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making the most of virtual collaboration - electronic whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-21
making the most of virtual collaboration  -  electronic whiteboard
Today's companies see an almost dazzling set of collaboration tools at their fingertips.
This starts with the overall strategic workflow system, but can be quickly accessed from document and screen sharing to electronic meetings, voice, web and data meetings, and even calendars, discussion platforms, blogs, investigation and wiki.
Dr. Jaclyn Kostner said: "Today's technology provides exponential improvements in collaboration capabilities . "D.
He is an advisor to virtual conference Management and founder and CEO of Bridge the Distance, Inc.
That's especially true of virtual collaboration, says Kostner, where "today's companies have extraordinary tools.
But most of the time, companies confuse the right deployment with how simply faculty workers click the right button.
In places where training is often inadequate, the practice and psychology of remote teams are subtle, sometimes not so subtle, Kostner said.
"You have to know how to get everyone involved actively," Kostner said, for example . ".
This is "absolutely not intuitive.
"Training is a good example: consider the old style, low
What can be achieved in technical meetings compared to today's tools.
Kostner said: "My Generation, remember when collaboration means everyone is sitting around the table, rolling up their sleeves, interacting, and completing tasks --
Concentrate and brainstorm.
This traditional cooperation has encountered inevitable obstacles.
Kostner said, that is to say, "only one person can speak at a time;
Only one person can write on the wall chart at a time.
Now think about what's possible today: interaction, not iteration.
"So we're sitting next to what I call a phone call.
Kostner says, or in other words, more technology --
Collaborative workspace.
This means that, whether in the same room or in a decentralized meeting, all attendees "are actively participating in virtual meetings using the interactive features of the technology.
Share the whiteboard. Group chat. Audio.
A skilled meeting leader.
Think about efficiency and effectiveness now.
"Imagine that there are 20 people on one face --to-
"Face-to-face meetings, what we want to do is brainstorm to identify some of the problems people face in this area," Kostner said . ".
In a traditional meeting, "we will do it one by one in the 'room' where one person can speak at a time, while the other person on the whiteboard writes what they hear.
Kostner said the process is very slow and it's easy to take 15-25 minutes.
The interactive way can skip today's technology.
When the meeting leader asked questions in the field, "everyone [now]virtual]
Kostner said the meeting could provide an idea at the same time by entering an idea in the group chat, or by entering text notes directly on the whiteboard.
So in the new experience: "We all logged into the web conference.
The leader pointed out the problem with amd asking team members to type a solution idea on the whiteboard using whiteboard notes.
The meeting host can then grab these blocks of text and move them in priority order like the cards on the whiteboard-something you absolutely can't do in person on the wall chart.
In a minute or two, this electronic conference captures and prioritizes key issues for voice discussion-which takes longer in traditional meetings.
So for now, instead of spending 2 minutes putting everyone's ideas on the table, it took only 2 minutes and 18 minutes to have an oral discussion on how to solve the problem.
This is what Kostner calls "the absolute renaissance ".
"Meetings with virtual technology" are much more efficient than traditional face-to-face meetingsto-face model.
"Meetings are not only more efficient," but participants are more involved in depth because their participation has an immediate response-their input is important.
"But to achieve this, executives need to learn not only how to launch their tools, but also how to attract virtual labor," Kostner said;
How to make people feel their value in every meeting and every call.
Kostner said, "Overall, there's a lot to learn to get the most out of these tools.
However, enterprises have reached an era of "virtual cooperation ". can]
More effective than can be achieved --to-face.
Achieving this depends on their virtual team.
"For more information on Kostner and other leaders in this fast,
A new report by Forbes insight, sponsored by join, "evolving areas, download collaboration tools".
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