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nation's report card: writing test shows gender gap - smart table for kids

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-15
nation\'s report card:  writing test shows gender gap  -  smart table for kids
CNN's Donna Krache (CNN)
When it comes to writing, girls are better than boys.
This is a generalization, but it is supported by the latest writing test for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
A transcript called the country.
24,100 test for the eighth time
In early 2011, grade 12 students and 28,100 students were managed.
American students were tested for NAEP in different subjects. S. since 1969.
However, this year marks the first time the writing test is a computer test --based.
When students make writing samples, they are able to take advantage of editing software and other writing tools such as spell checking and thesaurus.
Because this is the first big one.
The National Assessment Council, which manages NAEP, said it could not compare with previous "paper and pencil" writing tests.
Students are required to complete the writing task in three aspects: Persuasion, trying to change the reader's point of view;
Explain, trying to expand the reader's understanding of a topic;
Convey experience in an attempt to provide the reader with real or imaginary experience.
The NAEP writing test is a range of 0-
300 points, with an average score of 150 points.
For the categories below basic, skilled and advanced, the "achievement level" is set according to this ratio. Among eighth-
Of the grade students, about 3% of the students have advanced grades, 24% of the students are skilled or above, 54% of the students have basic grades, and 20% of the students have lower grades than the basic level. (
Because the numbers are rounded up, they add up to no more than 100%). Among 12th-
Of the grade students, about 3% of the students have advanced grades, 24% of the students are skilled or above, 52% of the students have basic grades, and 21% of the students have lower grades than the basics.
According to the board, performance varies depending on race, ethnicity, gender, school location and other factors (such as the educational level of parents.
But the most significant achievement gap is between men and women in grade 8 and Grade 12.
The average score of girls in grade 8 is 160;
Their men scored 140 points.
The average score of girls in grade 12 is 157;
Men scored 143.
Education analyst Susan Pimentel, one of the teams who showed their test scores on Friday at the NAEP conference call, said that while the exam could not determine the cause and effect relationship, there were some clues as to why the gap existed.
The students were surveyed to find out some additional information about when they took the exam.
Of the people surveyed, 53% of the girls agreed or strongly agreed that "writing is one of my favorite activities," but only 35% of the boys had that feeling, Pimentel said.
As writing improves with practice, she says, it's "an important variable to observe.
According to the survey, 39% on the 12 th
Students say they write only one page or less of their homework in English every week, and pimentel says that is also a concern as high school teachers make college entrance one of the goals of the country's Common Core standards.
The NAEP test also shows that students who often use computers to draft and modify their writing, regardless of their income, perform better than students who often use computers.
In order to improve writing performance, the committee encourages boys to participate in "meaningful" writing as part of the course and, as far as possible, provide all students with the opportunity to write and edit using computers.
You can read the transcript of 2011 countries in writing here.
Thanks for the other articles.
Where else can this information be obtained in such an ideal way of writing?
I have a presentation next week and I am looking for this information.
This is very simple. as a habit, women are better at expressing themselves.
Men are more visual.
Why is anyone surprised by this?
Most women use 20 words to express 10 to 15 words, while men use 2-3 words.
This year, my English teacher decided to focus on writing, we got funding for laptops and iPads, I know I did better than pen and all the skaters, just enough to stay in the team, only the girls who are there to pursue a Madame's degree have completed one of two majors: education or news.
Boys and girls are different.
I think we need to stop assuming that everyone has to be equal in all aspects in order to be equal as a whole.
We do not need special scholarships for science girls or English boys.
Let us have equal opportunities to celebrate, not to try to overcome our differences.
Turn off TV on Monday
Close Wii/PS3/xBox Monday to Friday close smartphone/pad games Monday to Friday on Friday = better grades and more creative kids for school 15 hours/week homework
Fun and distracting = crazy kids who hate learning.
Television and video games are not the only entertainment and entertainment.
Back that day, there was something called "reading" that was also done for fun.
One of the biggest mistakes we make in education is to define it as "work ".
We say that children "work too much" and "don't have enough time to be children" and they jump on the boat in this way of thinking.
They think the work is too hard. . .
