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sa’s next most affordable car - touch screen whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
sa’s next most affordable car  -  touch screen whiteboard
Datsun and Nissan's 2016 pricing: although South African auto media have spoken out about the poor performance of the Datsun Go hatchback in the European crash test, it will be announced that since the brand was re-launched in China a year ago, the South African public buys 500 units per month.
Whether it's a case of happiness ignorance, or a relatively low price-about R90 000-or nostalgia for Datsun's name, whether it's success here or in India, russia and Indonesia have pushed Nissan's parent company to produce more Datsuns.
If you find the look of Go slightly off-
In other words, you'll know with confidence that two of the next three Datsuns will be much easier on the eye.
First, however, we have to suffer by introducing Datsun Go, which is a 7-
More aesthetically challenging Go seating Manor version than hatchback.
Only in this way can we find something good: Redi-Go and the Go-Cross.
Not only are these cars attractive, but Datsun is likely to add strength to the body shell.
An article in The Economic Times of India quotes an unknown source saying Datsun is turning to better
Excellent Steel capable of withstand higher pressure-the tensile level of the metal is 520 megapascals compared to 320
Giant steel used to make go.
The newspaper also reported that in order to "improve the strength and stiffness of the vehicle", side beams will be added in Go.
This bodes well for the safety level of the new Datsuns, especially now that the company has added a driver's airbag to two Go variants sold by Mzansi. (
Unfortunately, ABS brakes still do not show up to reduce manufacturing and retail costs. )The Redi-
The Go that should arrive in South Africa next year is another 4-
The door hatchback is similar in size to the popular modern i10 and Chevrolet Spark.
This also means that it will be cheaper than Go and is likely to be the most affordable car in South Africa.
At Datsun headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the company pulled the cover from where it was going --
Cross concept car.
Looking at this attractive design, it is almost impossible to believe it comes from someone who is responsible for Go and its split look.
In most cases, the design of the performance
Car stuntman, like Go-
Cross, diluted with the progress of production.
But the styling of this concept, while beautiful, is not surprising or impractical and should therefore survive at the bean counter and the engineer in order to produce without hindrance.
It is expected to be seen on the South African highway in 18 to 36 months.
At the other end of the price and technology scale, Nissan presents its IDS concept car, implying the look and capabilities of the next Nissan Leaf.
IDS will be a full
Electric cars 60-1kilowatt-
An hour's battery, giving it a range of about 400 km-far beyond the current Leaf range, leaves run about 125 km before they need to be charged.
Since the Tesla model S can already reach 500 km at one charge, the range of IDS is feasible.
But that's just a small part of its appeal, because IDS will have two driving modes of driving and manual driving.
In the former, the driver of the car itself does not have any manpower investment.
The steering wheel folds and replaces it with a touch screen to catch up with your favorite series or send the last email on your way home. Another low-
The outline screen of the width of the car running the windshield and the hood meet conveys visual information to other road users, such as "after you" at the pedestrian crossing the street ".
When a bicycle or pedestrian approaches, the light bars on the car give out red, indicating that the vehicle is aware of them.
Put this hi-
The current legislation is to put technology cars into production.
But at the same time, while these systems are not allowed to operate on their own, they can help drivers avoid hitting other road users.
We expect cars to drive us legally by 2026.
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