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myscript's nebo looks like the future of handwriting-to-digital-text conversion - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
myscript\'s nebo looks like the future of handwriting-to-digital-text conversion  -  wacom
Nebo is an app for Windows and Apple to translate handwriting into digital text.
Developed by MyScript, it sets new standards for accurate handwriting recognition and simple handwriting recognitionto-
Use the error correction function.
At the time of writing, Nebo has been verified by Microsoft's Surface Pro and the Book device using the Surface Pen, as well as the Apple iPad Pro series using apple pencils.
To write this review, I tested Nebo on the Surface Pro 4 that the company lent me.
Interactive inkNebo uses interactive ink technology to allow it to do things that have not been seen in the ink beforeto-
Text application. Most ink-to-
The text application processes handwritten input at the pixel or line level.
The Interactive Ink of Nebo allows processing at the symbol level (e. g. , letters)and shapes. Symbol-
Level 1 processing, which greatly improves handwriting recognition, allows us to predict the operational semantic level of the engine (meaningful)content.
Nebo operates on semantic information at letters, words, and context levels using a multi-individual work neural network to improve word recognition.
Here is an example of how Nebo takes advantage of contextual information.
Nebo chose a similar but wrong word for the first word of the sentence I wrote, and read the fourth word of my bad handwriting into gibberish.
I corrected the fourth word and watched Nebo correct the first word immediately without my further input.
Nebo's interactive ink technology also brings other benefits.
For example, when the direction of the screen or the size of the text box changes, it allows hand-written reflow to accommodate the available space.
It can also treat hands.
The drawn shape is an editable object that can be moved and resized at will.
The screen layout and basic features snebo use the notebook format, which is open with a blank lined page with a set of three tabs at the top.
Page unlimited scrolling, which is very convenient for writing on Surface Pro in tablet mode, as it allows you to write as much as you want without moving your hands up and down the screen.
The tabs at the top are "pen", "add" and "search ".
"Pen" allows you to select the width of the tip of the Pen, in black, dark gray, light gray, white, blue, red, green or yellow ink, switch between using the pen tip in write or erase mode.
"Add" allows you to place different types of content on the page, including photos taken with a tablet camera, image files, sketches or graffiti, charts, or mathematical equations.
The chart and math functions will be described in more detail below.
"Search" allows searching for text and handwritten content in a single notebook or in all notebooks. A drop-
The down menu in the upper left corner of the page opens the notebook file structure. Another drop-
The down menu in the upper right corner provides access to a variety of features, including exporting apage to Word, sharing notebooks as text to OneNote or Microsoft's mail, or export the page as the HTML viewed in the browser.
Handwriting recognition and error correction before anything else, ink-to-
The text application must recognize the handwriting with high accuracy and allow easy editing when the recognition fails. Many ink-to-
Text applications are not sufficient for one or both of these tasks, so using an application is more troublesome than its value.
Nebo is excellent in both functions.
The handwriting recognition of Nebo is excellent.
My handwriting was pretty clear from when I was very careful, to when I was in a hurry, almost unintelligible.
Nebo reads my work as much as I do;
That said, when I was careful, its accuracy was close to 100%, and it was close to 0% when I was rushed and sloppy.
If I write in a normal way, the accuracy of Nebo is about 80% to 90%.
I gave Nebo a real one.
The World Test joined me at an event I reported at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.
When I was writing notes, I didn't pay attention to the accuracy of Nebo's identification.
After that, I sat down and had a cup of coffee to see what I had.
Nebo is fully qualified for the task.
The accuracy is very high, most errors are close to what I wrote and it's easy to clean up.
I took notes using Nebo in the conference call and got the same result.
Editing double-clicking what you write will convert your ink into text.
Your handwriting was lost after the conversion.
This can be a problem if the conversion is inaccurate and you can't remember what you wrote, or if you are writing technical materials that are critical to accuracy, such as code or math.
More will be introduced later.
Nebo's editing tools are very easy to use.
For example, a word can be erased by drawing a horizontal line and scraped (
Full words must be covered carefully though)
, Switch the tip of the pen to erase mode and tap the word, or use the eraser of the Surface pen.
A single letter in a word can be erased by drawing a line.
Edits can be made to both the handwritten version and the text version, leaving a space for you to insert corrections when a word or letter is erased.
If letters or words are missing, you can create line breaks using the vertical top-to-bottom slash.
After adding the missing information, you can use the bottom-to-top slash.
This also applies to handwriting and text.
An editable line of text appears above what you write.
If you click on a word in a text line, Nebo will provide you with multiple options for the word you identify.
I find this feature useful in some cases, but not in others.
If Nebo incorrectly identifies the letter inside the word, the probability it provides the correct alternative is higher than the probability it incorrectly identifies the first letter of the word.
