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the best tablets for you as of july 2014 - best tablet with pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
the best tablets for you as of july 2014  -  best tablet with pen
Choosing the right tablet for you is not as easy as you think.
Source: The thinkstock tablet is a strange device between a smartphone and a laptop.
Different types of tablets are used differently, so it's important to choose a tablet that suits your needs as we all know that tablets are not cheap!
Here is a guide that will let you know the most popular tablets in the market to help you make decisions.
If you want to change your laptop
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (
From August)-
If you want something that can be used both as a tablet and as a laptop, it will take only $979 to be like Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.
The Surface Pro 3 runs the full Windows 8.
1, which means that you can install any software on your old laptop or desktop, in addition, it can run any Windows tablet-specific application.
There is a removable keyboard (
Provided separately)
, A pen that you can draw digitally, and several configurations that you can choose from.
But if you buy the Surface Pro 3, you buy the hardware of it.
It is thinner and lighter than the 13 "MacBook Air, the screen is great, the stand has been improved to help it work as a laptop and tablet.
This is a great device, but know its average battery life.
It also works better as a laptop than a tablet, and it doesn't have a full-size SD card slot. Much improved.
Surface Pro 3 is by far your best option if you want to change your laptop.
Source: APIf you have a budget-
Google Nexus 7
$ 299Google's seven
If you want something cheap, inch tablet is not only your best choice but also your best small tablet.
It is very portable and receives software updates on a regular basis, as fast as the highest
Great screen, tablet.
If you just want to browse something bigger than your phone in the lounge, watch a casual TV show on the train, or play a few games, then this is your best option.
It may be a bit old now, but it is still the best cheap tablet.
Source: The supplier you want purely for entertainment purposes-
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 105 (
Available in July 14)—
The 599 Galaxy Tab S is one of the devices you pick up, open and think about "wow.
The screen is so gorgeous.
This fact makes the Galaxy Tab S perfect for your entertainment needs.
It has a microSD slot, which makes it a great advantage over the iPad to store movies, TV shows worth 150 GB, no matter where you are, music or apps are available for you to consume.
Samsung also has some exclusive content deals that give you access to media that are not accessible to other Android tablets. Seriously. That screen.
Source: APIf everything you want
Apple iPad Air-
Apple's $557 flagship tablet is still the king of tablets.
Like the iPhone, it's just Jack in all industries.
Although it may not have the best screen (like the Tab S)
It still has a great screen.
Although it may not be the most productive (
Like Surface Pro 3)
It can still be used as a work machine easily.
But while Apple has done a great job in these areas and the design is excellent, it boils down to Apple's ecosystem.
Apps available on the IOS App Store are always of higher quality than the Android or Windows tablet Store, what's the point of devices like tablets that don't have great apps?
Thin, light, good screen, is the best app for tablets.
Still the best for most people.
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