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help me choose between a tablet and laptop - tablet and pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
help me choose between a tablet and laptop  -  tablet and pen
Question: My budget for buying a laptop is 25000.
However, with the popularity of tablets, I would like to know if tablets can better serve my purpose?
My interests and uses are online, games, documentation, and online stock trading.
A: The tablet allows you to complete all the tasks you mentioned
There are thousands of applications available.
However, it is recommended to use a laptop if you need to enter a lot of text or need more power to do more serious work.
The laptop display is usually larger than the tablet (
What number is it at 10-inches )
You can run multiple applications at the same time.
You can see Acer Aspire 25,000 within 5742-it has a 2.
13 Ghz Intel processor, 2 gb ram, 500 GB hard drive, 15-
The inch display comes with Windows 7 Home Basic. -—
Parrivel Saravanan question: I recently bought a 4 gb pen holder and accidentally dropped it in the water.
I take it out immediately and dry it, but a blank window appears when I connect it to the PC --
All the data is gone.
Is there any way to retrieve data?
Secondly, whenever I insert a different pen drive into my PC, a message pops up saying "if you plug the device into another available port, it works faster, click here to view
How can I solve this problem?
Also, I don't have a network connection so I can't download the antivirus update file.
Is there any other way to update the virus definition?
A: Your USB drive may no longer be available because of water damage.
However, you can still try to restore documents on your drive using free software such as Recuva (From www. piriform. com/recuva).
"This device can work faster. . .
When you use a high speed USB drive with a low speed USB port, even if the computer motherboard has a high speed
Speed port is provided.
The USB drive is likely to be USB 2.
The port is ready when USB 1 is supported. 1 speeds.
Try to use the drive with any other available USB port on the back of the system and the error message should go away.
If you use a USB drive on a shared USB port, this error sometimes pops up (
Like on a USB hub or USB extender).
To update the antivirus definition, you can go to the computer connected to the internet and manually download the update file for any software installed.
These definition updates are usually provided in the support section, up to a few hundred megabytes.
Copy the data to a USB drive or CD and then update the antivirus software using the manual update option. --
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