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neanderthals were too smart for their own good - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-06
neanderthals were too smart for their own good  -  smart
The Neanderthals were not deceived by more early humans, but were equally sophisticated --
But scientists say they are deeply impressed by what they see as potential partners.
Professor Julian Riel said that crossing means their own route is gone
Salvatore of the University of Colorado added: "In many ways, they are just victims of their own success.
"The researchers studied the computer model of how the human population responded to climate change in the last ice age, and studied the culture and biology of hunter-gatherers 11,500 to 128,000 years ago, the Journal of Human Ecology reported.
Lead author of the study, Professor Michael Barton of Arizona State University, said: "We have designed theoretical and methodological frameworks that combine feedback from the three evolutionary systems of biology, culture and environment
"A scientifically interesting result of this study is the study of cultural and environmental-driven land change
The use behavior is that it shows how the Neanderthals disappeared, not because they were less suitable than all the others who existed during the last glacial period, but because they behave as complex as modern humans.
"Neanderthals built their homes with huge bones. Early humans arrived in Torquay, and the earliest Europeans died in Torquay.
The authors of the study added: "For a long time, it has been thought that the Neanderthals were defeated by healthier modern people who could not adapt.
"We are changing the main narrative.
The Neanderthals are equally adaptable in many ways, only victims of their own success.
"The research team used archaeological data to track behavioral changes in Western Eurasia and found that human mobility increased over time, which could be a response to environmental changes.
In the Ice Age, the ancestors of Neanderthals and modern humans are increasingly looking for food throughout Eurasia.
This leads to their interaction.
And hybridmore often.
The researchers run a computer program for the equivalent of 1,500 generations, showing that with the expansion of the range of niande and modern people every year, niande people are slowly absorbed by more modern people, until they disappear as an identifiable group. Prof Riel-
Selvato said: "The Neanderthals have proved that they can roll with their fists and they get used to it again when they meet more modern people.
"But modern people may think that the Neanderthals are possible partners.
Thus, over time, the Neanderthals die as a physically identifiable group.
Professor Barton added: "We tested the modeling results against empirical archaeological records and found evidence that the Neanderthals and modern people did adjust their behavior in the way we modeled.
"In addition, the model predicts low
The horizontal genetic mixture of the Neanderthals gene, which was found in the latest gene study just published.
In other words, Neanderthals and other non-Neanderthals have successfully adapted to harsh environmental conditions
We know very little about them and are vulnerable to extinction, but at the same time, they ensure that they make a genetic contribution to modern populations.
He added: "The modeling we did in this study is very new in ancient anthropology, and so is the continental scope of the archaeological analysis we used to test the results of the model.
However, such a computing model can enable us-
The impact of human beings on the environment helps to inform the land
Make decisions for our future.
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