At the same time, only 3% of these students are "advanced "?
Is almost 3/4 "average or below "?
These kids don't need more playtime and they need more engaging learning activities.
They need more knowledge and first-hand information. . .
I have no impression on the math skills of ordinary people (
When is the 25% discount calculated in 5 minutes?
Why do we need a calculator to split the check in half or leave a tip of 20%? ).
We need to have more demand for our children because we are part of the global economy and no one will save a place for the United States at the smart tableS.
Childhood is important, but it is also the preparation for the next 50 years.
Your 60-year life with these kids needs to be better prepared.
Having fun means having a day at the museum, or going on a nature hike, or opening a lemonade stand, or volunteering to read to others.
Fun does not require intellectual emptiness.
Children do not need a 3 month holiday in the summer and they need to work hard to improve their leadership and business skills (
Does anyone walk a dog or cut grass? )
They need to explore their interests or acquire new skills.
What they need to grow is their mind, not their waist.
We see learning, education, and access to knowledge as a chore and pass that view on to our children.
If we want smart kids, we have to start treating knowledge like we do with the new iPhone. . .
What everyone wants and must have.
In fact, research has been conducted on this (
I'm sorry I don't have a link right now)
Children will perform better if they think that school is a job;
Especially if they think it's their job.
Instead of lowering their teaching standards, some school districts use some of the money given to them to give students cash for their scores.
Better grades, bigger money.
A lot of people hate the idea, but I agree, mainly because it will work.
The kids may be dumb, but they know the almighty dollar.
In fact, there has been a lot of research showing that some TV and video games make children more creative and provide them with psychological channels to relax and recharge.
These studies are not popular among "students"it-
All types of people will not be mentioned, though. Amen! ! !
I can say that I have learned a lot more from TV than I have learned at school.
The school system is designed for women, which has been around for a long time.
Sit, chat, socialize, recall and recall.
That's the school. that's the woman.
Human beings are visual creatures.
Schools are not built for them, just like for women.
There is a lot of information about this issue.
Do your own research.
According to your reasoning. .
Most men will not fail, will most women succeed in school as well?
I only understand this after years of men (and women)
Someone who performed well in the classroom. .
All of a sudden, teaching is more aimed at women?
Women are more social or can sit longer so they have an unfair advantage?
Cow, cow.
Some students may have more desire or interest in one or another subject, but I think these figures suggest that boys lack interesting and intellectual reading options.
They need a superhero who kills the enemy with sonnets.
I blame Oprah Winfrey for the book club.
In middle school and high school, many of the books our English teachers choose when reading homework during the summer vacation or during the school year are from terrible clubs.
As a man, I started most of them, entered chapter 2 and quickly put down the book.
Why do teachers insist on choosing boring female stories when there are so many exciting military history, sports stories or classic Adventures (
Is anyone called Count Monte Cristo? )out there.
We have never read the story of Sherlock Holmes, but Tess Of The D'Urbervilles is on the list. It's simple.
If you want boys to read, provide them with materials that match their interests. I agree.
Now that boys hate everything about "women", let's accept them.
It makes no sense to expand their interest.
Whether girls like it or not, they will read the story of "boy.
Drk, I am not asking the teacher to distribute books that are only attractive to boys, even on the playground.
There is no reason why boys can't read certain books and girls can't read other books.
The key is that the teacher needs to have the boy read more. . . period.
If you give them the material they're interested in to achieve this, then that's all you need.
Leave here with your feminist nonsense. 1.
Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a classic literary work, not just some random Oprah book lovers.
The school taught the class long before her. 2.
Most reading lists are not determined by the teacher alone, but are part of the general school district curriculum. Hey now!
Some of my favorite books are what you mentioned, I am female.
It is not to attract men/women, but to attract readers.
The whole class is encouraged to read and let them decide from the list of books to read the course instead of having the teacher choose the reading material.
I am a woman and agree with you wholeheartedly.
Boys have been lagging behind in language arts and reading skills for years because I think a lot of teachers need more female Books.
Guys, there's nothing wrong with modern or classic books written by men!
The biggest problem is that most school districts want to have the gentlest and least offensive literature on the reading list, which means. . .
