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once unique, leapfrog has rivals in the educational toy market - tablet and pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
once unique, leapfrog has rivals in the educational toy market  -  tablet and pen
On a weekday afternoon, Chef Flora bojajyev from Harlem browsed a toy "R" Us in Manhattan.
She is looking for educational toys for her two toysyear-
The old son of the iPad.
But she rejected the idea of spending $130 on LeapFrog's LeapPad Ultra XDi, a children's education tablet that was sold in a walk-through.
"With the money, I will buy him so many apps," she said . "
Bojadziev, 33
This is the problem with LeapFrog, which has built millions
Before the baby learns to brush the ipad screen, the dollar company is on the children's device.
LeapFrog, a major manufacturer of educational toys and games, has seen its sales plummet under the impact of an increasing number of cheap alternatives.
It has become the target of short selling.
The seller, an investor betting on a company's failure, has recently been sued by shareholders who claim the company has significantly overestimated consumer demand for its products.
"As the year goes by, more and more apps are free, and the price is lower and sales are getting harder," said Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of TTPM.
Critics say it has become a modern thing to adapt slowly and span
A daily fable about how technology can quickly remove the giants of the toy industry.
Lawyer Mike Wood is aware of his 3-year-
The old son who has difficulty learning to read.
He founded the company in 1995 and launched the first LeapPad in 1999, an ebook with audio and pen to help children learn to read.
With the development of technology, LeapFrog seized the opportunity to create tablets for children: no network
Ability to browse and limited games.
According to Euromonitor, it launched the original LeapPad tablet in 2011 for $100, while the average tablet in the United States costs about $470.
Sales soared.
Sean McGowan, an analyst at Needham and Company, estimates that the Company sold one.
There were 2 million tablets in the first year, more than double when LeapPad 2 came out in 2012.
Hardware, together with software and content, is likely to account for more than half of the company's revenue, he said. McGowan said.
"At that time, not every family had an adult tablet they were willing to give their children," said Gerrick Johnson, capital market analyst at BMO . ".
However, just a few years later, the idea of a tablet seems a bit odd, and because it can do limited tasks, it's very appealing.
The older ipad has become a handheld computer. me-
Tablets, from parents to children, become cheaper every year.
Parents can plan their growth.
Upgrade the device using educational games instead of purchasing a separate professional system.
According to him, sales of various LeapPads to retailers began to stabilize in 2013.
McGowan estimates that they fell by more than 40% in 2014.
"You have to fish where the fish is and the fish is no longer in a closed system," Mr. Johnson said.
LeapFrog has taken steps to provide some content on other platforms.
Some of its educational apps, such as the shape and color farm of my robot friends and Scout, are available through the Apple iTunes store.
But the same is true for hundreds of competitors (if not thousands), which makes it harder for LeapFrog or any company to eliminate noise.
And competition.
Not just for the sake of passing. is fierce.
While Americans are likely to buy more than twice as many tablets in 2014 as in 2011, they paid an average of $330, according to Euromonitor.
This forces everyone to cut prices.
Many manufacturers such as Amazon, RCA and Toshiba now produce tablets for less than $100.
LeapFrog's latest tablet, LeapPad Glo, costs $40 less than the previous $2011.
In addition to Glo and $130 Ultra, LeapPad sold LeapPad3 for $90.
John Barber, chief executive of LeapFrog, said: "I think this is a very quick judgment, and sales have dropped because our tablets are not open . " Refers to the fact that other devices cannot play LeapPad content.
"The maturity of the market affects all of us.
"Technology has revolutionized the toy industry and created a new small upstart to challenge established players like Matai and Hasbro.
The old guard successfully adapted to the new environment to varying degrees: Mattel's Fisher-
For example, the price line for preschool toys introduces new puzzle toys every year as part of its Laugh and Learn line, although the brand's sales have declined in recent years.
Hasbro's performance is a little better.
McGowan said that since gaining the right to make products based on the show three years ago, its Playskool series has regularly launched its new Sesame Street Education program.
There is no doubt that LeapFrog is still beating its education toy competitors, despite a decline in profit margins.
According to the latest data from Euromonitor, in 2013, its pre-school toys and games, including tablets, sold more than VTech and Fuhu, the two biggest competitors.
But analysts say tablet sales still account for more than half of LeapFrog's business, and sales at its booth
Only the toys slipped.
"I don't think we have the best product we can possibly have . "
Bob talked about LeapFrog's toy sales last year. Mr.
Barbour acknowledged that the company is too dependent on its electronic platform and is looking for ways to expand its business.
For example, LeapFrog is busy converting some of its content to an Android tablet and plans to launch its own Android platform this year.
Last year, LeapFrog expects sales during the holiday period to reach $0. 22 billion to $0. 24 billion, thanks to sales of its LeapTV, an educational video game machine worth $150,
But there are also some problems: the product development problem delayed LeapTV's debut, causing it to miss the backgroundto-
School shopping season
It also reduces LeapTV's time to make a splash before the holidays, which is especially important for more expensive toys.
There were too many products left in the store from 2013 to last year, which also hurt sales. Barbour said.
Competing with other popular video game systems, the LeapTV system was left on retailer shelves after the holidays.
"It's a very competitive market, but the system only covers a very narrow population," he said . "Silver said.
Nancy galustian's LeapTV is a Christmas present for two young children sitting at her home in Glendale, California.
After the initial interest burst, the children were more accustomed to playing with their parents' old ipad and smartphones, returning to the devices they were familiar.
"It's a bit of a problem," she said . ".
"When there is an accessible pad, it's easier to take a pad than to take out all the consoles.
Toy "R" Us now sells LeapTV for $99.
In January, LeapFrog reported net sales of $0. 145 billion for the third quarter and a net loss of $0. 124 billion.
The company's share price fell more than 30%, prompting shareholders to sue, claiming they were misled.
"We believe that these claims lack value . "
Barbour said the company plans to "strongly defend" them ".
Shareholder lawsuits are not uncommon when stocks suddenly fall.
However, it is not common to ignore a person's guidance with a broad mark.
"It just says they don't have the processing power in terms of forecasting the business," he said. Johnson said.
"In the toy industry, that's the skill when you have a very seasonal business.
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