steve jobs dies: apple chief made early personal computer, created ipad, ipod, iphone - touch scre

steve jobs dies: apple chief made early personal computer, created ipad, ipod, iphone - touch screen board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
steve jobs dies: apple chief made early personal computer, created ipad, ipod, iphone  -  touch screen board
Apple said later today that Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes, had died.
He is 56 years old.
Jobs's family said in a statement that Jobs died peacefully under the siege of his family.
Jobs has struggled with a type of pancreatic cancer in recent years and has undergone a liver transplant.
"Steve's talent, passion and energy are the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve our lives," wrote a statement from Apple's board of directors . ".
"The world is better because of Steve.
His love for his wife Lauren and his family is the biggest.
Our hearts are open to them and to all those who are moved by his extraordinary gifts. "Jobs co-
In 1976, he started Apple Computer Company with his childhood friend Steve Wozniak and sold what was considered the world's first successful personal computer, the Apple II.
Industry watchers say jobs is a major innovator. -
Maybe comparable to Thomas Edison. -
Change the world of computing, music and communications.
"I was shocked and upset," Wozniak said when interviewed by ABC News . ".
Later, on ABC News's night line, he said it was hard to imagine how the world would develop without work.
"You are shocked when someone you know dies," Wozniak said . ".
"It's closer to when John Lennon died, Kennedy or Martin Luther King.
"With the news of Jobs's death, the homepage of Apple's website has become a complete one.
A page image of Jobs with text, "Steve Jobs 1955-2011.
"Clicking on the picture will bring an additional text to Tim Cook, Apple's current CEO.
"Apple has lost a genius with vision and creativity, and the world has lost an amazing person," the article wrote . ".
"Those of us who had the privilege of meeting Steve and working with him lost a good friend and an inspiring mentor.
Steve leaves a company that only he can build, and his spirit will always be the foundation of Apple.
"The reaction to Jobs's death came from all directions.
"Michelle and I are saddened by Steve Jobs's death," President Obama said in a written statement . ".
Steve is one of the greatest innovators in America. -
Have enough courage to think, have enough courage to believe that he can change the world, have enough talent to do.
"Click here to view the picture: Steve Jobs's competitor in PC development, Microsoft
Founder Bill Gates and Paul Allen immediately responded to his death and stressed his importance to their industry.
Allen called him "a unique technology pioneer and someone who knows how to make amazing great products.
Gates said: "Steve and I met for the first time almost 30 years ago. for more than half of our lives, they have always been colleagues, competitors and friends.
"There are very few people in the world who have had a profound impact on Steve, which will be felt in the coming generations," Gates said . ".
"It's a great honor for us, those lucky enough to work with him.
I will miss Steve very much.
"Steve, thank you for being my mentor and friend," Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said . "
Thank you for showing that your construction can change the world.
I will miss you.
"Click here to see more responses to Jobs's death.
Despite his poor health, employment has continued to be created in recent years.
He took three medical leaves from Apple.
He defeated an unusual pancreatic cancer in 2004 and was forced to undergo a liver transplant in 2009.
Jobs finally announced it on August.
2011. he will step down as chief executive of Apple.
"I have always said that if one day I can no longer fulfill the duties and expectations of Apple CEO, I will be the first to tell you that Jobs wrote in his resignation.
"Unfortunately, that day has arrived.
"He is still the chairman of the company and has created a new position for him.
Jobs's family made a statement tonight to thank everyone who expressed concern about his health in the last year of his life.
Steve is considered a visionary in his public life.
"In his private life, he cherishes his family," the statement said . ".
"We appreciate the support and goodwill of those who share our feelings for Steve.
We know that many of you will mourn with us and we ask that you respect our privacy when we are sad.
"As one of the world's most famous CEOs, Jobs has always maintained stubborn privacy about his personal life, refused to be interviewed, and protected his wife and children from a public perspective.
"He has never been a media person," said Tim Bajarin, president of creative strategy and industry analyst after Jobs resigned in August.
"In the context of the launch of the product, he was interviewed, which is good for Apple, but you will never see him talking about himself.
Apple said it did not plan any public events, although Cook's memo to Apple employees said the company "plans to celebrate Steve's extraordinary life for Apple employees, which will be held soon . ".
Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California
People are hugging and crying tonight.
Candles were lit around the IPad, and a picture of Jobs was on the screen, where people stood quietly watching the memorial.
Apple fans also gathered in an Apple store in New York, but a security guard said he was told to take off any flowers and remove anything like a shrine.
Everything he did-
His invention, the way he changed technology and communication-
In a way, I feel obliged to say, "Thank you.
David Del Toro, a 37-year-old Miami native, said.
The highlight of Jobs's career trajectory is --
Known: a prodigy who dropped out of Reed College in Oregon, 21, started Apple in his parents' garage with Wozniak.
