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why thq went bust – reader’s feature - sketch pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-26
why thq went bust – reader’s feature  -  sketch pad for pc
The death of THQ is not surprising, at least in the past few years, it is inevitable.
I think the only surprise at the end is how long they can hold on.
However, this does not prevent it from becoming one of the most disappointing and frustrating events in the history of modern gaming.
In an industry that seems to have a new shutdown and unemployment every other week, it is easy to become numb to it.
But this is the first time a major publisher has gone bankrupt in a few years, a harsh charge of modern gaming, modern taste and gaming's position in the entertainment industry.
This feature is expected to be a cross between obituary and THQ's mistakes relative to competitors.
Let's start the last eight years because I can deal with them very quickly.
This is because THQ's early efforts were boring.
Games are usually child authorization or film collaboration
So ins and often are very bad.
I might be harsh because I didn't play them in person, but from what I remember from the comments, they are tat (
Correct me if I am wrong).
Anyway, things are starting to improve here just because they are poor and don't stop them from making good profits.
After 90 s THQ gained the right to WCW wrestling match.
Despite the uneven quality of these products, they do show potential.
When THQ gets a WWF/WWE license, their experience allows them to take advantage of talented developers and create a franchise that will be available for the next decade
As part of this, they also made WWF show no mercy to Nintendo 64.
This game is worth mentioning as it is probably the greatest wrestling match ever.
I can even say that this is a real classic that THQ has ever made.
If you have never played it, I urge all the people who can play it to find a copy.
With these profits and businesses booming, THQ decided to increase production and start buying studios.
This began with a willingness to buy at the end of 2000, and continued to significantly purchase Relic Entertainment in 2004 and Vigil Games in 2006.
THQ continues to expand and adds lucrative gaming seminar licenses on its stable basis.
With the good performance of all its licenses, THQ hit its best year ever in 2007 with sales of more than $1 billion.
It's not like people like EA are in the same league, but it's a healthy situation.
But then the wheel fell.
With the transition to the next generation of consoles, the cost has increased.
Cheap tie-making-
Ins felt the squeeze and profitability of the title.
Another key factor is the increased competition for browsers.
Free games based on games and similarto-
The title of the game that affects children's needs.
The next generation also brings something THQ is not ready to handle: online multiplayer.
Although many of its studios have experience in the PC market, they are not in the area where it can be easily transferred to the console.
Cultural relics may be excellent with Real
Time strategy games, but they don't work well enough on the console.
Faced with these problems, THQ started a restructuring project to move from the children's market to the more mainstream market.
This includes re-adjusting the use of the license and creating a new franchise.
Unfortunately, it is just as the global recession begins to spread.
Many new games have been blown up, deepening the crisis.
This is not to say that there are no clicks scattered among them.
Newly acquired UFC (
Ultimate Fighting Tournament
The license shows the potential of the Wii and uDraw has been successful.
However, the UFC sequel failed.
THQ wants to release it as an annual sequel, but from what I think is not feasible.
Unlike FIFA, there is little change in the year to the next. g.
There are few new fighter jets that will make instant headlines, the mechanics are already solid and there is little room for improvement.
EA will not have similar combat nights every year, which should be a clue.
As for uDraw, for people who don't know what it is, where do I start, it's basically a drawing/sketch pad add-on
At this point, you can play a variety of games on TV, such as Pictionary.
Oh, it costs £ 60/$70 for this privilege.
I don't know how much money I make now, but I think they need to sell a lot of money to get their investment back.
Family friendly Wii (
Even though anyone who has played MadWorld, especially the American version of "no heroes anymore", will tell you it's not)
It looks natural.
Because it proved to be very popular.
Popular enough, some people think it might be a good idea to post it on a less family-friendly shooter
Obsessed with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Can anyone else see the defect in this plan 1?
There were 2 million unsold units, which I called "their own e-commerce" in a feature last year"T. moment’.
Assuming they sell for £ 30 each, plus extra software for it and development costs, this game alone has to cost £ 50 million!
Looking back to see why THQ failed is not difficult.
In a declining industry, tough conditions and products are always the trigger for disaster.
THQ may think he is unlucky because it happened at the worst time and the worst economic climate since 1920.
But surely someone has seen at least one aspect that they have not seen, that is, always reserve funds.
Still, the reason I find this frustrating is because THQ is trying to do what I think is right.
They have released new games based on the new IP, mainly the high standards of these games.
But gamers ignore them and insist on using the usual big names.
I raised my hand and I haven't bought THQ games since Darksiders, as a download, only 12.
I waited until the rest of their games were cheap because I knew they would fail soon and it was cheap.
Perhaps this is just the market situation, though, and THQ should probably consider that.
But the consequences are the worst.
Fire auction must be one of the least thoughtful ideas ever.
All of THQ's assets have a reserve price of $60 million, and the final total price is about $72 million.
Let's put it in the background: the cost of making the rogue car IV is lower, and in the Dark Knight budget, only less than three pounds have gone up and Torres has not paid for Chelsea.
I feel sorry for those who have lost their jobs and also bring good luck to those who have new jobs.
I will miss THQ too, because although it was bad at first, they ended up posting some good games.
However, this legacy will be the game because the game needs a strong leader with vision and a cynical nature to digest every drop.
It shows that people like Bobby Kotik and John risiello are, after all, the most frustrating.
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