels he shouldn't make a traditional prosecution decision.
It's time to pull. (END VIDEO CLIP)
But Miller made it clear in his report.
He did not blame for obstruction because he believed Congress should do so.
Barr repeated it over and over again today, thinking it was not Miller's choice. (
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Bal: Bob Mueller is the equivalent of the United States. S. Attorney.
He's part of the Justice Department.
When he submitted his report to the attorney general, his work was over.
It was my child.
How and when to make it public is my decision, not Bob Miller's. (END VIDEO CLIP)
RUHLE: Join us now, New Jersey, senator and presidential candidate for my home state, Corey Buke, who asked the attorney general Bill bar today.
Senator, I want to bring up some of your questions first. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ)
2020 presidential candidate: I am concerned that you are adding to the norm and that there should be an alert because we don't think there is anything to look at here.
You seem to be defending yourself for having hundreds of contacts with foreign rivals.
Your behavior seems to be trying to normalize it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Senator, you make it very clear that Bill Barr should resign at this time.
But what can you do considering you are a minority?
Booker: Well, I mean, come on.
This is ridiculous at this point.
He said he was a little weak today, not standing behind the ball and hitting the ball like the referee did.
He hid there with the Trump team, representing the president, rather than being an independent attorney general.
This is unforgivable.
Anyone who reads this just wants to be objective.
This is a report that describes deception, lies, instructions for people to forge documents.
There are so many outrageous acts in this document that have caused normal acts in our country, and any other time before that will cause the parties to cry and foul.
In fact, it shows that you are putting this country at risk.
Just think about this. I`m sorry.
There is no doubt that this is 2019.
Barr's performance today has made the president very happy and you have seen Lindsey Graham and the entire human shield team defend the president and Bill Barr.
So you and I may think it's ridiculous and historically it will be right.
But we live in the present.
So, what is the reality from the point of view of the consequences?
Bill Barr won't even show up tomorrow.
The consequence, again, is that I still believe you will tell the truth about power.
I still believe you will call it that way.
We have an obligation.
I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican.
Call it out for what it is.
Barr described the report so angrily that even Mueller was so angry that Muel did something unusual and raised his doubts in writing, the role that Barr is playing and how he is misleading the American public to believe that there is nothing in the report that is equivalent to the objectionable thing that is holding back.
So what I'm more concerned about now is that Miller's report is almost like a script, tell the Chinese, Russians and future people who want to put their ambitions in front of their home country how to try to subvert our elections.
Because of the campaign-I 've heard that even if foreign agents and foreign opponents come into contact with a campaign, everyone in Washington knows what they should do, and that's what the so-called FBI is.
There's a movement here, and it's nice of these-they're exposed to it.
They called on foreign opponents to break the law and did something in collusion with them in order to win the election.
Most importantly, you have a presidential position that is actually involved in the deep-seated work of not openly cheating and trying to block investigations, threatening to fire people, trying to change public documents, and ultimately, lie to the American public.
This is not my description.
This is the fact mentioned in Miller's report.
Don't say a second for us.
Let's call me this unforgivable.
That's why I resigned.
Because keep in mind that he can now supervise the ongoing investigation.
Miller found more than a dozen ongoing investigations and information during the investigation that were not directly related to him, but showed signs of potential criminal activity, the investigation is now expected to be general and supervised by Barris.
I really don't think so.
Any credibility he has in that position has been burned down and he should resign.
RUHLE: So, what does that mean for all of these auxiliary surveys?
Seeing that Barr is the attorney general, are they all contaminated now?
Booker: Well, it cast a serious shadow.
But I am confident in some of the leaders in places like the Southern District of New York.
I am confident that those who continue to investigate.
I think now Bal, if he continues to do that job and if he continues to do that job, I think he should resign and he needs to know that he will have a strong historical eye on him, he will be responsible for anything he has done to protect a president. strong evidence may hinder 10 different charges of justice.
What he did in the campaign, even in the United States, was considered illegal.
Keep in mind that it is illegal to share voting information with the US super PAC.
