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how to draw manga lesson 4: a thousand mists - huion graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
how to draw manga lesson 4: a thousand mists  -  huion graphics tablet
Hello everyone!
Here's the last lesson of my "let's draw manga" series (
Is it time? ).
I am not very active on Instructure recently because I explained it in detail in the last Instructure, which can be found here.
This product also comes with a quick spray paint and can be found here.
This is the first time I draw a person on a computer, I am not very satisfied with the result;
But hey, that's it.
The woman in this picture is not me, it's just that some Irish ladies are blowing Irish/Celtic/penny whistles (
I really like to play. .
More information about the painting can be found in my quick picture description.
My YouTube channel has some exclusive video tutorials and quick drawings if you have time, so you might want to check it out.
Programs and tools used: Photoshop Elements 13 and Huion H610 graphic tablet (to draw;
Yes, I finally have a tablet.
Core L will be the ultimate version of X8 (
Record and edit speedpaint)
Time of painting: about five hours (
Half of them I tried to get my hair to work with the little finger).
Peter Crawley's song in speed painting: the soul of autumn and the cliff of Moher, he generously allows his amazing music to be used in YouTube videos.
I can't teach you how to draw.
This is what you should do.
However, I can teach you how to learn to draw.
The three things I recommend to anyone who wants to draw are: 1.
Practice tracking photos before freehanding.
Reason: nothing can improve your sketch skills like tracking.
By tracking the photos, you force yourself to see the lines or outlines you draw.
Once you have a feel for the construction of your theme, then you can be freehand.
I drew this sketch at random, but I took a closer look at a reference photo, which made me think of the next point. . . 2.
Use references, especially when drawing topics in difficult locations.
Reason: People often think that "since I saw (
Fill in blank)
Every day, I know how to draw them.
This is far from the case.
Don't think you know how to draw anything.
Make sure you know how to draw your theme using the picture as a reference.
Using a reference is not cheating; it's helping.
You have never been so good that you can't use one.
Flickr is a great resource for reference photos. 3.
Learn quickly from real life, gesture sketches, and sketches.
Reason: quick research and gesture sketches are usually made up of the basic elements of the subject, with a focus on the accuracy of the location and proportions, not the details.
Because they are quick, you can incorporate the drawings into your schedule. Draw anything.
Every time you draw, the goal is to do better;
To avoid making the same mistake you drew last time.
If you want to see how I drew it, then take a quick look.
Making a good line is as important as making a good sketch.
Linear will not be accurate if the sketch is not accurate.
If the linearity is not accurate, the painting doesn't look right no matter how good the details you take.
I suggest you be very careful with your straight line.
Work on a layer above the sketch.
Make sure your lineart is a bit smooth and looks decent before moving on to the next step.
Because I wanted my hair to turn black, I got my eyebrows almost all black.
If you want to use a brighter color, just outline the eyebrows instead of filling them.
It may be difficult to draw the lines of the whistle.
I found that the best way to draw it is to select the whistle using the polygon selection tool and then reverse the selection using select> reverse.
The chosen behavior is a bit like a ruler, tracking around it ensures that your lines are very straight.
I am using Photoshop Elements 13 to draw this, so my way of color is very different from your traditional way of color.
First, I select the perimeter of the lint and fill the layer below the lint with my skin tone.
Almost any art project can complete this part.
Next, I used a filter called adjust skin color, which is unique to the new version of Photoshop.
To use it, first open the filter by going to adjust> Adjust Color> adjust skin tone.
Tap the skin to sample the color and move the slider until you get the color you want.
After that, you can use the following steps to select and color the rest of the drawing: 1.
Lock the color layer by clicking the grid icon and lock the color layer in the upper right corner of the layers panel.
This will make sure you don't color outside of line, which is really helpful. 2.
Select the hair and color it. 3.
Select the shirt and color it. 4.
Select the nails and color them.
Give them some highlights or highlights by drawing three to five lights
The colored lines below them. 5.
Select the Irish/Celtic/penny whistle and color it.
I used the gradient tool set to "reflect" to add a little gloss to the brass part of the whistle.
Some whistles are made of tin, even with lacquer wood instead of brass.
They also have a variety of shapes and shades.
I have C-key brass, Clark.
You can give these five colors (mouthpiece)
Any color you want
My real whistle is green but I want to turn this into black.
Like Fliggy or Dickson).
I won't lie. . .
Shadows are hard!
If you draw on a computer, make a new layer on everything.
Pay attention to your light source.
My light source comes from the top of my head.
Use very light colors (
I use light green)
Color in the shadow.
Set the layer mode to "multiple" and then reduce the opacity according to your own preferences.
If you want to color only the theme, click the color layer while holding down the "ctrl" key.
This will bring the choice of the theme outline.
Reverse the selection and delete the excess.
Create another layer
Use a large, soft brush with a light, warm color (I used pink)
Brighten the lighter area.
Set the layer mode to soft light or overlay ". The hair is. . . ugh. . . a pain.
Draw highlights on your hair and make sure you and your hair flow in the same direction.
Set the layer mode to whatever you want.
I used "soft lights ". Good luck!
Make a few more layers of very soft shadows and lights;
Repeat the above process to remove the excess.
Stay layered until you are satisfied.
Don't forget to adjust the opacity.
Speedpaint shows that the process is accelerating if you need help.
The background I decided to go to was very simple and easy to make.
Fill the background layer with light blue.
Make a new layer and draw some basic mountain profiles in pink or light blue.
Use a soft round brush similar to the sky color to add some fog.
Repeat the process with a bluer hue for each mountain.
On the most recent one, you can add some simple details by outlining some rocks.
Behind the mountains, draw some clouds by layered gray light
Purple and white.
The cloud brush can make it all simple.
Merge the background layer together.
You can light or dim the background as needed, and then slightly blur the background by filters> blur> Gaussian blur.
You can put it there, or you can flatten the image and adjust it to your needs.
I added a few layers of solid color and then changed their layer mode to provide some extra color for the drawing.
I also added some very faint music notes to the background.
These special notes are excerpts from the Irish traditional fixture, the bird's tail flower. Look it up;
This is a very interesting little song.
The note that the girl is playing is different from the note in the background.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last lesson and learn something from it.
If you follow this tutorial and create your own drawing, I would love to see it!
Have fun and keep working hard!
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