The old ladies who are so fascinating are writing about the men they are obsessed. Boy-
Directed literature, even classic literature, tends to be violent, less than statements on a personal computer, and so on. This. 100% this.
I have a cousin who teaches American literature in a very beautiful school.
He also taught several other literature classes.
The garbage on the possible reading list is ridiculous.
He was allowed to do some interjection, but not much.
I have been trying to get him on the bright terrorist line of America;
He did some Edgar Allen Poe with the kids, but I think he should go to Howard Phillips lofcroft.
A wide range of vocabulary and prominent description (
In addition, many of them are free under the Creative Commons).
But he can't, because the idea of screaming alien gods outside of time and space can drive people crazy by seeing them, which "can be disturbing ".
"A very good point, but not just a boy.
My daughter is very athletic. she hates reading.
Every book she was asked to read, especially the classic, was sleep-induced for her.
I have read a lot of books, but what I am interested in is that I have never read many of the classics she was asked to read.
Why should I be muddled about dealing with Victorian English and situations that I'm not interested in-she feels the same way.
The English reading requirements believe that there is no update, not because the books are such a "classic", but because the English teachers themselves either feel that if they are affected by the books, they will do the same thing to their students, or if they read and interpret new things, it's the job!
The results of this study are consistent with what I have observed: Suburban.
Cities, poor areas.
Rich, public
Private schools in Asia.
Black students, etc. .
In addition, the difference in grade 8 was greater, but generally narrowed in grade 12.
Nothing surprised here.
With regard to gender differences, I agree with many posters, which are mainly cultural. . . . not genetic.
When little girls make up stories to get what they want, they get paid off.
When the little boys do the same, they are punished.
This trend continues into adulthood.
The results of the test are not surprising.
I remember taking this exam at school.
You won't "make up stories" in this Test ".
This is a topic chosen by the school and students must write a persuasive paper.
Problem, reason, solution.
This is not difficult, nor is it fictional.
The point is not to write novels.
The point is to express your views through creative processes and the use of persuasive words.
When I was a little girl, I didn't remember being rewarded for lying. Nor was I.
Interestingly, how many men think that women have an advantage over women.
Clearly, there is nothing equal in their view.
Wow, I think the trouble that gender differences have caused me is far less than 50% of the children who are basically or below the proficiency level.
To be honest, this is a very big problem.
We need to focus on getting all our kids to the next level of communication skills.
Before you worry too much, think about some of the people you might know, 50% will be a big achievement for them.
Now imagine them coming in and sitting down for this writing test.
This is not a perfect bell.
Shape, but the score does follow a very normal distribution.
This is not Lake warbegon.
In mathematics, it is impossible for every student to be exceptional.
Instead, we have to focus on making sure they do their best.
Don't worry about half full and half empty.
Just hit 50%.
I agree with you very much.
In fact, I read another article about the same test results that appear in newspapers published in big cities.
This article focuses more on the general lack of communication and writing/grammar skills for children now than on gender or wealth.
IMHO-texting is the worst invention ever.
The test is a scale test (parapraph6).
It is designed to display the distribution throughout the group.
What is the significance of the differences displayed by the sub-groups in the large group.
In any test like this, 50% of the entire test group will be below average.
What you might think of is some absolute testing.
Even there, someone has to set the scale in some way.
Does anyone like the irony of people like Daniel about the state of education, because 50% of candidates are below average?
They are the real left-behind children.
Considering the teacher's bias towards boys at school, I was surprised that the boy still did better in math.
My son was seen as a dirty person in primary and secondary schools, went to a failed inner city high school, but managed 800 of math, 800 of advanced math, his sister's oral English score is 750 points better than his sister's, but the math is not good.
However, all the topics are why inner city schools have failed without considering why some students in inner city schools have scored very well when I came into contact with the nerves of those who did not have the original idea, they should all run for political positions, and they will be very suitable.
In a particularly bad AP English class in my high school (
Granted, ten years ago)
The curriculum is dominated by feminist literature and feminist analysis.
We even had to analyze "Frankenstein" as feminist literature, simply because it was written by a woman, ignoring all the other themes and ideas explored by Mary Shelley.