They share opinion polls with foreign opponents in order to take advantage of the campaign.
RUHLE: think about sarcasm.
Let's take a look at the report. what's the gain?
We don't put America first.
One of the president's favorite slogans.
Tell me about Republicans.
Colleagues on the other side of the aisle.
I'm not referring to the people we 've heard today that you 've worked together again and again.
What are they talking about?
Because most rational people think that at least those who read all 400-
Plus those 400-
Plus four pages are not reflected-pagesummary.
Republicans behind the scenes, do you see the cracks they see?
Booker: Look, I have real friends in the aisles, and I'm proud of that, which helped me through a lot of legislation.
I have heard that the president has been condemned for his moral vandalism in private, because he has not condemned the Nazis, kept the children in cages, refused to accept the bipartisan Senate, and kept the government open to a unanimous vote, the government was shut down.
But that's what I mean.
Booker: Well, that's what I said.
This is where the rubber is on the road.
Booker: Well, no.
I think we were on the road a long time ago.
I think the president has been undermining our democracy and democratic norms and should have more and more people talk openly about what they say privately.
This is obviously a case.
Because if that doesn't explain the obstruction, where the attorney general will make these allegations, then think about what happened in the Miller report that the next president now thinks they can do, ordered their White House advisers to create documents, and the sole purpose of ordering the dismissal was to stop the investigation.
The attorney general now says it's okay.
This is the norm now.
It's okay.
Not to mention a campaign that actually called on foreign opponents to violate US law.
We cannot normalize all this.
All are obliged to say that the contents of this report are wrong.
For him, the report is characterized by the fact that the American public should be grateful for the words he used, and we should be grateful that there is no such word
This is not a legal term called collusion.
For me, this is very low in terms of the erosion of our democratic norms.
Unfortunately, for anyone who is concerned about the future, this is a road map that can continue this decline and undermine our democratic principles.
What do you think Bob Miller would do?
For him, writing such a letter is really out of character.
In order for the media to get the letter, he is a real type of command.
We heard from Lindsey Graham today that we had to notice in the past that he called the president inappropriate, a disaster, a cook.
Now Lindsay Graham is defending the president and Bill Barr over and over again.
Finally, he said he didn't even think they needed to call Robert Mueller.
Do you think Bob Miller will stick to it?
Booker: Again, I think I have worked with Lindsay on criminal justice reform legislation, for example, I think he is wrong in this case.
I think it's clear that anyone reading this report, at least in all the resources we put in, reporting authors who understand all the basic documents should come forward and answer questions from institutions now obliged to hold the chair accountable and provide oversight.
So it will be a serious mistake.
History will not be friendly to it, and I know the House will call Mueller to testify because I also call on the judicial committee to do so.
Thank you very much, Senator, for joining me tonight.
Senator CoryBooker's New York Jersey.
Booker: Thank you.
Ruth: Okay.
I would like to ask the New York Times political reporter Nick coffesaw and the former president of the United States. S.
Joyce Vance, a lawyer who has been working overtime today.
Joyce, we spent hours in this chair.
Now that you have seen it, you have considered it, you have observed it, you have absorbed it, what is your take-out?
Joyce Vance, former United StatesS.
Lawyer: I think this is a disappointing performance.
It was a bad day for the Justice Department because we saw a Minister of Justice who may not have committed complete perjury, but he was willing to split things very narrowly in order to support the president, his reaction was cut.
As I think you pointed out in your opening remarks, by the end of today, you will feel that you have been listening to the president's defense team, not the attorney general of the United States.
Then Nick, what's next?
If Barr refuses to testify tomorrow, where are we going from here?
This is a very important issue for people in Washington.
For those of us who are reporting, this is a very important issue.
But, as you walk on the trail, Elizabeth Warren just said that in a recent town hall, only two of the 75 questions they were asked were about
It is important for our democracy and the rule of law, but it does not seem to be a priority for the American people.
What will happen tomorrow?
New York Times political reporter Nicholas cofisoré: The problem we are facing now is that we are talking about the process of the investigation now.
Its essence is flexible.
