sacked high school teacher’s whiteboard message to students goes viral - whiteboard-ITATOUCH-img

sacked high school teacher’s whiteboard message to students goes viral - whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-25
sacked high school teacher’s whiteboard message to students goes viral  -  whiteboard
More than 500 students participated in the national homework habits survey, and the results of the survey were shocking!
Here's how you can help them get the job done.
Diane Tirado's message on the whiteboard went viral.
Source: Florida High School
When the students did not hand in their homework, the school teacher who was fired because of giving them zero was already overwhelmed by support because the farewell message she left on the class whiteboard went viral.
Diane Tila said Simon K-
A school in the port of St. Lucy implements the "zero" marking policy, which means that the minimum score available to students is 50 points. The 52-year-
The old man was fired in September 14.
The next day, she took a photo of her message and shared it on Facebook.
It says, "Goodbye, children . "
"Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you a happy life!
I was fired for refusing to give you 50 points for not handing in anything. (Love)Mrs Tirado.
"This post that has been shared more than 2000 times has caused outrage.
One Facebook user said it showed "what's wrong with our society today ".
"The people who decide our future (are)
"People still get credit for doing nothing," she said . ".
The 17-year-old teacher, MS Tila, started working in school in July.
She told the local TV station WLOS that she gave the students two weeks to complete a laptop project, some of which were not handed in.
It was not until then that she discovered the marking policy. “NO ZERO’s (sic)—
The student and parent manual is indicated in bold red letters: "the lowest possible score is 50% . ".
"If there is nothing to score, how can I give someone 50 points?
She told the TV station.
"I was arguing about the fact that you didn't get something for free.
I want to change policy, not just here.
She added that the score for "incomplete" work on the same marking sheet was zero, which exacerbated the confusion.
Her letter of dismissal did not state the specific reason, only to say that she was still on probation and could be fired for no reason.
Tirado MS said she could not sue, but she wanted to "spread the word ".
"I'm frustrated because we have children in a country who want to be paid and live just because they show up, it's not real," she told the TV station . ". The high-
The school teacher refused to comply with the "zero" marking policy.
Source: facebook "you want to make sure that the results are not punitive in themselves.
Source: facebook posted a follow-up post after the story went viral
News on Facebook said she "accepted the battle because it was ridiculous ".
"Teaching should not be so difficult," she said . ".
"The teacher teaches the content, the children do their best to complete the homework, and the teacher scores according to the scoring criteria that have existed for a long time.
"Teachers also offer many attempts to collect work so they can rate their children.
In essence, most teachers are loving people who want students to succeed.
On Tuesday, E. , principal of Public School in St. Lucy.
Wayne King defended the "zero" policy, saying it ensured that struggling students would not fall behind.
"You want to make sure (grades)
"They are not punitive in themselves," he told Fox News . "
"Students are required to meet certain standards.
If you don't meet it on the first shoot, then we'll give you other opportunities to meet it.
Mr. Ghent said students with difficulties would not feel "positive academic pressure" for simply getting zero ".
"The easy way is to say, 'OK, we'll move on and keep you,' and that student won't succeed," he said . ".
"This is not the culture we built in the school district.
He insisted that 50 points were still a failing grade.
"We didn't make it easy for students," he said . ".
"This is for them to be responsible. It’s rigour. It’s hard work.
We want to make failure more difficult than success. ”frank. chung@news. com.
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