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flames extra - gold-medal hunt - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
flames extra - gold-medal hunt  -  white board
Usually, when coach Tim Hunt has a chance to come up with a reliable "whiteboard" for visual interpretation, his thoughts return
Influential mentor
"When I was with Badger BobJohnson)
, "The common flame before
Captain, now his first countdown to the final of the world junior hockey championship, recalls, "I'm just a young man. Vulnerable. Ready to learn.
Accept new ideas, new ways, and of course, there are a lot of badgers.
"I'll never forget one morning, he's on the whiteboard in the locker --
Calgary room with pen in hand.
He rubbed his nose as usual and said, "Okay guys. OK.
We have oil tonight. Gretzky. Coffey. Kurri.
So we're looking for an advantage tonight.
How do we beat this team? He has been talking about advantages. The edge. The edge.
Finally, he put the marker pen on the whiteboard and said, "someone came up and told me where the edge is!
So John Tonelli got up from his seat.
Johnny, of course, played for Alba, an old man.
The school guy, the conductor, was very successful, all those Stanley Cups-
Pick up the pen and draw a small arrow on the edge of the whiteboard and say, "Why, coach, the edge is there.
"Then the badger left: 'No, no, no, Johnny . . . . . . This is not the case . . . . . . Well, we're all laughing.
Then he was laughing. he said, "You are so beautiful.
"Coach, good coach, let the players remember.
Tim Hunt is good.
So he plans to help a group of eager young Patriots leave Golden memories at this year's tournament.
Of the past two World Juniors, he was part of the staff of domenk ducamé and was promoted as Canada began to look for first place18.
It's Hunter's now.
Currently he is driving the fifth season of the moose Chin warriors in WHL, and he is also preparing for the mission through the NHL assistant --
Coach in Washington, San Jose and Toronto.
"Have and implement my plan and focus on all the details of the day --to-
"The action during the day is definitely different," Hunter admits . ".
"I'm not just defending or taking penalties --kill now.
"We went through a complete system Tech package and I had to manage it.
Then my job is to set the tone for how I want our team to perform.
"More than 545 game models
Of course, the man has never given up for his home NHL team.
Whether it's Don Jackson or Chris neland
Nick futiu or Marty mcsolly or Dave Brown.
Regardless of size.
Regardless of reputation
He fully understands that the Swedish and American, Finnish and Russian will not fall without a hellish battle.
As for Canada's geographical expectations of having a home court, as defending champions, fully understand the eyes of an obsessed country and will focus on every moment they wake up in 11 days.
"Ruthless," Hunter said.
"That's what we think.
"It's all over the ice.
"Looking for speed in everything we do, we are looking to be the fastest team and the hardest team.
"Expectation, pressure . . . . . . I don't think so.
I think this is a pure opportunity.
"Of course, on Boxing Day, Canadians openly defended their WJC champions against the Danes at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.
The second game of the 2019 tournament is 7,000-seat Save-On-
Food memorial center in Victoria.
In his first two years as part of the world youth program, Hunter went through a variety of things: a glittering gold --
Medal shootout loss to the United StatesS.
Air Canada Centre in Toronto in 2017 and then won the championship in last January --
Claims against Swedes in the KeyBank Arena in Buffalo.
"From entering the finals, losing the game in a way that the hockey tournament should never end --a shootout -
In a year, we will encounter this situation . . . . . . Well, it's an incredible feeling because there are a lot of the same people, some returning players and staff, he said.
"Our goal last year was to make sure we were no longer in this position, with a shootout.
This is our intention and success.
"In Buffalo a year ago, until Alex fulenton hit an empty Swedish net, Canada leading 3-1 late on.
"I mean, everything is special," he explained . "
"Then go to the ice, the national anthem . . . . . . Everything.
But when we know we're done with the game and then when the buzzer rings . . . . . . Just know that we have done what we started to do and embrace the final moments of the coaches and players. "That moment. Knowing.
This is something I will never forget.
"We will enjoy our time in Canada this year, and all the fans are cheering for us.
Two years ago, we lost a gold medal on the home ice in Toronto/Montreal. it hurts. Hurt bad.
"But last year in Buffalo we were basically at home because 90% of the fans were Canadian fans.
When our kids go out to warm up
They saw the number of red jerseys in the stands, the flag waving, the logo and the Hockey Canada logo, they just finishedthe-moon excited.
"We will dig this emotion and embrace it, and our people will not be afraid to play in the bright lights.
They all want to grow up in this situation and now they will have a chance.
"In the influence of Hunter's coach, the two men immediately came to mind.
My favorite is badger and Pat Quinn.
Both are very different from normal conditions.
Obviously, Crispie is great.
We won the Stanley Cup with Chris skin.
"But the people I mentioned are special in the way things are handled.
Bob is the most positive.
Reinforce the coach.
I don't remember how many times he said to me: "You're a smart man, Tim.
There are better ways to do things.
Instead of belittling someone to express their opinions.
"He always, always, lifts you up.
"Every day is a good day for Bob for hockey, right? that's how he lives;
Prepare to leave every day.
"Pat is the real student of this game.
He likes all kinds of hockey. So did Badger.
They all like international competitions.
When I became a coach, Pat talked passionately about his experiences with the youth of the world and the Olympics.
His philosophy is to give players a chance to lead each other.
Treat them like a man and you will get a good reward.
"This is also my philosophy.
"One of the best coaching tips Hunter received came from future Jack Adams Trophy winner Bob Murdoch, who was transitioning from a straight line of flames to the bench next to Johnson, back in their early 80 s.
"I asked Bob, 'What will you use in the game now that you are a coach, 'and he told me no. -
One thing he is going to do is separate the players from the people.
Just because someone doesn't play well doesn't mean he's a bad guy.
"He was right.
We all make mistakes.
"You can never forget that.
"All the experiences on the ice and behind the bench, throughout the lifetime spent in the game, over the years of listening, implementing and recording baby crib notes, over the next few days, we will once again satisfy Canada's obsession with holiday hockey.
"As a coach," said the old tough guy, "That's what you want.
You want a chance to succeed.
You hope to have the opportunity to get involved at major moments.
This is an important moment.
"Every coach is fighting for such an opportunity.
"I believe I'm ready.
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