This is good for both Trump and his team, and good for his campaign.
That's why they're slow.
Rolling everything.
You can see in bob Barr's approach that the overall strategy is to explain the problem as narrowly as possible.
Answer them with the least amount of facts.
Talk about the investigation process, but not a potential case of misconduct and bad behavior recorded by Mueller.
Unfortunately, this will push all of this into a partisan struggle.
This will be what he said about talking to her.
It is very difficult to keep the public eye on the potential problems revealed.
You are there to talk about democratic ideals and accountability in very lofty terms.
I think a lot of people are dead.
This is a simple and powerful struggle.
If Bob Barr had a mission and it was a movie, it was to save private Donald.
RUHLE: but unfortunately, at the end of the day, we should first abide by etiquette, civilization and the rule of law.
I would like to play Bob bar-Bill bar, who was specifically asked about events that could hinder justice. Take a look. (
: The report found that Michael Cohen concealed his crime from the house in front of him, and the president repeatedly hinted that Cohen's family had committed the crime.
Do you think this evidence is an attempt to persuade the witness to change the testimony? BARR: No.
KLOBUCHAR: The report found that after the conviction of Manafort, the president himself called him a brave man because he refused to break. BARR: Yes.
This is not an obstacle. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Joyce, what is your reaction?
Eric Holder said on Twitter that if there were no legal restrictions on the prosecution of sitting presidents, Donaldson Trump would definitely be accused of blocking.
Vance: So I think almost all the experienced federal prosecutors who have read the evidence in the Miller report have come to the conclusion that.
But because of the ban on the prosecution of the president, Donald Trump will now be the defendant of Donald Trump.
But putting it aside for a moment, barr'steimony is frustrating here, as if he was saying, you know, the only obstacle that the president has to clarify is crime.
As long as the president's behavior is not a complete crime, there is no harm, no foul.
I think we should look forward to more presidents.
But did Robert Miller almost fail Congress?
If he keeps saying it's not my job, I 'd love you, Congress.
Congress-look, we just talked to CoreyBooker and they definitely want to do something, but they don't have the ability to do it. Then what?
Look, I think Bob Miller works in a world where institutions have power and defend their privileges.
The house as a whole will be in a non-partisan way.
I'm not sure if this is true.
He clearly wrote in his report the road map for impeachment proceedings.
It's an open invitation to see the evidence and say it's up to you if you think it's a hindrance.
It will always be like this.
What I think is fascinating-RUHLE: he can't help but think the system is now distorted.
Confessor: Yes.
I was fascinated by watching Bob Barr try to do this in both ways.
He said, look, it was my child when he handed over the report. RUHLE: My baby.
Confessor: But again, he attacked Mueller for not making a decision.
Obviously what he wants is Mueller to give up the decision and get the president out of the woods so he doesn't have to do it.
One last point, Joyce.
I think it's absolutely right, Nick.
This is a binary option.
The choice is whether Mueller should clear the president or Muel should.
Bill Barr Hador did not do so.
My God.
Nick Joyce, thank you very much. Stay with me.
We have a lot to do on this important day. Next.
Did Bill Barr mislead Congress?
His answer raised many questions today.
What exactly does misleading lead?
We are going to give a live address to the members of Congress who put him on site.
Also, where the hell is Bob Miller?
Tonight's new story about when muellermay will tell his story.
Nancy Pelosi gave the latest stand to Trump and what she said he was in breach of the Constitution.
I'm Stephanie Ruhr from Eli Melber.
You know what you're looking.
This is the rhythm. (
Business break)
RUHLE: Welcome back to the beat.
I'm Stephanie lure.
Bill Barr now faces a request to resign.
The justice minister, accused by Democrats, said he cheated Congress and purposefully misled President Trump.
This is mainly focused on last month's hearing between Congressman Charlie Crist and Bill Barr. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Charlie Crist. D-FL)
: General, there have been recent reports that members of the special counsel team are somewhat frustrated by the limited information contained in your letter of March 24, it does not necessarily describe the findings of the court accurately or accurately.
