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fortney: bret hart on terry fox and surviving cancer - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-24
fortney: bret hart on terry fox and surviving cancer  -  digital pen and pad
He's just a kid hoping to get his sports hero's signature.
Still, when sixyear-
The little boy stuffed Brett Hart with a pen and a note under a stall in the bathroom, which violated one of the basic rules of the super-Slam wrest hand.
"I won't sign when I eat at a restaurant or go to the bathroom to eat," says Hart, remembering that one of his young fans chased him for his signature at Chicago O'Hare airport, laughing.
"There is no reason to be rude to your fans other than that.
"Not boasting 60-year-
The old Calgary native says he "knows what fame is" and privacy is lost as the world travels, money and compliments.
After all, just a few years ago, when he landed in distant places such as Bahrain and Belfast, the cheering crowd greeted him.
"I learned from Ray Charles and Mohammed Ali that they are the best two people you have ever met," he said of the two celebrities he shook hands, "You need to embrace all the things that are relevant to fame.
"This is just one of the many reasons why Terry Fox Foundation people contacted him earlier this year to become the 2017 spokesperson for this year's Calgary fundraising event. 17 (terryfox. org), the soft-
The tough-talking guy accepted the honor without reservation.
"I like to help in my community as much as I can," said the eighth of the 12 children of the famous Hart Stampede Wrestling family, before retiring in early 2000, he will continue to be famous around the world.
"Like millions of other Canadians, Terry Fox is one of my heroes --
All the money raised in his memory to fight cancer is truly inspiring.
"Then is Hart's personal connection to the fight against cancer: last year, he underwent prostate cancer surgery, a disease that took the life of his eldest brother and his fellow professional wrest hands, 68-year-
Old Smith Hart two months ago.
"He died on my 60 th birthday, July 2," Hart said . ".
"After I was discharged that day, my family and I went home for a quiet birthday party.
"People may feel it's too early to say it after losing a beloved family member, but Hart-
Experienced a career
Ended concussion on 2000 and stroke on 2002
Still the soldier he returned in early 1980, when he popped up on the professional wrestling stage on his way to becoming a world-famous killer.
"I feel the opposite," he said . "
"After Smith's death, I know it's more important to keep fighting.
"The fight includes promoting the importance of early screening for prostate cancer.
"I 've been monitoring for many years, but Smith didn't," Hart said . " Hart entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.
"When they found him, everything was over and he went through a very cruel struggle.
Hart said that in his own battle, he was well received in medical care and that without the support of his wife Stephanie for eight years, he could not get through it.
"My wife is a saint," he said . "
"She was with me all the way.
Hart says he has won in his fight against prostate cancer, and his current focus in life is on family and giving back to society.
We had a chat at a coffee shop in the southwest and he took out his cell phone and showed me pictures of his three grandchildren, who were one to seven years old and his new puppy. His name is Pico's golden graffiti.
He said he was recognized wherever he went, but he didn't mind at all.
The little boy, who tried to get his signature at the most inappropriate time, said, "I told him, 'Give me a minute, 'and signed it after I washed my hands . "
Born wrestling legend, he wants to be a hero for children in more than just sports.
"I remember what it was like to be a child.
"Vfortney @ postmedia. comTwitter.
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