I bet, this one.
The three-dimensional English course is not an isolated experience.
If students are marginalized in class, it is difficult for them to succeed in any subject. You're right.
Feminism dominates the English world.
Is this AP literature or AP language?
There are 2 courses.
I will understand if you don't remember.
I have 5 of both tests.
Wording, grammar, theme, point of view, tone. . .
Pick three and write.
Add a conclusion to the beginning and end paragraphs of the paper and you will get an award-winning AP quote or language article.
The students don't even read these things.
They look for structure and keywords.
Cliff notes can make 5 for you, but they don't improve your writing.
In order to write better, you have to read more, and in order for the boys to read more, you have to give them some books that arouse their curiosity.
The most basic problem is that many boys have little motivation to study in school. if you never read, you will never write.
Do you want boys to write?
Make sure they have a lot of stories featuring action and adventure.
Politically incorrect these days, but boys like this.
Nowadays, there is also a clear lack of popular reading materials for boys.
I mean, look at all the girls in the series lately (
As terrible as I think some of them are written)
: Twilight, Hunger Games, and even Harry Potter, may not be something that teenage boys will feel "acceptable" to read.
I think we need some male writers to write some good, interesting novels for the boys of our previous generations.
I don't think all the English classes they can fund will have half the impact of what boys want to read.
Overall I agree, but I think Harry Potter is very accessible to the boys.
There are a lot of moves, and it's easy to slip past very small romantic plots if there's a lack of interest.
I see what you mean, Mark and I also like these books, but many children in their teens (
Especially in primary school, there are not so many problems)
Boys Don't read these books because the series is considered something like "Girl books.
This is most likely to be read in the three I mentioned, but it seems to be more attractive to girls than boys.
I was still in high school when those books started to be published, and the only thing reading them at that time was my female peers. . .
I'm sure, though, that has changed a bit.
Give them a novel by Jack Rachel.
Pure rubbish, but they will do it.
If you wait until your child is a teenager to start reading, it may be too late.
In this regard, I will praise Harry Potter, because at least the early books of the series are readable to readers and may even be a little younger.
Still, I remember when I grew up, most of the reading I was assigned at school didn't interest me.
Then in the eighth grade, my English teacher asked for a weekly reading report. . .
The key is that we are allowed to choose the books we read.
That's when I found out about literary science fiction.
Has always been a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek)
Suddenly, I became a greedy reader.
In the week after that, I read a book on average until I was in my twenties.
Time limits my reading now, but I still like reading.
Boys are eager to take risks and they are eager to show them the story of how to be a man (
Real men, instead of playing overly sensitive pseudo men in the Twilight and Hunger Games series (
Although I love the latter, these two male leads have never been true to me).
I personally think every boy dreams of being a hero. .
This dream must be built for a period of time until they can adapt to the role that society expects us to achieve (
Father, husband and provider).
Give me Hornblower at any time on good animals.
However, men's achievements in mathematics have been condemned as parental oppression, not because of natural abilities.
We have this article.
It sounds like female oppression to me.
Social pressure will intensify natural differences.
Although these differences are rarely true differences, they are only general trends, and if each gender actually has a natural capacity that does not meet recognized standards, they are often pushed to the standards that their society expects, it was damaged.
I think the article should explain why girls in grade 12 score down while boys in grade 12 score down. . .
As usual, we only get one fragment of the study, so it's not enough to make a real estimate, but I don't think the three-point range will go beyond the standard deviation for this test, therefore, it may not be so important in statistics.
They gave a link to the data.
It is not suitable to provide sample size, standard error, etc. in a cnn. com story.
If you follow the link, it will bring you here. . . . jack.
are dead wrong.
The data is convincing.
I don't know why: 1 you don't think the size of the difference is statistically meaningful.
The sample size is large and there is no reason to believe that the dispersion is large.
You think it is appropriate to provide data in this story. it's a cnn. com piece!
If you read science, nature, cells, or any science journal, they provide a large number of data sets in the supplementary link if you feel it is necessary, which you can look.
There's no reason to think this is cnn.