Do you know what they mean?
No, I don't know. (END VIDEO CLIP)RUHLE: I don`t? For real?
Well, Democrats say the answer looks increasingly suspicious after Mueller's letter to Barr appears
The work and conclusions of the special adviser were not fully documented.
Barr was attacked in his communication with Christmas. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL)
: I can't imagine that you received that letter on the 24 th, and when Senator Crist asked if you had concerns about the findings, you couldn't answer him directly.
Bal: My understanding is that what he is concerned about is not the accuracy of the statement of findings in my letter, but the fact that he wants more evidence to provide additional context. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now with me is Charlie Crist, a Democratic congressman.
Congressman, your reaction to Barr's answer to your question last month, when he seemed to know nothing.
CRIST: Great.
This is true, Stephanie.
When you consider that when I asked these questions on April 9, the attorney general knew that he had received a letter from Bob Miller. I didn`t.
I'm really innocently asking this question based on some news reports that reflect Miller's team's frustration or concern about the summary presented by the attorney general in his four reportspage letter.
So when I asked him if he had any insights or ideas about their reflection, he said, "No, I don't know.
But this is not the case.
He has this letter.
Bob Miller sent it to him.
I believe he received it on March28.
In fact, if you go to the Senate Appropriations Committee of Senator Van Holen of Maryland the next day, he will say that to us, and then redouble his efforts, and the attorney general of the United States misrepresents himself so much in front of the United States Congress, this is completely understandable.
In essence, he is lying to the American people.
It is disappointing.
This is unreasonable.
Ruheer: It is disappointing that if he lied to Congress and the American people, there is no practical consequence, aren't we here for biggestrisk in 2019? It's big, so what?
Krist: Well, it's not big for most people who watch it and see it.
It's not a big one, I'm sure, so for you.
This is a concern for all of us.
What it does is to weaken the confidence of the attorney general's office and the Justice Department and make the chief legal officer of the United States dishonest with Congress.
Look, I used to be the attorney general of Florida.
The third largest state in the country.
I understand the role.
I think when you are at least the chief legal officer of this country, you will be asked for a higher standard.
In my opinion, sir.
Barr did not understand this.
People expect to be honest, credible and transparent, especially when it comes to the highest legal office in the country, he just fails in all three aspects.
Well, I'm not sure if he's talking, acting or answering for people.
He seems to be doing it for President Trump's audience.
I guess President Trump is happy with the performance today.
Do you think he should resign?
I think he should resign.
I mean, as I said, you know, as you said, I agree with you, Senator Booker said before, he doesn't seem to understand the difference in the role he plays, which is surprising because he used to be the Minister of Justice.
But he seems to be the president's private lawyer.
The attorney general is the prosecutor of all the people of our country, and that is why he should resign.
He did not understand the role and his behavior was inappropriate.
But he is not naive.
He knows exactly how to do the job, so we want to know why he doesn't do it.
Member, please stay with me.
I want to get another moment-I want to get the one you received at the hearing on April. (
Start Video Editing)
Does Bob Miller support your conclusion?
William bar, Attorney General, United States: I don't know if BobMueller supports my conclusion. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He did, because he had a letter from Miller.
He talked to him on the phone.
Former federal prosecutor John frankry is joining me now.
What do you think, John?
Bill Barr has a long career.
He used to have this job.
Former federal prosecutor John frankry: Well, I think the mistake is to assume that the person's essence is so good and then try to squeeze everything he does into the established conclusion that he is Goodman.
I do not believe that he is a good man, and there is something in his history that shows this.
His performance today is a shame and a shame.
I can't say I'm more convinced of what Congressman Chris said he made the country fail.
He should be the top law enforcement officer.
The sentence you quoted in The Crist interview is very interesting.
He said, no, I don't know, but just after that, he said, I suspect they might want something more, but it seems to me that I didn't summarize or try to summarize
He said that although this was the beginning of his letter of March 24, which he said on the second page below, I summarized the main conclusions set forth in the special counsel's report.
As far as I can tell today, too many people ignore the rest of mueller's sletter.
