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on ‘madam secretary,’ plot lines and headlines converge - smart board for home

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-31
on ‘madam secretary,’ plot lines and headlines converge  -  smart board for home
Some of the crazy things Hollywood writers dream of about Washington may seem too strange, but the "Madam Secretary" cast and crew have learned that news is occasionally more eccentric than fiction.
In an interview on Wednesday, Tea Leoni, a Washington star-
Outsider Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord in CBSdrama, along with executive producers Barbara Hall and Lori McCrerie, wereloath revealed any spoilers in the second half of the show's first season.
But, obviously, things on the show will become very real.
SaysHall said in the world news headlines, "many storylines are finally very close to what we see," and his resume also includes "motherland ".
Of course, it's a bit strange because the script is in real-
Life has happened.
Someone took these guys to Vegas.
Leonini said that a plot development proposed by the prescient writer was eventually canceled because it was considered too unrealistic --
But then it really happened. In real life. (
She won't say anything, because it's clear that it's even a vandal to say what's not going to happen on the show. )
"There is one --
A week before it happened, the pad on the smart board of the writer's room --
It's absolutely incredible, "said Lionel.
"We didn't develop the storyline because it was too unrealistic.
Nevertheless, McCreary added that the Washington audience of the show did not shy away from the facts --
When the program gets the minimum details about the life of the fog bottom, check (
Obviously, that's where the headquarters of the State Council is located)wrong.
"We gave a lot of thumbs up --
"You're right! ’ ” she says.
But, of course, "you will have people send the wrong position of 'Flag' in that room --
Can you move it?
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Check "Madam Secretary" in Washington with Department of State Victoria StreepC. ! Finally!
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