real scoop: cd says he has clear memory of bacon meetingstar witness at bacon trial says he has clea

real scoop: cd says he has clear memory of bacon meetingstar witness at bacon trial says he has clear memory ofmurder plot meeting - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
real scoop: cd says he has clear memory of bacon meetingstar witness at bacon trial says he has clear memory ofmurder plot meeting  -  white board
On Thursday, at Jamie Bacon's trial, his lawyer, Kimberly eldreid, continued to ask the CD about various statements he had made to the police over the years.
A key official witness to Jamie Bacon's trial testified on Thursday that he clearly remembers a meeting at Bacon's abertsford home on December 2008, after which he was told he had to kill Dennis bacon ·
Due to the publication ban, the man could only be identified as a CD, and he admitted to Bacon's defense lawyer Kimberly eldread that he did not recall some details of the day of the meeting.
He agreed with her that he had stated to the police whether he was driving a black Jeep, Cherokee, or a black Mercedes to the Bacon's house.
He also said he was not sure if he would take their co-workers --
Who can only be called AB-
When the CD arrives, is the AB already in the bacon home.
"The car I drove at that time was insignificant to me.
The CD told jurors and B, "What worries me more is that I have to kill Dennis to pay off the debts of me and Jamie . "C.
Supreme Court Justice Catherine Welch
"From that night on, what I highlighted most was the intense conversation that took place on the whiteboard, and what AB told me.
"Eldread grilled CD, who's been crossing
A seven-day review of the inconsistency he presented to the police on 2011 and his evidence at last week's bacon trial.
Bacon is charged with a charge of consulting someone to commit murder on Karbovanec's unsuccessful attack on 2008 New Year's Eve.
The CD told the jurors earlier that he agreed to kill the bacon partner because Bacon told him that he would forgive the CD's huge drug debt.
After luring Karbovanec to death
At the end of Mission Street, the CD said he shot but he got stuck with his Glock pistol and Karbovanec escaped with minor injuries.
He also testified that after he and AB left Bacon's house, AB gave him details of the plot to kill Karbovanec.
He reiterated on Thursday that he was shocked by what was to be done.
"I was very uncomfortable during Jamie's visit because the conversation between him and AB was more intense than I have ever seen," CD said . ".
"When I left with AB, I knew I should have killed Dennis to pay off the debt and everything else didn't seem to matter that much.
Eldreid went on to ask, "so you don't care about your November 2011
Statement of danger.
The CD replied that in 2011 he "described what I remember, or what I thought I remembered at the time . ".
Eldred also asked the CD's testimony about him, that is, a meeting at Bacon's house a week or two before the attempted murder.
She noted that in a statement from the police, he said that within a week of the shooting, in another statement, he said it might be in early December.
He said on Thursday that he "estimated" the time of the meeting because he did not remember the exact date.
"Throughout the conversation, I have been expressing my uncertainty," he said after reading one of his 2011 transcripts interviewed by the police.
Eldread asked the CD about a video statement he gave to the police a few years ago, claiming that the whiteboard on which Bacon was written could be folded in half.
He said Thursday that he must have been mistaken.
"I don't remember it being a folding whiteboard, and I don't remember him folding the whiteboard," he testified . ".
Eldread asked whether the use of whiteboards was a "police avoidance technique ".
CD replied: "This is what I learned from Jamie in 2008.
The trial continues.
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