Miller said that we had a meeting in the third full paragraph on March 5.
He also said that they met on the afternoon of the 24 th, the Sunday that the letter sent out.
What is that conversation about?
He said they discussed the introduction and executive summary of the two of us
Volumereport, what they want
Bar's coming out.
But he did not release him because it did not serve their purpose.
His aim is to reach an agreement with Trump to protect him and cover up the whole investigation.
And the rest of Mr.
I should say the hearing.
If you look at it, there's a series of things that say this, like he doesn't know what a disclaimer means.
This respected lawyer, many people don't know what the exemption means.
He misstated the full purpose of the report and Mueller did not believe he could say whether he had committed the crime or not.
He said this because of a memorandum from the Office of the legal counsel.
So what can he do?
He did not want to say that he was guilty even if we could not sue him.
So he handed the matter over to Congress without deciding in advance what they should do with it, but apparently he said he could not absolve him.
So this is a question that deserves your consideration.
The ten examples that I told you got in the way of justice.
The children on the street know that the president, like his attorney general, is a shame and a shame.
In light of his actions today and before, it seems that there is no balance between resigning to impeach or prosecute.
RUHLE: Ten examples, one of which is the president's request for action by a private citizen, CoreyLewandowski, to dismiss the attorney general.
Wrap your head around.
Member of Congress, Judge natantano onFox News said today that he did not think that Bill Barr lied to Congress and just misled it.
Help me understand the difference between the two.
I mean, it was almost a response when I was twelve. year-
The old son gave it to me. whether it was lying or misleading, he would still have trouble.
CRIST: It's a no-difference, Stephanie.
They are the same.
I mean, misleading people being dishonest, lying, you know, it's not honest no matter what you call it, it's not transparent, it's not for the American people.
When you meet in Congress, how do you know them and it doesn't matter to express yourself to us and my colleagues.
Through us, their representative, or their senators, if you wish, they are communicating with the people of the United States.
We ask questions on behalf of the American people to understand the truth about what is happening here.
So when I asked you the question you know, did you realize why Miller's team was worried, you know, and then he replied that you know, I thought he was asking me about the team members that Miller was investigating.
If Bob Miller is not part of that team, my God, he's the quarterback of that team.
So for him, trying to distance himself from it in this way and remove it from this background, frankly, it is shocking, uneasy and condescending.
Ruhr: misleading-frannery: I think he got it-I think I understand your problem because guilt will spill over, or fear of spilling over.
Oh, I think they want their summary, which is exactly what Miller wrote, he said.
So he knows exactly what you're talking about.
Senator Crist, John frankry, thank you both so much.
Whether it's misleading or lying, remember that on the first Sunday after President Trump took office, Kellyanne Conway said in an interview with the media that no, they're just a replacement.
Other facts and misleading are also known as lying.
Next, Nadler, the chairman, made an effort to set a date for Bob Miller Totis flight.
We have a new report on this.
You don't want to miss it.
But first, Barr's revelations have strengthened Speaker Pelosi's rhetoric during the delay.
We will be back in 30 seconds. Do not move. (
Business break)
RUHLE: We went back to the anger of Democrats on Bill Barr's issue, and Pelosi's remarks now intensify her attack on Donald Trump.
Pelosi, who vetoed the impeachment conversation in recent weeks, sent out a strong new message this evening accusing Trump of obstructing congressional investigations, calling his actions unprecedented and unfounded is that they form a growing pattern of obstacles, the only thing Congress can do to stop the rise of tyrants.
Pelosi wrote that all of this was rejected before Bill Barr announced his refusal to submit it to the House Judiciary Committee, which would only add fuel to the fire for Democrats. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY)
Complaints about congressional subpoenas are irrelevant. And if good-
Faith negotiations will not lead to compliance with commitments the next day or the next, and the next step is to seek contempt for the Minister of Justice.
He tried to blackmail the committee not to follow what we thought was the most effective way to get the information we needed, and the government could not allow the administration to do so, and we could not allow the government to call Congress. (END VIDEO CLIP)
RUHLE: So what's going to happen politically?
