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how ivan milat’s brother alex was the accidental architect of his downfall - whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-25
how ivan milat’s brother alex was the accidental architect of his downfall  -  whiteboard
Are these missing women victims of Ivan Mirat in the 1970s s?
Backpacker murderer Ivan Milat is convicted
Source: Australian news group 1992, Alex, brother of Ivan Mirat, went to the bowler police station with a terrible statement.
He told police that the hunt would begin, resulting in his own brother being arrested and convicted as Australia's worst serial killer.
But Alex just wants to be a good citizen.
Alex Mirat claims that he and a friend at the rifle range saw two cars enter the forest of Belanglo state, of which about seven men, and two women were tied and stuffed
He believed that the two women he saw were probably Caroline Clark and Joanne Walters, two British backpackers, who also disappeared from the King's Cross while he saw them.
On September, after the bodies of Clark and Walters were found in the forest, Mirat's statement received more serious attention.
The level of detail he provided was really amazing, given that he was sitting on a mobile vehicle like they did, and the details had previously made the police think it was a fantasy.
"I saw the male passenger in the back seat, next to the woman, who seemed to be in his middle age.
"In their 20 s, Caucasian, fair skin color, brown hair, neatly combed and cut on the ears, neatly trimmed on both sides of the back," the statement wrote . ".
"His beard was very clean and well dressed.
"From memory, he wore one
Style, long sleeve shirt.
As I get closer and closer to the man, he raises his left hand and puts it next to his face so that it blocks my view of him.
At this point, I noticed that his hands were not rough, as if he were an office worker, not a worker, and his hands were clean.
Ivan Mirat is at brother Alex's house.
Source: News Corp. of Australia (News Corp. ) has inadvertently brought him to the attention of the police three times.
Source: supliedhe claims to have written the number plate on a piece of cardboard, but later put it in the wrong place, but remember it was ALD 537, ALO, DAL or ACL.
Later, at the request of the detective, the hypnotist tried to coax more details of the plate from his subconscious mind, but did not succeed.
"At that time, I thought it was just some young boys who took some girls to the forest and had a good time. I didn't think much about what it was, milat explained his initial delay in reporting the sightings.
"I didn't want to get involved, so I didn't contact the police or tell them what I saw.
Based on my knowledge and experience in this field, I know that countless times someone has seen young men and women driving in the forest, it looks like they are lost, or looking for a place where they can have a good time, I don't think it's any different at this moment.
MORE: Ivan Mirat's life in Supermax revealedMORE: a serial killer diagnosed with cancer who claims to have seen the same Falcon model twice before in the area, four of them were armed with rifles at a time.
Taking into account the passing of the vehicle, his recollection of the rifles they carried was once again surprising.
He was then a gun expert, and the entire Milat family was a keen shooter who started using guns when they were young.
Officer Kevin Hammond, head of Detective bowler's office, expressed doubts about the level of detail in the statement, telling Clive smore, the task force in charge of the pursuit of the murderer, he thought Alex Mirat had "put a smokescreen ".
In any case, the story is not believed because the level of unusual detail he provided did not match the hesitation in reporting the case to the police.
However, the role of this suspicious report is to focus attention on the Milat family.
Mirette and his seven victims.
Image: Rick Rycroft/AAPSource: AAPAt at first they just focused on a family because a serial killer investigator suggested that these murders could be more than one killer
With the name of the Milat family constantly appearing, more and more works are becoming popular.
On different days when backpackers were missing, the whereabouts of every Milat brother were checked --
Only Ivan has no conclusive alibi on any occasion.
He sold a Nissan four.
Soon after the first body was found, he drove the wheel, but left a bullet in a hurry.
22 in the front seat.
He also lives near the forest.
A Four corners report on the search for the murderer inadvertently leaked a major clue and almost blew the investigation.
In an interview with Mr. Small, filmed in his office, accidentally presented a whiteboard in the background with the word "Milat" written on it.
Prior to that, Ivan Mirat was the main suspect, but the police did not have enough evidence to search him.
However, they are following his movements and bugging his phone.
If Ivan Mirat finds out that he is being watched, the consequences will be terrible --
He can simply disappear into the air or start acting in an unnatural way when they are sure they are being monitored.
Neither ABC nor Mr. Small knew the clues to the national audience until the police received a panic call from Alex Mirat.
He watched the show and had a clear vested interest and was shocked when he read his name on the board.
Believing that the term "Milat" refers to his earlier police statement, he now feels in danger of being labeled as a thief and worried about his life.
ABC quickly removed the crime scene from any further broadcast, and Ivan did not know that he was a major suspect.
Small and his team escaped a shot and Alex helped them keep an eye on his brother.
Alex Mirat says he wants to give up his last name.
Source: News Limited van Milat was finally convicted of murder.
Source: the case with respect to Ivan continues and Alex Mirat is again being questioned, with his wife referring to a backpack that Ivan gave them as a gift.
Investigators were shocked to find that the package belonged to Simon schder, one of the victims of the murder.
This is Alex's third time to put Ivan on the cross line intentionally and inadvertently.
The finding was necessary for the police to obtain a search warrant.
On the morning of May 22, 1992, the police raided Mirat's home, as well as the property of his five brothers and mothers, and obtained sufficient evidence to imprison him for life.
On June 6, 2017, Alex Mirat's body was found on the sidewalk outside the post office in Pam Wood, where he lives.
The blood came together on his head and he seemed to have been lying there for a while. The 76-year-
Two years ago, the old man died of a heart attack, Sunshine Coast Daily, and his local newspaper asked him if he regretted keeping Milat's name after his brother was convicted.
"I will, I will," he said . ".
"The first day I should change my name, will definitely lead a better life.
With this name, you will be surprised by the problems I have.
He believed his brother was innocent and claimed that his guilty verdict was "likely for political reasons ".
Just two weeks before his death, he agreed to provide new evidence to his nephew, who is trying to clear Ivan's name but bring the secrets to his grave.
"I don't even worry about it," he told the newspaper in 2015 . "
"I just try to live my life and enjoy it.
Ivan Mirat, Australia's worst serial killer, has been diagnosed with advanced cancer.
Mirat will be serving a sentence at Sydney's Long Bay prison as it is close to the Prince of Wales Hospital.
Officials have not yet revealed what type of cancer Milat has been diagnosed with, but there are reports that a tumor has been found in his throat and stomach.
After losing £ 20 kg, Milat was transferred to the hospital this week for a diagnostic test, which his family reportedly thought was the result of an elderly anorexia. The 74-year-
Lao was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing seven young backpackers.
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