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jeff bridges on 'tron,' 3d, and gadget addiction - wacom tablet reviews

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-02
jeff bridges on \'tron,\' 3d, and gadget addiction  -  wacom tablet reviews
Sitting opposite me, Jeff Bridges leaned back in his chair and when we started talking about his role as a fictional game developer, he looked almost through me (and geek icon)
Kevin Flynn in Tron: Legacy.
"Last weekend we were sitting in an executive office in the digital field in Venice, California. -based special-
Special effects studio is responsible for the dazzling effects seen in the much-anticipated sequel, which was released 28 years after the 1982 classic event.
The whole room was light brown, bathed in a soft incandescent lamp, wearing his denim jeans and buttons --
Almost Integrated down jacket.
Actor Jeff Bridges replays Kevin Flynn in the upcoming release of Tron: Legacy.
Josh Lowensohn/CNET Bridges, 60, has done it several times today and I'm one of the last journalists to have time to ask him questions, part of Disney's long history
Tron: Heritage Publishing House.
This is the industry term for the press conference. and-
Meeting this happens before the movie is released, not even finished yet, and in the case of the Tron sequel, it's another two and a half months.
On the other side of the building, as part of today's Daily newspaper, a server farm buzzing ---
Latest special-
The effect shooting is still in the process of creation.
Hot news live: Tony Award deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary Women's World Cup notes I'm trying to put my iPad down and I 've written my questions down and the iPhone I used to record audio, the digital camera of the blurry lens you see on it, a bag full of cables that charge them, he smiled in confusion and said, "Look at you, you have your iPad, good things!
"I told him that I was only a few years away from being an electronic person.
Then I spoke to the guy who had put on what might be considered a semi-robot costume before I was born.
I first asked bridges if he had gone back to watch the original movie before he started filming it, or if it was much like riding a bike.
"I think it's more like a bicycle," he said . "
"I think I haven't shown the film before it started.
I think, maybe a few years ago, I saw it again.
But it's very useful, Steve Lisberger--
You know the original director and writer on board.
Look at his face and put me back in the grid.
"Bridges played a rather unique role in the film, both good and bad ---
Two characters, nearly thirty years apart.
The effects are implemented by visual effects artists in the digital field using some of the same techniques from the "Curious Case of Benjamin Barton", which takes Brad Pitt from a 90-year-oldsome-
It became a teenager in a few hours.
This effect requires the young self of bridges to be played by another actor, and bridges will then re-shoot the same scene with a special head
A camera system is installed to record his facial movements from four different angles.
Then the two will be made into a shot. -
There is no doubt that this will be a magic trick for DVD add-on.
As to which one is more interesting to play with, Bridges casually said, "I deal with it in almost the same way. "(Left)
As a bridge for the protagonist Kevin Flynn. (Right)
As a bridge to the Clu, the power of Flynn
Hungry? control program.
Another starring effect in CNET's Walt Disney picture/screenshot movie will be the third
Dimensions, at least for those viewers who choose a 3D experience.
The film also has a 2D version.
Asked if he thought 3D would stay alive or if it was just a fashion, Bridges said, "I don't know about fashion.
I think this is a step forward.
You know, maybe the movie will be poor for a while.
Bridges joked that he had never seen a movie with classic cyan and magenta glasses, but that he was fascinated by the projector solution specially made in 2001 --
Special effects guru Douglas Trump
"Not long ago, he came up with something called Showscan, which was simple. Twenty-
Four frames per second-
This is as slow as natural movement, so it is very primitive.
He came up and said, 'Why don't we put it at a speed of 60 frames per second and project it out?
Its resolution is almost 3D and very rich.
"Showscan is still there, but is mainly used for movie rides in theme parks.
"It's not really popular because you need to change all the projectors in the cinema," Bridges said . ".
"But we will start to see innovation like this.
It will speed up like it does, who knows where it will go.
I just hope the theater will continue.
I think there are some great things going into a dark room with a group of people.
There are some cool things.
Gather us in a room where we can experience all the emotions.
"Bridges said he was so fond of drama that he was unlikely to get a 3D TV in the living room.
"Do I have to wear glasses to see something?
He asked in answer to my question, "I don't think so, no.
Part of it is love, Bridge explains.
Hate the relationship with the computer
He pointed to a pile of my devices and said, "you seem to be a prisoner of it.
I mean, it's a routine, but come on, man.
I mean, it's terrible, isn't it? ?
This is one of the themes of the film ---
You can get to know it so deeply that once you get used to these things it's hard to get rid of it.
Bridges said that although he has a smartphone, he has not yet been attracted by smartphones and other gadgets he doesn't like.
"I have an iPhone that annoys me because I don't know how to use it.
I get these things a lot, you know, and then I don't take the time to learn how to use them.
Or if I learn, I will dump this information if I don't use it for two days.
It was very frustrating for me.
Still, Bridges says he's got the hang of e-commerce.
The mail was quick, even though he was-
Boxes often become overwhelming.
He was also a little shocked when he met someone with no emailmail address.
"I like those guys and you see them every once in a while.
You go, what's your email? mail address?
They said, 'I don't do e-mails. mail. ' Really! ?
They're kind of like, 'Oh, how complicated, 'I think,' my God.
Among other digital hobbies in Bridge, his personal website is what he uses to replace Twitter or Facebook.
He posted some of his photography and artwork there.
"I did it all on the Wacom tablet. . .
But I often can't keep up with this website.
"I do this whenever I put things on the site," he said . ".
"I 've been through a while and I 've done a lot of things during this time, but now I'm not doing that.
I want to talk about it again--it's fun.
I am now doing more practical painting and engraving as well as these types of things.
"The bridge is good --
As we all know, his Widelux is a movie camera capable of shooting panoramic views.
Over the years, bridges have changed some of the people behindthe-
The scene was filmed as a gift to the crew and put 119 of it into a book called "photos of Jeff Bridges", which he published in 2006.
However, as far as "Tron" is concerned, he has to hold back. "I took some [photos]
But not as much as I have in other ways.
Mainly because the lights are too dark and you know the suit has to shine, so you have to keep the set very dark.
Bridges says he may end up turning some of these photos into a book or at least posting them to his site so fans can see them.
Speaking of fans, Bridges said he was looking forward to seeing the film after the film ---
Just like any project he was involved in.
"I haven't seen the movie yet, but my fingers crossed.
Tron: Heritage was released on December 17.
A week later, you can also see the bridge in the 2010 film "True courage" adapted by the Cohen brothers 1969.
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