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why weekends are bad for your health - pressure sensitive tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
why weekends are bad for your health  -  pressure sensitive tablet
The last place you want to go on weekends is to be hospitalized.
Last week, it was reported that stroke patients admitted to hospital on Saturday or Sunday were as likely to die as 16.
The study, conducted by Guy Hospital in London and St. Thomas Hospital, found that patients admitted to wards with fewer nurses per bed were at the highest risk.
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Men get frustrated at Christmas.
Meanwhile, a report by NHS earlier this year found that if admitted on the weekend, all patients were likely to die as high as 27.
This is due to the small number of senior staff available and the lack of critical diagnostic tests such as scans.
But even if you are not in the hospital, the weekend can do harm to your health.
You may think this is a tough opportunity to get back to your health after a week, but as we have revealed, while they won't kill you, the weekend can be harmful to your health.
Sitting there on weekends rarely makes you constipation.
This is because there is a strong connection between our physical state and this signal to the intestines, explained Alistair Forbes, a professor of digestion, nutrition and medicine at Norwich Medical School.
"During the work week we would walk around even if it was walking to the bus stop or going out during our lunch time.
However, the intestines also become dull when we are not active.
"Eat less --
Not very healthy
Professor Forbes added that constipation may also occur on weekends.
Migraine and headaches occur more often on weekends
Especially on Saturday.
Due to the changes in our daily lives, Dr. Andy Dawson, head of headache services at King's College London Hospital, suggested.
He said: "If you are used to eating at some point in the day, or get up and fall asleep at the same time, confusion over the weekend can lead to headaches, because your body and brain are trying to adapt to an irregular diet or lie --in.
"There is a theory that,
Maintain the normal environment of the brain and regulate our body temperature and hormone levels
Very sensitive to any changes in the body routine.
Caffeine could be another culprit.
If you usually drink three or four cups of tea or coffee in a week to help you concentrate on your work, but don't on weekends, your body can quit.
Caffeine is also believed to interfere with the chemical messenger that expands blood vessels in the brain --
Without it, these blood vessels will be narrow again, causing headaches.
After a week at the back of the desk, going outside to rake leaves is the cause of the injury, said Professor Tony Kohar, plastic surgery consultant at the Health Care NHS Trust and Sloan Hospital BMI in southern London.
"Not like physical exercise, no warmthup.
People plunged into the garden and began to dig.
As a result, you are more vulnerable to cramps and lower back tension as well as tissue damage.
"To minimize risk, Professor Kochhar recommends warming up by mimicking the actions you do in the garden, such as raking or digging.
"Stretching is not enough because it will tighten the muscles, so you are more vulnerable and actually very harmful.
"Go back to the couch in front of the TV and watch for hours, after a week of running, all your favorites will make heartburn worse --
Or even trigger it because laziness puts pressure on the stomach, forcing the acid in the stomach to rise, says Steven Mann, a stomach ogist scientist at the Royal Free London trust.
Acid reflux can also be a problem over the weekend as meal time is not normal due to late night and lying
Dr. man explained.
When you haven't eaten for a while, the acid produced by the intestines is overconsumed.
Take-out may be the last straw.
"Greasy, fat-rich foods stimulate acid production, which can also cause problems such as heartburn and swelling," Dr. Mann added . ".
Cary Cooper, a professor of psychology and health at Lancaster University, explained that a week's diet is easier because the meal time is often more standardized.
"On weekends, we lost the habit of dieting.
There is also a culture of psychological rewards: I work hard all week, why not eat what I like?
"Saturday was the worst day of the week, and the researchers concluded in the 2008 issue of obesity that they asked 48 menopausal women on a diet to keep a food diary.
Analysis of 11,000 households in the UK showed that there were butter toast, takeout and whole meals on weekends
Fat milk coffee makes our saturated fat intake far more than the recommended daily limit.
Unilever's survey found that men eat 61 grams a day on Saturday and Sunday.
They suggest more than double the maximum of 30 grams per day (
20g for women).
While some may find that their stress levels drop when they get home from work, others may find that walking into the front door actually causes the stress level to rise.
Earlier this year, researchers at Penn State University found that when people were in the office, compared with at home, there was a significant decrease in the level of cortical hormone, a hormone that responds to stress release.
This is true of men and women, parents and people without children.
"The problem for many people is that they can run from activity to activity over the weekend --taxi-
"Having children at events or taking family shopping is something they won't do in a week," explains Dr. Sandy Mann, senior lecturer in Vocational Psychology at Central Lancashire University.
"The time spent with family members can also be stressful because the emotional pressure of what people want to do is contradictory.
Then, of course, we have to adapt to all the practical work on weekends.
That's why it looks more like a break at work.
"If you don't drink for a week, relax with a bottle of wine on the weekend, which can not only count as overeating, but also cause abnormal heartbeat.
The disease, known as holiday heart syndrome, can cause palpitations, breathing difficulties, and sometimes chest pain.
It's probably because alcohol causes adrenaline to release.
Jonathan Clegg, a cardiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital in west London, said drinking two large glasses of wine at a meeting was enough to trigger the disease.
While symptoms usually disappear within 48 hours, repeated overeating can cause permanent damage, meaning many affected people may develop over time
Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia)
Causes the heart to beat or tremble.
Meanwhile, a study at Boston University earlier this year found that "moderate drinkers" who drink most of their alcohol once a week are twice as likely to die prematurely as people who drink the same amount of alcohol overall, but they were drinking all week.
A "ice" is classified as more than six units where a woman sits together, and more than eight units where a man sits together. Two large (250ml)
Depending on the intensity, a glass of wine can contain up to seven units.
Curled up in bed with a laptop or tablet to watch a movie or watch TV is bad news for the back.
Association of British Chiropractors (BCA)
People have a hunch on the screen that the spine is not supported, causing pain in the back or neck, said.
Tim harchoff of BCA said: "Nearly half of people have difficulty sleeping due to back or neck pain.
Many of my patients who can't sleep have turned to laptops or mobile phones to help them sleep, such as watching movies, but this may further prevent them from sleeping.
"To avoid this, support the back with a pillow and make sure the screen is at the eye level.
Stoke community pharmacist Sean Woodward said: "People often come in on weekends and ask what to do because they missed a doseon-Trent.
Travel and lie-
The most likely reason is ins.
"The answer is to take the next pill as soon as possible," he said . ".
This is important-
Forget to draw blood-
According to a study by the University of Glasgow, just one stress pill could increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 40.
The sharp fluctuation of blood pressure leads to the stretching and relaxation of blood vessels, making it easy to tear blood vessels.
Going to the gym or riding a bike to make up for a week of lack of exercise can be dangerous for the heart.
People nicknamed "weekend warriors" only exercise on weekends
More than those who exercise regularly.
They may even hurt themselves more than those who sit still.
While regular exercise can reduce the overall risk of a person's cardiac arrest, any exercise, such as over the weekend, increases the risk of a heart attack at that moment, according to research by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.
Dr. John Dearing explained that for those who only exercise on weekends and then are too energetic, the problem is that their hearts are running at maximum capacity, sports injury surgeon at Al Glen Hospital
This means that it is difficult for their heart to deliver enough blood around the body.
"They lack heart reserves [
The difference between the rate of the heart pump and its maximum capacity to pump blood around the body, which can be improved by a stable, regular exercise].
"The blood pressure rise is to make up for this because they are not used to regular exercise.
Therefore, if there is some residual damage, such as the bifurcation of the arteries, this may result in a clot, resulting in a heart attack.
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