one year after kugaaruk school fire, student attendance is up - smart board in school-ITATOUCH-img

one year after kugaaruk school fire, student attendance is up - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-05
one year after kugaaruk school fire, student attendance is up  -  smart board in school
Since Nunavut kugauruk's students lost school buildings a year ago due to a fire, attendance has increased.
Jerrymuk, head of the school at kuglier UK, said that during a suspicious night, the school's attendance rate hovered between 85 and 89, adding that it was more than before the fire.
The total number of students in the school is about 300.
Students are now studying in portable devices and refurbished community spaces, while waiting for a new school that is expected to be completed in August. 2019.
School of kugawa djuq-
This is the only school in the community.
It was restored to twisted metal by the fire that began on the evening of February.
28, 20:7, was burned the next morning. A 13-year-
The old man was accused of arson related to the fire. 13-year-
"It was a tragic day," said the old man accused of arson in a fire at the kukaluk school . " The temperature was cold, he recalled.
"Our fire brigade is doing its best.
However, he said their hose tip was frozen and they were "powerless" when people watched the fire raging ".
Maciuk said the support received by students and staff after the event was huge in terms of territorial government funding, contributions to southern Canada and energy for community members.
Soon after, he said, residents of kugaruk used their living room as a teaching space. The co-
The Op provides the back of the warehouse space and the office space that Hamlet volunteered to provide.
"It's a pleasure to see," said Maciuk . ".
"They really care about education and want to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.
"Students from kindergarten to sixth grade are now housed in six classrooms consisting of 12 portable devices.
Middle school students are studying part of the old Hamlet building, while high school students have taken over the community gym in the building.
All spaces are equipped with computers and smart boards and feel like a classroom.
One thing missing is the gym.
Students exercise by running in the lobby, outdoor activities, pushing the table away, playing hula hoops and skipping rope.
However, the biggest loss is the textbook.
The 29-year-old teacher, George ningaker, said that all the information collected was in Inuktitut-
Including interviews and pictures of the elderlyare gone.
There is no way to replace them.
The school has launched a program in which students are mainly educated in the UK before secondary school.
Maciuk said that when English becomes the main language for teaching, it will change after the seventh grade.
Students and teachers are most proud of Maciuk's response to the loss of school, he said.
About a month after the fire, the students returned to school and were able to finish their year.
Maciuk said eight students graduated in 2017.
The breakfast and hot lunch program at kugonguk school fireThe has also been restored, serving about 100 students a day.
Maciuk said the foundation of the new school has been poured and the building will resume in a few weeks.
The new school will have two floors high, with primary schools, preschool classes and daycare children on the first floor, he said.
The gym features an open-air stand for 100 people, an accessible restroom, a gym and plenty of storage.
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