He became a millionaire at the age of 25, on the cover of Time magazine at the age of 26, and was ousted by Apple at the age of 30 in 1985.
In the following years, he entered other industries, founded NeXT computers, and acquired the computer graphics division of Lucas Pictures Ltd in 1986. --
Become a Pixar animation studio with Toy Story and wall-E.
"He is described as a strict and sometimes horrible leader, ordering and rejecting new products from multiple versions until the final version is just right.
The design and aesthetics of the device are as important as the hardware and software inside, he said.
Click here to view the picture: Apple's iconic product 1996, the struggling Apple without Jobs, brought him back by buying NeXT.
He became CEO in 1997, putting the company on a path of excellence.
By the time of 2001, the commercial music industry had collapsed, as free digital recordings copied and shared online made it unnecessary for millions to purchase CDs.
Jobs took advantage of the iPod. -
It's basically a pocket.
The size of the computer hard drive comes with elegant and simple controls and a set of white earbuds so that people can listen to the music time saved above.
He set up the iTunes online music store and persuaded major record companies to sell songs for 99 cents a share.
If people only like a song in a CD, they no longer need to go out and buy a CD.
They bought a digital file and stored it in their ipod.
"Other companies started selling digital music before Apple," said Bill veld, editorial director of Billboard magazine.
"Other companies offer digital music on computers and digital phones and use it for commercial advertising.
The glory of Apple-
I don't think anyone has any doubt that this is jobs's glory. -
Apple makes it exciting, simple, easy and fun.
Before Jobs, digital music was a math class.
After that is a break between classes.
Jobs did not rest.
In 2007, he transformed his mobile phone.
Apple's iPhone is a handheld computer, music player, information device, digital wallet and--
Almost accidental. -telephone.
Major competitors such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Motorola struggled after the launch.
By 2010, Apple's new iPad began cannibalizing its PC business.
The IPad is a stylish tablet with a touch screen with few physical keys.
From watching movies to taking pictures to reading virtual books, almost any software designer can imagine it.
Bajarin says jobs has a close group of friends, including Pixar's John lasset and Oracle's Larry Ellison, but on top of that, he hardly shares his personal with anyone
But that man's life. -
He was given up on adoption at birth, gave birth to a illegitimate child, and had a romantic connection with the movie star ---
He is full of intrigue for his fan base and Apple consumers.
On 1991, jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell, got married at a small wedding in Yosemite National Park.
There are three children, Reed, Irene and Eve.
He admitted that when he was 23, he had a non-married child with high school girlfriend Chris Ann Brennan.
Their daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, was born on 1978.
He has a biological sister, Mona Simpson, author of "so good . "
Anywhere but here is called a book.
"But he didn't see Simpson until he was an adult and he was looking for his biological parents.
Simpson later wrote a book based on their relationship.
Its title is: "An ordinary person.
Fortune magazine reported that Jobs had denied for years that he was Lisa Brennan Jobs's father, and once vowed in court documents that he was sterile and could not have children.
According to the report, Chris Ann Brennan collected a period of benefits to support the child until Jobs later admitted that Lisa was his daughter.
Other personal details have emerged over the years.
According to friends and classmates Elizabeth Holmes, Jobs had a romantic relationship with singer Joan Bez in Reed.
In "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs," Holmes told biographer Alan Dowman that Jobs broke up with his serious girlfriend, "and began to fall in love with the charismatic singer --activist.
Holmes confirmed the details to ABC News.
Jobs's health and the mystery and charm of Apple's health, Jobs said very little to himself.
But then his body began to disappoint him.
In 2004, he was forced to say publicly that he had a rare pancreatic cancer.
On 2009, it was revealed that he had quietly gone to a hospital in Memphis for a liver transplant.
In 2009, Apple's board members had to convince him to disclose more information about his health as a "trust issue" that was intertwined with the company's health, sources said.
He ranked 109 on the Forbes World Billionaires list, with a net worth of about $8. 3 billion.
After selling Pixar Animation Studios to Walt Disney in 2006, he became a member of Disney's board of directors and the company's largest shareholder.
Disney is the parent company of ABC News.
Analysts say Apple did well during Jobs's absence, partly because he could make a big decision and partly because his deputy, Tim Cook, did it himself.
Even when Jobs was there, so was the manager.
The company has a history of rebounding.
On January 2009, after he announced his second leave, Apple's share price fell to $78. 20 per share.
But it quickly recovered and became one of Wall Street's most successful stocks.
One day in the summer of 2011, Apple's share price reached $400, briefly surpassing Exxon Petroleum, the world's most valuable company.
Neil carlinski of ABC News
Krieg, Alex Stone and Catherine McKenzie contributed to the report.
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