I am now with isZerlina Maxwell, a political strategist who has been involved in the Clinton campaign, and now at Sirius XM and New York Democratic Vice President and former New York parliamentary Speaker Christine Quinn.
Thankfully, we have two women to solve this problem.
Christine, take us from Washington to the kitchen table.
So, when people have dinner tonight, they say exactly what's going on today and what's going to happen tomorrow?
What do people think?
New York State Democratic Party Vice President Christine Quinn: sitting at the table tonight people think the government is a mess.
The government does not know whether it is right or wrong to lie.
If they screw up on all the covers
Is there any concern that I have enough money to pay for the food we just ate?
The Trump administration has once again disappointed the American people.
What I am concerned about is that this seriously weakens public confidence and belief in the whole government, because it is a very dangerous thing.
Republicans are very clear about this.
So today, let's take a look at Hillary and bring up her email
They knew and invested in the mail-a new survey would not start, but for christine 'spoint, the people watching at home just started to say they were all bad.
I can't stand this government.
Selena Maxwell, senior director of progressive programming at Sirius XM: Well, I think it's a sad reality, but I also think I would encourage all those who watch to keep hearing and download the free Miller report, because if you don't have time to read page 448, you will for sure-Quinn: like the chairman of the Committee
Maxwell: according to his testimony today, just like the chairman of the Committee or the Minister of Justice.
As a citizen, you need to know what's inside.
I think Hillary Clinton should read and be a podcast.
Quinn: I think-Maxwell: Yes, she should-she should do audiobooks.
You know, when I was reading, I was without Wi-
As acitizen, you know, obviously, we're all thinking about our day-to-day responsibility, our bills, and so on.
But as an American citizen, when I read it, I couldn't help but think of the word cheating.
The first volume is the Trump campaign cheating to win the election, and the second volume is all the steps Donald Trump has taken to cover up the fact that they cheated in the election.
I think, as an American voter, that's what you know, it gives me an incredible pause because it's not something that should happen without any responsibility.
This is a process through which, or at least a process, we should get more information, transparency and accountability because we cannot let this happen again.
Part of the story is not the heating part, but an attack by a foreign hostile government.
Did you read it on the plane? Because you know you can't jump out of the window of the plane.
Maxwell: No, no, it's completely random.
It's just a coincidence.
I took off at 10: 45 and came out at 11: 00.
We were a little late and I downloaded it and corrected it in time.
RUHLE: Christine, do you think Nancy Pelosi changed her position? Because I wanted to share what she said a few weeks ago, she was very calm about the idea of impeachment. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA)
: I do think impeachment is one of the most divisive ways in our country.
But this is the truth. -the past-
We have no choice, but we have not found it yet.
Impeachment is a step you have to take to keep the American people with you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Has things changed?
She's in a tough situation.
Because whether the American people like it or not, it is her job to protect democracy as a legislator.
Quinn: Yes, I mean, I don't think her position is going to change because if you hear what she's talking about, in that clip she's going to say that we have to look at it.
We need to see what we found.
RUHLE: it's getting darker.
Quinn: it's getting worse.
It's getting worse, right?
So I think this is very relevant to the speaker and her posture as all these movements.
You know, when she made this comment, she didn't ask the attorney general to say that I wouldn't go to Congress or testify in the house.
She has no such information.
So I don't think-I think everyone agrees with Speaker Pelosi that taking this step towards impeachment will be a huge issue that needs to be addressed-and only the fact fully supports that, you.
Because remember that impeachment is a political act that cannot be forgotten.
But let's not forget that if you look at the water gate incident, few Americans thought he should be impeached a few days or weeks before it completely collapsed and the president had to resign, it's no different from what we are today.
Selena, before we leave, is Nancy Pelosi in a sensible political struggle with the president?
Because just yesterday, she and Chuck Schumer shook hands with the president at the White House and said that we had a very productive meeting, and agreed on the $2 trillion infrastructure package on the same day in Los Angeles by Mick muwani. A.
