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why your website won't cut it ? - graphics tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-16
why your website won\'t cut it ?  -  graphics tablet with screen
Having a beautiful and user-friendly website may mean the difference between having a simple business or having a lasting impact on the digital environment.
The competition is fierce, and new websites will be launched every millisecond on a global scale.
Some of the sites outside are really great, while others seem to be abandoned on the day they were created.
In a competitive world, you would think that every business is trying to go beyond design, but that's far from it.
The sad fact is that many businesses see their website as a side project and then wonder why their online business doesn't generate enough revenue to fire their boss and resign.
I recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a quick Q & A with one of the most talented and friendly creative talent in the industry.
His name is Jeremy M.
Williams and his company, Vyudu Inc.
He has been supporting many online creations for many of the big brands and blogs in the fashion, finance and tech start-ups, from Web platforms to mobile apps and blogs.
Q: First of all, how many websites have you done in your career and which ones are your favorite?
Jeremy: I have designed more than 400 websites in the last 8 years.
My first job was a few hundred dollars and when I looked back at what I was doing at the time, I never showed them in my portfolio or even wouldn't let them see the light.
To be honest, I would say that my first 50 sites are running in practice.
In my opinion, many of the websites I made between 2016 and 2017 are my best works.
My earliest work was in Joomla, but now most of my work is wordpress, followed by laravel, iOS and full stack javascript.
From 2012 to today, my art has become more elegant and wise.
I would say www if I had to choose. Redcitizen.
Because it is so soft, vivid and airy.
Q: point from UI/UX-Of-
View, is there a website in the world that you would think 10 out of 10 are a10?
Well, it's hard now.
I am usually stuck in my own mind, limiting myself to limited access to the Internet so that my eyesight will not be greatly affected by too many concepts and ideas at the same time.
Too much impact can lead to confusion in design.
What I can say is that I completely admire the action --
The way and creativity of the Apple product page scroll, and the visual storytelling direction mastered in Peugeot's graphic novels.
Q: What does it mean to you to have an elegant, intelligent website?
Jeremy: I believe that elegant design is the perfect thing that all websites need to pursue.
Design the space to breathe, and build a smart site that is not too busy to digest requires an elegant mind.
Simplicity is the key.
Photos need to be polished and optimized for the network.
I can't tell you how many times I 've had the client force the stretched image into the design.
Pixelated really kills the site no matter how good the bones are.
In terms of web design, this is one of the saddest things ever.
The font and color scheme is also the most important, and each scheme needs to be limited to three options.
Response is a brain without a brain.
There are many factors to consider, but the most important ones are these.
Q: What do you think and evaluate about the quality on the current world wide web?
Jeremy: I think it's about 70/30.
Bad Apple is more than good Apple these days, you make people become web developers overnight and accept projects for a few hundred dollars, it almost ruined a talented developer getting enough work to influence what looks like
People are so overwhelmed by this number that they forget that there will be more money next month.
They prefer to buy something mediocre online and save thousands of dollars instead of spending on something that is enough to build their brand reputation and industry influence.
You can easily type the keywords of your choice in the search engine, then click on the site to see how many diamonds you find on each page on Google.
Out of every 100 search results, you will be very lucky to find 1 or 2.
Q: What are the most critical mistakes business owners make when they appear online?
Jeremy: many business owners think the saved dollars are valuable to the well spent dollars.
They also rarely hear criticism and hard stand from designers, which leads to a lot of excessesCommitment/lack-deliver.
Web designers come into contact with the latest and greatest pieces around the clock as this is their job, however, many business owners still refuse to listen to their expertise as it does not match the client's vision.
This is usually more of a technical problem than a design problem, but in both cases it happens crazy.
I like to work with clients because they are dreamers and doers.
Working with a Dreamer is always an honor. doer hybrid.
I just think that, as designers/developers, we need to be more outspoken and positive about the way and the best way to build things;
It's always right relative to putting things down to customers, which is almost never the case in this area.
Q: What do you think will happen in the next five years?
Jeremy: Actually, I have a lot to say here, because I think in the next 5 years, as developers and designers are getting more and more curious about trying new frameworks and libraries, many things will change.
Everyone will try to build their own specific stack lol.
OK, first of all, I think the first change will happen for web developers/designers.
We are now more like digital product designers than web designers.
We do not design for web pages, but for people.
The website itself becomes a product.
This is basically the case today.
Next, I think web development will be easier for developers and harder for non-developersdeveloper.
I say this because the line between coding and painting is getting worse, which means we can all buy paintings, brushes, canvas, create a painting that can be seen, but it's totally different to draw something admirable.
The simpler the toy that hits the market, the more decisions you make, and when it comes to your dollar, you'll want something special that isn't easy to copy or compete.
The next step is the page-free design.
When all content resides on one page instead of multiple pages, a page-free or single-page design appears.
This is built for the mobile experience, which is slowly becoming the way we consume media on a regular basis.
Google search also uses mobile-friendly as a ranking signal, so it's more important than ever to accept the shift.
Page animation and. I.
Animation will also become A big player in the next few years to keep users and.
I am because more and more people are talking to the Internet, not browsing the internet.
A lot of people think virtual reality is going to be huge, but I really believe it's a no. go.
Facebook was wrong.
People are just stuck here and not there.
I can continue to explain why I don't think VR will be the dominant technology in our lifetime, but it takes at least 400 words to express lol.
Q: What would he or she look like if you could build a perfect client?
Jeremy: very simple.
They are more willing to build long-term business relationships than just adding 1 to 2 months of follow-up technical support to the originally built lifecycle.
They will also be open in terms of budget and technical scope.
My perfect client will also be more ambitious, bold and willing to do whatever it takes to win. If it takes 4-
In order to create the perfect beast at the right price, they would prefer to consider this rather than rush out fragile products.
A quick approach to failure is not always necessary or realistic for ordinary business owners. Q: Why do you have so many monitors?
Jeremy: I usually have up to 12 projects to do every month and I need screen real estate to keep up.
I have 2 laptops with 4 screens.
My slack, skype and spotify usually have a screen;
I have other screens on my IDE, software and website.
I also have a large graphic tablet to do some high precision photoshop art.
Q: When it comes to quality, relevance and the ability to keep up with the changing world, will the general website today make a difference?
Jeremy: No, no, no!
Don't get me wrong, there are some real beauties out there, but too many websites waste space and take up too much real estate for search engines.
The number of websites without inspiration is simply countless.
When I found one that offered to build something worth their time in the future, my heart hurt and instead they chose to keep everything they had to save a few dollars.
It's a sad thing when budget constraints are great.
I know everyone doesn't have a network budget of $3000 or $30,000, but there's no excuse when you refuse to spend more than $800.
Yes, if you are a non-business owner, but if you think you deserve to start a business and succeed, you should start with the budget first and understand the power of value.
Learn more on www. vyudu.
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