The Com story will provide access to these details. i commend cnn.
Com provides a link to guide interested readers here: job cnn. com.
I 've always been told that the difference is something about the left-right brain.
Men are dominated by the left brain, and women are dominated by the right brain.
The left brain processes numbers, spatial perception, etc.
The right brain handles words, emotions, colors, etc.
While writing may not be a strong point for men, this study and the article on writing ignore that writing is not communication.
Although men are not good at writing, I suggest we consider communication.
Men invented the structure of mathematical language and various scientific and technological exchanges.
Men may have failed in writing the space shuttle, but have done a very effective job in conveying the creation, assembly and use of the space shuttle!
Who can build skyscrapers without the communication tools created by men?
Male writing ability is weak: What is missing from this study and the article is that writing is not always the same as communication.
Are white men not writers?
Centuries of literary history, and even contemporary writing institutions hope to have many well written words with you at this point.
He says Patrick is not a white male.
Obviously, reading comprehension is not your strong point.
That is to say, use a biased word.
Using a term that loads less, it's simple, and it's a post-
Particularly reasonable.
There is no good reason for this, just like a person who is good at math but has no excuse for the nervous system
Typical poor communication skills.
Maybe math people are more focused on math, but there is no reason to cause English scores to be insufficient unless we have a destination to make these kids slide.
This is not a gap, nor is it a big gap.
Did you use the farewell word in your research?
That's more about the problem.
Or a college student majoring in literature?
Parents can be more tolerant of boys, so they don't threaten their studies as much as they do with girls.
I was with my daughter's friends who almost thought I was cool.
They come and go, my girls are free to socialize, their friends raid the fridge like they do at home.
They forgot that when I felt the work of girls' school was painful, I could be an overbearing eater who could clean up the house like red neck dad got a shotgun.
But that's the rule and they have to win the right to "relax with friends.
"Despite their school work and performance.
I feel that the parents of the boys are very good, their boys are running on the road, chilling and increasing.
I often get mediocre answers when I ask them about school work.
When my son hits your daughter!
The biggest problem is that, as a smart boy, other boys will feel a little "sissy ".
Raised a boy who likes reading.
Because we started reading aloud when he was young)
He must hide the book he is reading.
Like the Tao Te Ching, the book on the water gate event, the autobiography of everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Malcolm X.
Within the cover of a book that his peers think can read (
Books on Sports)
So that he will not be laughed at, dressed, beaten, and his books will not be thrown into the toilet.
He can do his homework but rarely hand it in.
If he does not hand in his homework, he is often sent-
He can read freely all day without anyone bothering, so this is a big benefit.
It's not the teacher's fault.
It's not the school's fault.
This is our whole culture, and we want men to avoid being considered less manly at all costs (
Do you know how many men are willing to wear pink or purple clothes?
This is a very small thing;
Just color).
Teachers can't stop or stop;
Other parents deny that the child was at fault.
Do you want the boys to perform well at school?
It is OK for boys to succeed academically, just like success in sports.
I agree with Miriam.
This has been mentioned several times and I feel it has hit the nail in the head.
The problem is not that there are too many "girls" books in our school.
The truth is, if you 've even read books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, there are thousands of books from baked apple pie to ritual killings and everything in.
Boys have plenty of reading material to choose from, and our literary world is not dominated by pink fluff and Hello Kitty.
The problem is that reading and writing are seen as activities for "Girls" and we no longer encourage boys to participate in them.
We live in a very sexual society and we just don't encourage boys to read outside the classroom.
The boys are no longer immersed in the stories of pirates and monsters, and they prefer to play video games or watch movies according to this book.
If we want boys to get better grades, we must encourage them to read more.
Must-Read is part of educational experience (
I hate the beluga, I mean hate it because I think the information about the internal struggle is lost in the whaling details, and the whaling details are so closely linked to modern culture that. .
In my last paper, I successfully argued that it was a book about whaling)
Sometimes we have to read things that we are not interested in to discover what we do (
After reading beluga, I really got into the history of whaling).
It's part of the real world, and there's nothing wrong with students reading books they don't want to read.
