lenovo unveils new digital assistants, ar glasses and cameras and thinkpads at ces 2018 - digital

lenovo unveils new digital assistants, ar glasses and cameras and thinkpads at ces 2018 - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
lenovo unveils new digital assistants, ar glasses and cameras and thinkpads at ces 2018  -  digital pen and pad
Last week, I and several other members of Moore's insight and strategy team attended CES 2018 in Las Vegas.
The annual Consumer Electronics Conference provides a great opportunity for companies to showcase their latest products and services, and I am happy to see what Lenovo will have this week.
This is my detailed introduction to all the new products that the computing giant announced last week and put forward a lot of opinions.
You can also see what analyst Anshel Kumar has written about Lenovo's new Daydream headset and camera. Google-
Lenovo's assistant digital assistant for smart display has been popular in the United States during the holiday, led by Amazon, with Echo-branded devices.
Alexa launched by Lenovo-
However, due to the limited experience of Alexa, they chose Google Assistant wisely.
A new Lenovo product released on CES 2018 caught my attention as a new Lenovo smart display virtual assistant launched by Lenovo and Google.
The intelligent display is essentially a full HD touch screen (
Available at 8 or 10-inch sizes)
Google assistants designed as family partners have been integrated.
Voice control is enabled for any purpose-
Calendar updates, weather, traffic, video chat with Google Duo, YouTube binging, and of course devices that manage user connections.
The device is a family center platform recently announced by Qualcomm (
SDA 624 SoC based on company)
It's totally Wi-
Support for Fi and Bluetooth.
No one knows how Google assistant does it.
Based on the product with Monitor will work and I am interested to get some hands
Keep abreast of the difference between it and Amazon Echo Show with a smart display.
I like Lenovo to be fearlessly engaged in these products while PC competitors stand.
In addition to this, Lenovo has gained an incredible experience in an important area and, most importantly, a key usage model.
One of Lenovo's latest innovations in personal computers is connected computers ".
While these devices do not have clear specifications, they promise long battery life, mobile form factor, and LTE connectivity.
Lenovo announced Miix 630 2-in-
One removable "connected PC" powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform on Microsoft's Windows 10 S operating system.
Lenovo says Miix 630 offers "the power and productivity of laptops, and the mobility of smartphones is always online.
The Miix 630 detachable feature is full
Size, backlit keyboard, digital pen, integrated 4g lte connection and impressive (alleged)
The battery life of video playback is up to 20 hours.
It is also very light (at 2. 93 lbs. )
Very quiet due to its fanless design.
The "feeling" of Miix 630 left a deep impression on me
The keyboard is sturdy and hard to do with a removable one.
I have written before that "always on" computers are tricky and certain parameters need to be met if it is to be commercially successful.
Miix 630 looks promising, but of course I need to get one before giving an inputDeep identification.
I had the chance to test drive the taste of HP and Asus, but not the taste of Lenovo.
The upgrade of the Lenovo pad X1 series Lenovo is the leader in the market share of enterprise laptops, so when the ThinkPad is updated, people will listen.
Lenovo announced that CES 2018 is the next generation of products for the ThinkPad X1 family, including X1 tablets (3rd gen)
Carbon X1 (6th gen)
Yoga and X1 (3rd gen).
The new generation has a variety of new specifications and functions.
Carbon and Yoga are the first computers equipped with Dolby visual HDR imaging (
After subsequent software updates)
Lenovo says it will take advantage of the same technology in Dolby's global cinemas to bring an amazing visual experience to these devices.
The new carbon and yoga is also equipped with Lenovo's ThinkShutter camera privacy feature, a physical Webcam cover designed to better protect consumers from cyber attackscam hackers.
3rd generation ThinkPad X1 tablet with a new removable 13-
Inch form factor compatible with HDR.
It has an improved keyboard, all
A day's battery life, an infrared camera capable of identifying the face, and compatibility with the new optional Lenovo pen.
All new X1 series are Amazon Alexa-enabled (with far-field mics)
Lenovo crystal picture-
Microsoft-signed minimalist software pre-loading designed to simplify and reduce the amount of pre-loadingloaded apps.
Crystal Image also uses Microsoft autopilot to lay the foundation for the future of customer imaging and deployment.
For the sake of crossover
The new product also offers ubiquitous C-type charging and universal docking solutions.
These are all very popular features, and I think shutter is one of the "why no one has done this before" features that will become more and more popular.
In order to go a bit more, I think blocking the camera should also be plugged into the microphone to turn off the switch.
Maybe we'll see Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launch a new ThinkPad?
Not think pad, but I find Alexa far away.
The on-site microphone and modern standby capability are very provocative.
When you have a PC that does the same thing, why buy another device for the office?
Users can also carry Alexa with them, which is something they can't do with Echo.
The task of Anshel Automotive, our resident consumer VR/AR/MR analyst, is to cover Lenovo's new VR products, Lenovo Phantom personal headphones and Phantom cameras (
If you are interested, you can see all his reports here).
Both devices are equipped with Google's Daydream VR technology, and Lenovo is the leading partner.
Lenovo's stated goal is to do 1 in AR/VR.
While I personally don't think these new products are perfect, they are certainly different --
They should help Lenovo drive market share and gain valuable insights into the industry.
I had the opportunity to use the company's VR headset and was impressed.
I will continue to pay close attention to Lenovo in this regard.
All in all, this is a great show for Lenovo on CES 2018.
There is nothing beyond the new product (
Smart Display and Miix 630)
Looking promising, all the updates to the ThinkPad X1 series look like solid improvements to the already good pc series.
I like how Lenovo plays such a positive role in digital assistants and even optimizes their PC platform for them as the company will learn a lot in the future that will benefit them.
I hope to get some of them soon.
In-depth product reviews
Lenovo did a good job.
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