wikileaks aftermath: can you protect your phone or tv from spying - smart board computer-ITATOUCH

wikileaks aftermath: can you protect your phone or tv from spying? - smart board computer

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-28
wikileaks aftermath: can you protect your phone or tv from spying?  -  smart board computer
According to documents published by WikiLeaks, the documents come from the CIA's secret hacking program, describing tools that can change a world that is increasingly networked and photographed. and microphone-
The device of the eavesdropper.
Smart TVs and cars are now in use.
Tablets and microphones have joined the ranks of smartphones, laptops and tablets that have had microphones and cameras as standard devices for ten years.
The CIA has created tools to convert them into listening posts, which no one is surprised in the security community.
In a statement by CBS News, the CIA said it did not comment on the authenticity of these documents or on the status of any investigation of their sources.
Popular live news: Tony Award deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary Women's World Cup "the mission of the CIA is to actively collect overseas intelligence to protect the United States from terrorists, hostile countries and other opponents.
The job of the CIA is innovation, cutting
This is the first line of defense to protect the country from foreign enemies, "the agency said.
"It is also important to note that the CIA is legally prohibited from conducting electronic surveillance of domestic individuals, including our fellow Americans, which the CIA did not do.
The agency also warned that disclosure of hacking tools could also allow U. S. rivals to take advantage of them.
The documents released by WikiLeaks have raised many questions about potential loopholes.
Q: How worried should consumers be?
A: The intrusion tool highlighted by the leak does not seem to be a tool for large-scale surveillance.
So it's not everyone's TV or high
Technology vehicles are at risk.
"It's not surprising, and it's a bit reassuring that these tools seem to be specific (devices)
Compromise on their software
Unlike tools that decrypt encrypted traffic over the Internet, "said Matt Blaze, a computer scientist at the University of Pennsylvania.
These holes seem to highlight targeted attacks, such as collecting keystrokes when the TV is off or silently activating the microphone of the Samsung TV.
In fact, many of the intrusion tools described in the documentation are delivered through "removable devices.
Q: What can be done to prevent damage to the Internet
Connection device to spy communication?
A: If you don't want to sacrifice the benefits of the equipment, that's not much.
"Anything with sound
Activated or audibleand internet-
"The connection function is vulnerable to these types of attacks," said Robert M . "
Lee, former president of the United StatesS.
Network security company Dragos network war operations officer and CEO.
Smart TV and voice
Controlled Information devices like Amazon Echo can read news, play music, close the garage door and turn on the thermostat.
An Amazon Echo was listed as a potential witness in the Arkansas murder.
To ensure that the connected device cannot monitor you, unplug it from the grid and the Internet and remove the battery if possible.
Or maybe don't buy it, especially if you don't specifically need network features and the manufacturer doesn't prove to be cautious in terms of security.
Safety experts found defects in equipmentlike WiFi-enabled dolls —
Built-in microphone and camera.
Q: Because of the strong encryption capabilities of WhatsApp and Signal, I use them for voice and text communication.
Can the bugs described in the WikiLeaks file break them? A: No.
But bugs designed to penetrate Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, or Windows operating systems --
While communication is encrypted during transmission, it is based on a computer that can read your message or listen to a conversation on the compromised device itself.
"The bad news is that the platform vulnerability is very powerful," Blaze wrote on Twitter . ".
"The good news is that they have to target you in order to read your message.
"Apple and Google, which support Android, have issued statements saying many of the so-called bugs in their operating systems have been patched.
Blaze and other experts say they have a solid defense against a country.
Level opponents are almost impossible.
The CIA was already installing a microphone before we got online.
Q: I'm not high-value target.
But I still want to protect myself. How?
A: It may sound boring, but it is vital to patch and update all operating systemsto-
Dates, do not click on them unless you are sure that links or opening email attachments are safe.
There will always be bugs that antivirus companies don't know before it's too late.
These are called zero.
Because there was no patch available and the victim had no time to prepare, it took advantage of the day.
The weapons were purchased and developed by the CIA, the National Security Agency and many other intelligence agencies.
But they are not cheap.
Most of us are not worth it.
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