ukraine grounds fit for purpose – unlike englands logistical efforts - large whiteboard-ITATOUCH-i

ukraine grounds fit for purpose – unlike england's logistical efforts - large whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
ukraine grounds fit for purpose – unlike england\'s logistical efforts  -  large whiteboard
In the evening, the Donbass Arena was lit, and its outside cast a blue glow in the surrounding park.
Despite the controversy over racism, pricing, inadequate infrastructure and lack of accommodation, there is a potential for a region to actively invest € 2012;
Its stadium, especially the two stadiums in England, is perfect for this purpose.
On Monday, England started their game at the Donbas Arena, home of Shakhtar Donetsk miners, the champion of Ukraine and the richest club in the country.
Designed by the architect behind the Allianz Stadium in Munich, Donbass is the only of four Ukrainian stadiums that do not need to upgrade or rebuild 2012 euros.
It was completed three years ago at a cost of £ 225-provided by the industrial billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, who funded the club-and its capacity will reach € 50,000.
There's a sense of intimacy from the pitch to the ground, and when it's full, it's a noisy, atmospheric arena, which may not be England's game.
The hotel's dressing room is spacious with club-specific black and orange color.
Comfortable leather
There is a bound chair in front of each locker, placed in half
A circle facing the wall with a large whiteboard pinned on it.
The main dressing area is the spacious medical area.
The stadium is located in the heart of Donetsk, a city founded by Welsh John Hughes in the 19 th century.
This is a very industrialized city where England players will be able to pick a slagheap and pit head from the nearest coal mine on their way to the arena.
But football facilities are as good as the Premier League.
England will become 930-
A one-mile journey from Krakow on Sunday-the team must arrive at the host city the night before the game.
Their opponent, France, will have 30-
Take a minute coach from their base, Shakhtar's training ground.
Like the stadium, it is as good as any stadium in England, but it is also larger, including accommodation.
Fabio Capello is determined not to repeat the mistake of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, isolating the team-he insisted on Krakow-but Shakhtar training base, although close enough to the city, players can venture out, but also away from fans and media.
The German Football Association retained it before drawing lots.
The Dutch Football Association is also very interested.
After the draw, the French began snapping up and Laurent Blanco carried him on several trips
The room team that made sure it was set up-
What they like is up;
The FA did not even send a representative to visit the facility. The 60,000-
In Kiev, the Olympic stadium where England met Sweden was rebuilt as a venue.
Although small, it is similar to London's rivals, with a runway around the stadium;
In it, however, it feels more like a football field.
The dressing room is large, if not as luxurious as the dressing room in Donetsk.
Will be 540-
Roy Hodgson's one-mile trip-their opponents will make another trip in minutes.
Sweden will train at the Dynamo center in the outskirts of Kiev (
It's also a base in Ukraine)
Stayed in a hotel in the city.
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