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samsung unveils new large-screen tablet - wacom screen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
samsung unveils new large-screen tablet  -  wacom screen tablet
Samsung has challenged the smaller trend of tablets by launching a 12-inch tablet. 2-inch screen.
Galaxy NotePRO will be unveiled at an event in Las Vegas on Monday and is expected to be available in Australia at the end of the third quarter. Its 12. 2-
Inch screens are larger than screens on many laptops, and the goal of the device is that the laptop still has an advantage over the tablet: productivity.
Samsung says the tablet's screen can be split into four smaller windows, improving the user's ability to multitasking.
The larger screen size also means pop-
Samsung says the up keyboard masks a relatively small screen.
Extra charge for a separate keyboard and mouse.
The tablet is equipped with the same stylus as the previous smartphones and tablets in the Note series, and has built-in Cisco's network conferencing softwarein. The high-
The resolution of the widescreen display is 2560x1600 pixels.
Before the International Consumer Electronics Show, the tablet and TabPRO series will be unveiled together, and the TabPRO series will be launched in 8 years. 4, 10. 1 and 12. 1-inch models.
Samsung has yet to announce the price of the tablet.
* Padwood travels to CES as a guest of LG.
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