If we only allow students to do what they want and learn what they want, then only 5 people will choose to learn calculus and we will have nowhere to go soon.
If you want the boys to read more, use "male.
Let the children explore what they are interested in.
I am 77 years old and retired after a long and happy career with a very large aircraft manufacturer in the south of ca.
About 20 years ago, I heard a colleague complain about the quality of education in a local high school.
His daughter did a and a, and his son did little c, and he concluded that his son had stupid teachers.
A few months later, I stopped at the local bar for a beer, and next to the table, I noticed the same person and overheard him boasting about his son's athletic ability and knowledge, his son will be a great player and he knows this because he has the boy Practice 2-
4 hours a day.
After that, I started to really focus on it and noticed that it repeated many times over the next 20 years or so.
Teachers can't compete with a father who boasted to his drinking partner about his son's future as a sports hero.
There is no chance for teachers.
As I have always said, it is not a teacher but a parent/family life.
There are some bad teachers, but there are many parents who are useless.
No, most of the teachers in the Chicago school district are terrible.
Their average salary is about $75,000 a year, and now they even want to increase their salary by 16% while they are working on security.
Remember this. . .
You need a permit to own a gun or a dog, but you don't need a permit to have a baby.
Whether or not they are ready to take care of the work, any pair of idiots can do it.
Here's the problem.
I find this statement very significant: "performance varies according to the board of directors depending on race, ethnicity, gender, school location and other factors (such as the level of education of parents.
However, the most significant achievement gap is the "Which part? " between men and women in grade 8 and Grade 12 ? "?
Personally, I have noticed that they are using the word "notable" rather than "biggest.
I hope they can tell Isaac Asimov, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert heinein, Stephen King. . .
Wow, a lot of people write very well, don't they?
Girls tend to have more culture than boys.
Boys often perform well in other skills. This is news?
I hope the author has the opportunity to comment on a project or initiative and hope the teacher can help balance the score (
The author only talks about writing-I believe boys tend to express with different skills)
Therefore, both men and women appreciate the advantages of these two skills and encourage them to expand their abilities.
Leaving the "girls are better than boys" discussion is lazy and misses a great opportunity to write something valuable.
This is not the way to pursue the Pulitzer.
On top of that, this is hardly the material of the Pulitzer;
It's specifically about writing, not about the gender gap in general.
Who cares about writing? Yawwnnn. . .
I bet most boys in grade 8 can write a better article than 90% on CNN.
My mom always tells me that women are smarter than men. . .
Only smart before they get married.
Despite the disclaimer, it is still possible that someone may consider themselves a genius, noting that this ratio adds up to less than 100.
Before we figure out which gender scored higher, paragraph 10.
It could be a record.
This is a bad style of writing news articles.
In my news class, it is always emphasized to provide the most important information first.
The reason is simple, the editor may trim the length when the deadline is tight, and if the editor can cut the paragraph from the end of the article, it is much easier than sending the article back to rewrite.
Of course, this is also before the layout and what is done on the computer.
We get the kitchen back from the printer and sometimes we cut the article with scissors.
The first sentence is "when it comes to writing, girls are better than boys.
"Maybe you should test your reading skills.
Hell, I know the answer before I click on the title.
This is very common knowledge, which is just another reflection of it.
If you want your child to be a good writer, they must first be a good and prolific reader.
If you want your child to be a good, prolific reader, they need good examples.
Children learn what they see and what they experience.
Read to your child.
Let them see you reading.
That's simple.
If you want your child to be a better writer, make sure your pronouns are aligned with their cause!
My children are not great writers, but they are good readers.
Both are above grade level in reading and reading comprehension.
This is one of the things that confuse us when we hold a teacher parent meeting.
We tried to do it with him, but he just hated writing!
He reads all kinds of books at home and stories over and over!
I don't think reading the same thing over and over is as good as reading new things.
The boy's father is likely to let them spend all their time at home and live some type of ball game, so dad has something to brag about at his so-called sports bar, how great his son is in sports, of course, the boy can't read, write or calculate the details of more than 20 miners, which is the teacher's fault.
LOLI enjoys the irony that you can't spell minor because you rant that someone else can't read and write.
