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networking creates devices buzz at mobile fair - design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
networking creates devices buzz at mobile fair  -  design tablet
Whether it's ultra-high-speed mobile broadband or wireless network
With the rapid development of smartphone and tablet design, the combination of Fi or both is helping to add vitality to new mobile products.
The world's fastest smartphone, the new "tablet"
Size between phone and tablet
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, small tablets optimized to watch videos and run multiple applications on the 4g mobile network caused the biggest sensation.
From coffee machines to bicycles and cars to homes, the Internet has also made millions of other devices "smart ".
Chip maker Qualcomm
Demonstrated a connected home where a smartphone can be used to start up a coffee machine and when you enter the room the speaker makes a sound thanks to the phone in your pocket.
This innovation was achieved by open AllJoyn.
The source code software framework compatible with mobile operating systems Android, Windows, and iOS allows direct conversations between devices without the need for separate servers.
Brian Spencer, an engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center, said: "We are making the internet of everything a seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds . ". U. S.
& Network operator
In the meantime, T Inc is adding your home and car to your smartphone contacts.
Its digital life product, which allows users to automate and monitor his or her home remotely, has replaced Verizon Communications.
As a mobile partner of GM
OnStar connected car service.
Glen Lury, &
The president of T emerging enterprise said that the next step will be to combine the two products to create an intelligent ecosystem dedicated to individuals.
"When my wife drives into the house and opens the garage door, the House will know that she is at home, opens the door and opens the thermostat;
This is the future, "said Lury.
Industry watchers say the next important thing is wearable devices and the next big thing to connect. Google Inc.
Some features of Google Glass were released on YouTube last week, and Google Glass allows users to view information and record videos. Apple Inc.
Meanwhile, according to a New York Times report, a design of a technical smart device is being tested, similar to a watch made of curved glass.
In Barcelona, many wearable devices are designed to focus on health issues.
The cyclists are using a blood sugar monitor, which is true
Time data sent to Sony
Smartphone on the handle.
The reading can then be sent to the doctor using a secure mobile connection.
Travel Organizer Adam Denton says a team of diabetics will ride between Brussels and Barcelona next month.
However, most of the new smartphones and tablets released at the show did not show a difference from touch --
Screen format promoted by Apple and Samsung ElectronicsLtd.
Huawei, the device maker, emphasizes the speed of its flagship smartphone, Ascend P2, while NEC, Japan, is different.
A new approach is taken to the smartphone form, which provides front and rear screens that can be deployed for production 5. 6 inch-sized tablet.
Olaf Swantee, ceo of UK network operator EE, said faster networks are changing the way people use devices and the way manufacturers design kits.
"Micromation was a big deal a few years ago, but now, as customers are able to do more on the screen than ever before, we see equipment manufacturers maximize screen space, he said in the show.
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