legacy park expecting lineups for launch of condos under $200,000 - smart board tv-ITATOUCH-img

legacy park expecting lineups for launch of condos under $200,000 - smart board tv

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-19
legacy park expecting lineups for launch of condos under $200,000  -  smart board tv
On October, 56 people lined up before the opening of the first building in Legacy Park.
One of them lined up for two nights and arrived there on Thursday afternoon for Saturday's event. The 310-
The apartment development in the heritage Southeast community was developed by Brad Remington House, behind Copperfield Park.
The second building in the traditional Park requires 83 apartments at prices ranging from $119,900 to $271,900.
Brian Loeger, vice president of the company, said: "We have been told that they will be in line, 'We will see you on Saturday'
President of Sales and marketing.
With the possibility of another large turnout, the company has converted its Atco construction trailer into a warm trailerup site.
"We are providing accommodation for campers," Logel said . ".
"The weather is not good, we will not take risks. ” One-
The bedroom apartments range from $119,900 to $189,900, and the layout of the two bedrooms and two bathrooms ranges from $185,900 to $271,900.
There is also a three bedroom plan from $239,900.
The $271,900 apartment is a Plan A of traditional Park with an area of 1,002 square feet and a floor plan of $119,900 is 421-square-foot Plan J2. “High-
"What we do is a high quality, affordable house," Logel said . ".
Specifications include 9-
Soft Foot ceilingtouch-
Close to door and drawer cabinets, choice between granite and quartz counters, full electrical package and heated underground parking.
Hardie board, brick and luxury smart board decorations are on the look.
Located in the development and sales center of 215 traditional Avenue. S.
E, 2 to 8 p open. m.
Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m. on weekends.
Legacy is a community of WestCreek Developments offering apartments, townhouses, duplex apartments, laned and move-
Single House and real estatefamily homes.
There are more than 121 hectares of environmental protection areas.
The sales center of Copperfield Park III has six display suites showing apartments similar to traditional parks.
At 99 coperstone Park. E.
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