You can't spell favorite either, and your grammar is also very bad.
Because he is a man, he will not spell or use punctuation correctly. Hmm, so am I.
Maybe I should spell some werds rong and use some inappropriate apostrophe so I can work with other youse thug.
Before you throw the entire miners union under the bus, I agree more or less with you.
What did they do?
Oh, you mean secondary. . .
When I was a child, your father must have bought you a football.
In order to help children become good writers, you must first cultivate their love for reading.
Since more girls like reading more than boys, it's not surprising to test as a better writer.
By reading many books, the children were given a written language that could not be taught.
Children who don't read much write spoken English.
In spoken language, we use simpler sentences without spelling or punctuation.
Reading is the input of writing.
Ignoring it is the same as ignoring hearing loss when trying to fix a voice problem.
Girls like to read more than boys. What is this?
I guess some evidence that supports what seems to be the point would help, I don't know, but reading is more of a social activity than a boy for girls.
There is nothing better than peer pressure.
At least one anecdotal evidence is to go to the young adult district of the Barno nobility.
The YA section of B & N near me seems to be about 80%-90% female-written books, mainly for teenage girls. Also the sci-fi section (
My preferred area)
About 70%-80% fantasy (
This seems to be what women/girls like)
Written by more than 50% women.
The problem is that in YA/Sci the writing of boys/men is significantly reducedfi(fantasy)
Nowadays, there is very little that can attract men to read these types of novels, which can often become the gateway for ordinary men to read novels (and non-fiction)
Therefore, there is less desire for writing cultivated by this kind of reading. Well said!
Shortly after her daughter became an avid reader, we noticed a huge improvement in her writing ability. (
She is a latecomer in enjoying books-reading is a chore in elementary and junior high schools.
Oh, we shed tears for those miserable "reading logs. ")
However, once she has established some friendships with the girl who likes to read, her interest in reading really begins.
I often hear the girls say to each other, "This is the best book-you have to read it! !
"My daughter is also a member of those books" push.
She was really excited when she found a companion who had read the same book and always pushed her friend to read her latest "discoveries.
Many of her friends did the same.
Poor boy, who happens to be reading the same book, can't seem to relate to the whole level of emotion of the girl.
Girls also seem to like to participate in the creation of "if?
Stories based on their favorite TV shows, movies, books, etc.
Since the age of 13 or so, a large number of girls are writing "fan novels ".
There are many places to publish such novels, such as fanfiction. net.
We conclude that the longer students stay in the US public school system, the more stupid they are?
As a matter of fact, it is clear that the proportion of men I started to become seriously addicted to reading at a very young age was small.
However, you think it may have the opposite effect.
I'm too picky about my writing skills because I can recognize a story or article that is well written and realize that my faint attempt is actually "stunk "(
Say politely)by comparison.
I hate to hand in anything that doesn't meet my own standards, which is almost beyond my reach.
@ Chris, you're not in the right place
Go to the fantasy area where books based on video games are located.
The boy reader got their book from there.
Because we all know that games-based books are generally rubbish.
I mean, the Holus heretical or Ciaphas Cain novel in Warhammer 40,000 is considered a good work of science fiction.
It's not like video games, like Tom Clancy's various pieces, turning good stories into their own.
I mean, the game is just a plumber still jumping on the turtle, right?
Highly adventurous sci-fi and fantasy.
Dark science fiction and fantasy. Sci-
Sci-fi and horror fantasy.
Military Fiction (
Military history). Sports fiction. Crime Drama.
These are very male-oriented schools and are not well represented in schools. That is a fact.
Your "video game" comments are only close to accurate as modern games recognize this and build blockbuster games in these types to attract still dominant male 16-30 demographic.
If the school is short of Jane Austin and Tom Clancy (
Regardless of his writing ability, whose works are more relevant in the modern world)
Men will read more for the school.
As for you, I think you should do some homework as well.
I would like you to download or purchase radiation 1 and 2, Planescape: Torment and Deus Ex.
This should be your task.
I hope they will give you a better appreciation when video games tell stories right.
This is good information for me.
Is this good for you? plse explain. .
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