If Nebo interprets your words as gibberish, many of the options you get will also be gibberish.
The text format features of the text format nebo are impressive, but limited.
What it does, it does well.
Unfortunately, it can't handle the basic formatting features that are very useful to at least one person who writes a stylus.
Nebo uses simple gestures to bold and highlight the text and list the list.
Drawing a box around the text will highlight it in yellow.
Underline is done by underline, which is a switch.
Underline once, the text is bold, underline again, and then return to normal.
You can create a list in front of each line by using a dash.
Following the dash with numbers will give you a numbered list.
All of these features can work in both handwriting and text mode.
Nebo will fail if you want to indent the text because it doesn't have a tab function.
Everything including your list is reasonable.
The notes taken with Nebo look like the students are writing down some unorganized things that attract their attention in class.
In its current form, Nebo cannot produce notes that appear to be presented in outline form in real time by the person who organized the material.
This is a serious limitation for people who organize while taking notes.
You can use the list feature to indicate the title and subtitle in combination with any bullet you like, but everything in the outline will remain reasonable.
If you want to see your notes organized into an outline, you have to export to another program and reformat it.
MyScript is working on this and mathNebo's chart feature is awesome.
Clicking on chart under the add tab opens a box where you can easily draw your organization and flow chart. Less-than-perfect, hand-
Geometry drawn like circles, diamonds and rectangles is accurately identified and can be moved and resized.
Text can be edited and moved independently or grouped with graphics.
The connection lines and arrows are connected to the endpoint, but can be edited separately.
If a drawing with additional lines is moved, the lines move accordingly.
Tap your hands-
The drawn flow chart turns it into a digital version as shown in the following figure.
If you like to organize your ideas with charts, you will like Nebo.
Nebo's math functions work in a similar way, but not so useful.
If you are careful with your symbols, a single equation is captured accurately.
At this point, Nebo is unable to handle a series of equations written in the same math box.
If you write a sequence of two equations on different lines in the same box, Nebo will translate your ink into absurd confusion of symbols and numbers.
If you write an equation that can be calculated, Nebo will help you with the calculation.
Again, this is only valid at the level of a single equation.
If you want the variable in equation 2 to accept the value calculated in equation 1, you have to run Equation 1 in a box, and replace the obtained value with the variable in equation 2 in the second box.
Using Nebo on other platforms indicates that Nebo has been verified and can be used with Surface Pen on Microsoft Surface Pro and Book models or with Apple on Apple iPad Pro devices
I tested Nebo on Surface Pro 4 with only one obvious difficulty.
When I first opened the app, I encountered a series of errors that "could not open the page and the file could be corrupted.
Anyway, I went through and everything turned on normally and the error message never showed up again.
I also tried using Nebo on Lenovo's new yoga book.
This book is over. in-
One has a touch screen in half and the other has a Wacom drawing surface that can be used as a keyboard.
It has its own pen, including digital and ink tips.
When you use a digital tip on a Wacom surface or an ink tip on a paper placed on a Wacom surface, your handwriting appears on the screen.
Nebo handles ink and digital prompts at the same time.
However, aligning the tip of the pen on the writing surface with the representation of the pen position on the screen is a huge hassle.
You can use Nebo in yoga books, but you may not want to use it.
Future direction si has the opportunity to talk with Gary Baum, marketing vice president at MyScript about Nebo's plans for future development.
He told me that my script was already working on most of the restrictions I noticed about Nebo.
Allows users to indent and create formatting outlines while writing, which is high in the list of features Nebo team plans to add to the app.
Also, MyScript is considering ways to keep the user's handwritten version after Inkto-
Complete the text translation so that handwriting and text can be used during editing.
MyScript also plans to add the ability to include multiple equations in the text box in the near future.
However, Nebo still cannot replace the calculated value in equation 1 with a variable in equation 2.
The Nebo version of Android is also under development.
SummaryNebo is an exception to the ink ruleto-
The text app is not ready for prime time yet.
Its handwriting recognition and editing features are very prominent.
Its drawing ability is excellent, and its ability to handle mathematical equations is very good.
When you use Nebo, the physical activity of writing with a digital pen on the tablet surface is almost the same as writing with a pen on paper.
In order for the app to function properly, you don't need to learn special writing skills.
The format options available are intuitive and do not need to take the time to learn at all.
It is important to keep in mind that Nebo is a new product currently in its first release cycle.
MyScript is committed to future upgrades, including adding the indent feature and several other features that address the current limit.
If you do handwritten notes as often as I do, Nebo changes the rules of the game.
I found it to be very useful, so I'm seriously considering buying the Surface Pro 4 so I can continue using Nebo after returning the unit I lent me.
For a deeper look at the Interactive Ink that powers Nebo, take a look at the "go deep into my script Interactive Ink Technology ".
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