3D Hologram Fan

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What is 3D holographic Fan screen Advertising Machine?

ITATOUCH 3D Holographic Fan : using the principle of human eye temporary retention in the rotation of LED lamp bar, stereoscopic imaging makes people feel that the products in the fan screen are floating in the air. It's 3D with your eyes, no borders, no background. Suitable for all kinds of shopping malls, KTV, cinemas, chain stores and so on. Advertising, novelty, attracting the attention of the crowd. The high technology of holographic imaging has attracted the attention of consumers and left a deep impression. Like, and willing to share friends, expand the scope of communication, improve the efficiency of communication.

   -Convenient installation : 3D holographic system can modify the hardware system and structure according to the existing building or installation location space, which is conducive to permanent installation in a variety of buildings and urban space. 

  -The content is diverse : 3D holographic system can replace digital content at any time according to the demand, our team is professional. The operation will be a strong backing for your perfect display.


What is the visual effect of holographic projection?

The 360-degree phantom imaging made by 3D holographic projection is a kind of stereoscopic projection rendering system based on 3D technology, which can create a real and illusory scene atmosphere. The stereoscopic visual effect is amazing, has a very good depth, and makes people difficult to distinguish between true and false. 3D holographic projection technology can be said to be the combination of virtual image and object. Visitors can see virtual characters and scenes without wearing 3D glasses, and then add the corresponding motion capture equipment and scene sensor to realize the interaction between human and virtual image, the interaction effect is very prominent.

Because holographic projection is an advanced projection technology, which breaks the limitation of space and carrier, it can make people can see the image displayed in the air directly without the eye, and can display 360 degrees without dead angle. The vision is very shocking, so it is in the market. The application is very popular and quickly spread to all industries. At present, 3D holographic projection has been widely used in stage performance, product display, exhibition scene, digital exhibition hall, museum science and technology museum and other fields.

In order to meet the needs of users in different industries in the market, businesses have seized this huge business opportunity. There must be great development potential in the future, so we should learn to seize the opportunity. If you need it, please contact me.(Whatsapp | Wechat:1812395948)

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