tamar valley steiner school and patersonia offer alternative education options in launceston - whi

tamar valley steiner school and patersonia offer alternative education options in launceston - whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
tamar valley steiner school and patersonia offer alternative education options in launceston  -  whiteboard
Imagine a classroom.
Familiar with the scene-a teacher stood in front of the room (
Maybe they mean a whiteboard, maybe a laptop)
The students sat behind neat tables, lined up in neat lines.
It doesn't look like a group of kids taking apart a bunch of wooden pallets and ropes to form a temporary pulley system or teaching math schedules with music creation.
While it doesn't look like a traditional learning environment, some of Launceston's alternative educators place curiosity and imagination at the heart of the learning process-which, they say, is critical to the future job market.
Launceston is home to several alternative educational options that, through games, bring great value to the principles of imagination and creativity
Based on learning-or through invisible learning.
Anne Bauer, chairman of Tamar Valley Steiner School College, said that imagination is the foundation of learning and it forms the basis of the way they "teach" students.
The Stina School in Tamar Valley was established in 2016 with a total of 8 students. Fast-
Until 2018, the school recently filed a development application with the city council of Launceston to develop a new primary school in San leonus.
Once the school is established and already enrolled, they will offer a single first-class and consolidated primary school curriculum for up to 102 students.
Tamar Valley Steiner School is one of the two schools in Tasmania state and has an informal partnership with the talema Steiner School in Hobart.
President Steiner values imagination and aims to cultivate children's "love" for learning and help them prepare for the future with a curious attitude.
"What we offer is education that gives them time, and we train them as a whole, not just literacy and numeracy," Ball MS said . ".
"This is about forming a deep relationship with learning.
Ms. Ball said that she found Steiner and the way it teaches when she was looking for schools for her children and said that these schools are thriving under this system.
Because there are only two Steina schools in tazhou, students in the north do not have the option of high school Steina, but Ball MS says transition is the choice for parents.
"I found out that my son had no problems during the transition and, in fact, his teacher had always liked him because he kept a curious mind," she said . ".
Tamar Valley Steiner school teacher assistant Ash Barlow was educated in the Steiner system in Hobart, saying there was a clear difference between the Steiner system and mainstream schools.
"I learned about my schedule through music creation and I learned that boards can be a lot of things, can be castles, trains or rocks, depending on what you need, she said.
Miss Barlow, who is being trained as a Steina teacher, said she loves the system as an alternative way of learning because it puts creativity at the heart of learning.
"I have absolutely noticed this;
"When we build Roman shields and stilts or learn things outdoors, when I was in high school, we were inside and learning algebra by the table," she said . ".
MS ball MS Barlow says Stan is not telling the student's material based on principles, but teaching them stories or playing thembased learning.
The school has grown exponentially in two years and surpassed their two sites in San leonus.
Interest in admission has grown steadily, MS Ball said, and the school has had to limit its growth because it cannot accommodate more students.
It was not until January 2 that the application was developed for public comment.
The goal is to develop and prepare primary schools for students in May 2019.
Steiner school also attaches great importance to outdoor learning and holds regular outdoor classroom activities.
Among the other parents, the benefits of outdoor learning have not disappeared, and some of them disapprove of the Steiner approach.
A group of parents.
Legana's thoughtful educators note the need for a secular education system that values the benefits of outdoor unstructured games.
From the heart of this idea, pattillonia was born;
A long-term daycare center that focuses on outdoor learning and imaginative games.
Founded in September, Patersonia is a long-term day care center with different age groups with the goal of becoming a primary school in the future.
The organization hosts "Bush Kinde" at the trevalin reserve and regularly hosts game group meetings at Heritage forest community gardens.
Founder Nicole Kluk said she set up the center because she saw a gap in the market and parents desperately needed alternatives like patpasonia.
"We are not saying that our system is better or that mainstream schools are not good, but that we are offering another quality option for our parents," she said . ".
MS Kluk said patpasonia was born after finding his son "behind" in mainstream education.
It was not his teacher's fault, she said, but his way of learning did not fit in with his way of teaching, and he "fell from the cracks ".
Ms. Crok said that her son, who was diagnosed with dyslexia, did not have a positive experience in the public school system because he had difficulty learning to read.
"We took him from school and he was at home --schooled;
There is no structure to teach him how to read when he is behind, "she said.
Despite her negative experiences with her son, Crok MS said that she had no problems with the public system, but she realized that it did not always work for everyone.
"I never hate public schools, and I'm happy to go to school and send my children to school," she said . ".
The popularity of schools is slowly growing, and they have a lot of consultations, but hope to expand the number of places next year, MS Kluk said.
"It was a big decision for parents to decide who to leave your young children to, and we are now a small action," she said, "to know what we are all doing, it takes time. ".
Niki Abel, a parent and educator, said the goal of Patersonia is to provide an unstructured structure.
"We may have planned what to do that day, but the children decide what they want to spend their time doing," she said . ".
The childcare center has three garden beds in the traditional forest community garden, but they haven't planted anything there yet.
But the children spent a lot of time walking through rows of already built gardens and learning the names of all the plants there.
Patersonia also serves children between the ages of three and five, but there is only one childcare group.
"We found that having everyone together would give older children a chance to lead and they would learn more deeply in this way," said Mrs. Abel . ".
"If you have to teach someone something, you will have a greater connection with learning.
Patsonia is a secular center and does not belong to Steiner or other alternative principles.
"Our structure is not very reasonable, but we really value teaching each child to play a personal advantage," MS Abel said . ".
As a parent, Abel MS found her three children. year-
The old son Sebastian has more confidence in his studies, which he has built since he became a member of patsonia.
"He is more involved in what he is doing," she said . ".
"Because he is more committed, but he is with other children, and when he needs a break, he also knows more about his work as a person when he can move on
Ms. Abel and MS Kluk said that parents know their children best and most people know if they will benefit from a traditional care environment or those that may benefit from alternatives
Patsonia hopes to develop a primary school in 2020 and provide long-term day care at the Legana base behind the Legana Christian church.
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