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microsoft readying courier touch-screen tablet - touch screen drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
microsoft readying courier touch-screen tablet  -  touch screen drawing tablet
The booklet-
According to the gadget website Gizmodo, the forming device known as Courier is in the "late prototype" stage of development, characterized by two 7in touch-
Sensitive screen.
The launch of the courier may allow Microsoft to re-compete with Apple, which is rumored to be in contact with itself --
Tablet screen
The Apple tablet, nicknamed MacBook touch, is expected to be like a larger iPod touch with 10 touch devices
Screen, twice as much as the game console and home media center, is able to play content and services the same way as Apple TV does.
Both Apple and Microsoft declined to comment on the rumors.
According to Gizmodo, there are multiple screens for express delivery
Touch, designed for writing, sliding and drawing with your finger or stylus.
It is reported that the screen is combined with a hinge that also has a "home" button, while information about the strength of the wireless signal and the remaining battery life is displayed on the edge of a screen.
Gizmodo also said that the device has a camera on the back and can even use a technology similar to the touch Palm Pre-charger for wireless charging.
The project has been kept confidential, according to Gizmodo, and only a handful of key engineers and executives know it exists.
The development team is considered by J.
Allard is a senior executive in Microsoft's entertainment and equipment division, with a wealth of technical knowledge and is known for building products that provide an exceptional user experience.
Apple will launch a tablet touch-
It is rumored that the Apple tablet will be launched in January 19, and the Apple tablet will become the "Home Media Center and game console"
This year, Apple's tablet screen will compete with Amazon's Kindle threat. Said the courier is just one of several prototypes that the Allard team is working on, located in another location outside the main campus of Microsoft Redmond, in order to keep the project secret.
"The Express user experience shown here is almost exactly the opposite of everyone's expectations for Apple's tablet," said Gizmodo . ".
"It's complicated: a mix of two screens and a pen.
A leading interface with multiple multi-touch finger gestures and multiple graphics complex themes, patterns, and applications.
The tradition of Microsoft tablets is digital ink.
While this interface is different from any one we 've seen before, it's obviously extracted from this interface, which works with Surface touch computers and even Zune HD.
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