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‘pen’ful memory - best pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-15
‘pen’ful memory  -  best pen tablet
It is my habit to read newspapers every morning.
One day, when I read an article about the exact age at which the student started writing with a pen, I remembered my first day of writing with a pen.
The choice of bestI is in Std IV and the date is March 1, 2004 (
I can't even remember that my historical date is accurate! ).
This date was announced ahead of time and let's have a debate about the best pen in town and which one to choose.
I am determined to do all the best and turn my friends green.
I decided to choose the ink pen because the ink pen has bright colors on the gel pen.
The thought of filling the ink every day makes me happy from it, which makes me very excited.
So, I started a task to get the best pen and managed to get one.
Finally ushered in the big day.
We are all waiting for the teacher to say, "Open your notebook and take it down!
The moment she said this, we did it as easily as we expected.
We took extra care of our handwriting and I was annoyed whenever I made a mistake and had to type a word.
The Times have changed now and I don't seem to care about the pen I use either as long as it is written or my handwriting as long as it is clear.
But in my life, the page I started writing with a pen has a special place in my heart.
XI, T. I.
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