Say yes, it may not happen and we heard the same thing from Mitch McConnell.
The same is true of Nancy Pelosi, who just wanted to focus on the witch when the president said they were just blocking the activists --
Hunter, she will say no, we will look at these hearings and we will agree on the infrastructure plan.
What do Republicans do?
Well, women know how to multitasking.
Quinn: you know.
RUHLE: We have no choice.
We have no choice. Yes.
Maxwell: So I think it's part of what she's doing right now, and she's doing the work of the Democratic speaker and the leader, and trying to do things for the American people while she actually opened the door for impeachment.
I think whether or not you agree that we should start the proceedings today, he will certainly lead us on this path.
I mean, what they have done since the report was made public, and the report of conduct, has brought us closer to the inevitable conclusion of the play because he is blocking it today.
They are blocking today.
I mean, in fact they won't come to testify and he said I won't reveal any documents on your summons.
I don't care about your summons.
I mean, we're at a dangerous moment.
I mean, I think people have used the term-over-used the term constitutional crisis, but we are starting. This is it.
This is how it looks.
When there is no mechanism to hold another government department accountable.
We don't know what to do now. this is a crisis.
So, as evaders, please read this report because we all need to have information so that we can make an informed decision on the ballot box with the possibility of putting some of these Republicans
Because yes, it's a political dialogue, but they also have to be loyal to the country and take the oath of office and they won't do that.
We skip them as if they had no responsibility here.
I told you.
Quinn: I just want to say thank God, Nancy Pelosi, she's a bomb. RUHLE: bomb.
I just told you.
To the ladies.
They have all the answers, just respect an answer on the way out.
Selena Maxwell Christine Quinn thank you both so much.
Next up is Bill bar and bomelech, and I think they may be friends for a long time, and now the two are not in agreement.
We have a new story about Miller's possible testimony.
I have a feeling that he wants to sink. That is next. (
Business break)]
Break this hour.
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, is considering the testimony of Robert Mueller in his committee on May 15, but there is no conclusive evidence yet.
Meanwhile, after telling the Senate Miller report today that it was his child, not Miller's, Bill Barr refused to testify at the Nadler committee tomorrow. (
Start Video Editing)
Bal: Bob Miller is the equivalent of a member of the United States. S. Attorney.
When he submitted his report to the attorney general, his work was over.
It was my child. (END VIDEO CLIP)RUHLE: Baby.
It's Bill to BAL now, and it's an extraordinary, formal colleague.
Barr first served as Minister of Justice in his 90 s, overlapping Miller's tenure as assistant minister of justice in the criminal sector.
Now that Bal may be playing with fire, it seems that he broke up with Mueller, who is a man who won Purple Heart in Vietnam, he said that bar's four
It caused public confusion.
Today, Bal seized every opportunity to throw a hat at Robert Miller.
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Richard blumenthal (D-CT)
: A professional prosecutor refutes the US attorney general in writing, right.
I don't know this will happen, do I?
Bal: Well, I don't think about Bob at this stage of the pro-prosecutor.
You know, there's a little bit of a fuss about these letters, which I think might have been written by one of his employees. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He does not consider him a professional prosecutor.
I wonder if he thinks he is a great American.
Joyce Vance came back with me. S.
Lawyer from Alabama and member of the editorial board of the New York Times Christian farlias.
Joyce, Jerry Nadler, now says they are having talks for May 15.
Sounds good, but did you buy it?
Jerry Nadler was the one with the summons and the deadline, and the White House sneered at it.
Joyce Vance, legal analyst at MSNBC: it will be his dance, at least for now it seems that Miller is a federal employee.
So the Justice Department, although Bill Barr promised that he would have Miller testify, might decide to unplug it.
Once Mueller becomes a citizen, he has more freedom, but I think it is wrong to think that we will hear more than the Miller report.
He is still prohibited from disclosing grand jury or confidential information, for example.
So I think we're going to hear a lot about muellersaing, and you know, this is covered in the report.
I don't want to see more.
But if Miller really wants to testify, can he not terminate his job at the Justice Department and then show up?
