maharashtra govt sets strict fee hike rules for schools - interactive table for schools-ITATOUCH-i

maharashtra govt sets strict fee hike rules for schools - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-02
maharashtra govt sets strict fee hike rules for schools  -  interactive table for schools
An accountable and transparent website must be established by institutions;
Management in Maharashtra must disclose important information, which may bring great relief to parents and students, and in the end, it has introduced a policy that requires private schools to limit arbitrary charges.
Government resolutions (GR)
After more than a year of deliberation, the policy was released on Thursday.
Strategy is parent-
Friendly, but vague, disappointed some stakeholders, some planning to file a lawsuit.
According to GR, the school will have to set up a website to disclose important information about the school and its management.
The website should list the optional subjects, the cost structure, the total annual fee, the person in charge of the charge, the refund policy, PTA formation, and the number of holidays for the first school year.
The balance sheet of the school and the contact information of the management should also be listed.
"The state has identified the person in charge of fees that schools can charge," said Jayant Jain, chairman of the NGO Education Equity Forum, which has been the leader in the cost-up war.
"A school can raise tuition fees in three years instead of once a year. In 2009-
2010. tuition fees are raised twice in almost all schools.
Given this GR, they will have to refund.
"Parents see vigilance as key to the success of this policy.
Arundhati Chauhan, chairman of the PTA Joint Forum, said: "The implementation of GR is important, but there should be strict and continuous monitoring.
"However, several aspects have not yet been defined in GR, such as the maximum limit for a reasonable surplus, and parents are concerned that the vulnerability will be abused by school management.
"Some organizations suggest that a reasonable surplus should not exceed 4%.
Otherwise there will be huge profits, "said Jayne.
"We will challenge this clause in the High Court.
Even the Supreme Court (SC)
In a recent judgment, a surplus of 15% is allowed for four years
There are about 4% people each year.
Abha Dharam Pal, principal of Juhu Utpal Sanghvi High School, said: "GR is a parent --and students-
Friendly and surface value seems to be management-friendly too. The staff-
The proportion of students should be determined by the school itself.
In addition, management should not be disturbed by the disclosure of information on the school's website.
"We got some suggestions from the report of the Bansal Committee, which are parents --
School Education Minister Balasaheb Thorat said.
"SC used the word 'reasonable additional clause 'in a similar judgment.
We made a legal opinion on the matter and decided not to define the term.
A Ministry of Education official said: "It is very difficult to develop a comprehensive policy for thousands of private schools in the state . "
So we have determined the actual rules.
The deputy director who will monitor the increase in tuition fees can decide the remaining amount of each school.
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