I mean, you 've caught Bob Miller-I mean, I'm sorry, you 've had Bill Barr call the Messenger at this point in time and have a call
Don't you want to show up if you're Bob Miller?
Christian farias, member of the editorial board of the New York Times: Bob Muelleris is an institutional.
I don't think he will change the rules in order to go his own way.
But one thing is clear.
The day after Barr misrepresented his discovery with a damn letter, he sent that letter.
You don't do that.
As Joyce said, you will not go to a paper on such a thing.
You will not question the chief legal officer of the United States or what Bob Mueller has done.
This letter explains everything in its own right.
He said, hey, look, what I sent you, the summary should at least be announced at this time.
What Bill Barr did, however, took him another three weeks to stick to those summaries and stick to them.
At the same time, the public is confused.
Congress doesn't have that information, Miller and his team, we may have seen the leak, or we have seen our report say, hey, listen, the way we spin this thing about Bill Barr doesn't let us get the record straight.
The letter put everything on the table.
In April, a former FBI director told The Atlantic that the relationship between Miller and Barr was between Scout Miller and Street Fighter Bal.
Can you compare the two?
Vance: You know, it's hard to know if this is absolutely accurate.
But I think it's an unusual relationship for the time being.
Within the Justice Department, everyone is on the same team, right? Boy Scouts and street fighters.
There is such a person who needs all sorts of things, although going to write it on paper is basically to write a book about the attorney general of the United States.
Since you have already started his action, I think that speaks to the breakdown and mismatch between the two of them.
Ruheer: Bal said today that he should stop investigating if Mueller knew he would not act because of obstruction.
Do more people think so?
I think Bill Barr is the only one who thinks so.
The reason is-Ruhr: Maybe Rudi Giuliani is the president.
Mrs. Farris: Yes.
Mueller also made it clear in his report that he refused to accept Bill Barr's theory of obstruction, which was very limited and that the president and his power to control and close the investigation was very hungry and respectful.
Mueller won't buy it.
He believes that you should follow the rules if you have the intent to lead the country in corruption.
No one is above the law, he said.
So, because of the constitutional conflict between bar and Miller, I think that bar may be a little injured, because the kind of undervaluation he hinted at earlier goes against his constitutional thinking.
These dinosaurs at the Justice Department don't like to be refuted on these things, and that's exactly what Mueller did, and I don't think Barr is too happy with that. RUHLE: Amazing.
Lindsay Graham said he did not think it was necessary to call Mueller.
If he does not do so, what other avenues can he take to testify?
Vance: of course, the House can call him to testify, so we are more likely to hear his testimony.
But you see-Bill Barr put some questions on the table today to talk about his views on Miller's phone call.
I think more and more people will want to hear from Miller, and it is very likely that we will also see him in the Senate before all this is over.
He called the report his child, 400-
Page reports covering 2016 activities and foreign interference.
It doesn't look like anyone's child.
Joyce Vance, Christian Farris, thank you so much.
On this very important night at MSNBC, we will be back soon.
If you're going out for dinner, watch movies, watch friends, cancel your appointment.
Invite everyone you know to come and stay here. (
Business break)
RUHLE: OK, now, pour yourself a drink, order dinner and let your kids go to bed early, because we have a huge night at MSNBC, Next
2020 candidate and Senator Kamala Harris will join Chris Matthews today for the "Hard Ball ". ”And at 8:00 p. m.
Another 2020 contender, senator Kirsten gillibr and joinsChris Hayes, are both "there. "9: 00. m.
The only person in the world who reports Miller more carefully, probably more than Lach McDo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined Rachel.
Then at 10 in the eveningm.
House intel chairman Adam Shiff added Lawrence O'Donnell to the last sentence.
Today, Shiv said bar should not get the job.
The question for Adam Shiff is, well, he's got a job, and what will Democrats do about it now?
This is for me.
I will see you here at 9: 00. m. and 1:00 p. m.
I now hand you over to my friend and colleague Chris Matthews.
"Hard Ball" starts now.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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