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Do you know what principle the 3D holographic display fan screen uses?     Let me answer you~

The principle is very simple. We usually call it "POV" (visual persistence) display technology. The rotating display crystal is constantly changing. Using the visual persistence principle of the human eye, a complete and continuous picture is formed, and a 3D holographic imaging effect is achieved through display. Holographic fan not only has high requirements for the quality and reaction ability of lamp beads, but also needs intelligent technologies such as big data calculation and chip data processing. On this basis, the holographic fan products can achieve the most realistic naked eye 3D effect.

The technical principle is divided into two parts

One is the display part, which generates a display plane by high-speed rotation of LED light bar;

Second, the content displayed is a video with a transparent channel, and the theme content of the video is a three-dimensional content. For example, when we are making video, let a content in it have some three-dimensional effect in the space direction of XYZ, or rotate in the three-dimensional direction will also produce a three-dimensional sense. The transparent channel is very important. To strengthen the three-dimensional sense, this three-dimensional sense allows the audience to have a three-dimensional visual sense of things independent of nothing.

The mechanism is that when the LED light bar rotates at a high speed, the video is played, which makes use of the human visual persistence phenomenon to produce a plane continuous image effect. From the perspective of the audience, we can see a picture with strong three-dimensional sense, and completely ignore the fact that led light bars exist. For example, we can't see the fan blades when we look at the rotating fan; we can't see the wheel hub when we look at the forum of running cars.

Although the effect is very dazzling, we also need to find a suitable display scene. I think the best display scene in the video is KFC hamburger display. This kind of display scene has a characteristic: outdoor at night, function: attract the target. Are there any other better displays? If you have any suggestions, I'll see you in the comments section.

How to treat 3D holographic fan advertising machine display technology, I think this is a good product ah, display creativity is really too difficult!! Its advantage is that as an advertisement display board product, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, and it is easy to use. Other display devices, projectors, LED screens, LCD screens, one display, no more than tens of thousands of can not win.

Let's take a transparent screen for example. Is the stereoscopic sense very strong? Guess how much this screen costs?

In summary, the important ability of the equipment here is to display a three-dimensional image, which has successfully attracted the attention of many audiences in a uniform environment. Therefore, to create a three-dimensional image display, the use of holographic fan advertising machine is a relatively low-cost and stable display equipment.

What is the application scope of 3D fan screen?

Naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine is a kind of medium display equipment which uses LED light bar to rotate display and uses the principle of human eye persistence to form graphics, animation and video. Because the product has no frame and background, it makes the user feel that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is also called holographic display screen and 3D holographic advertising machine.

Nowadays, there are more traditional lighting advertising display equipment on the market, and the display of advertisements are the same. People have long had aesthetic fatigue on these advertisements. The appearance of this situation has brought great obstacles to the development of advertising industry. The emergence of naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine has brought dawn to the advertising industry.

Compared with the traditional lighting advertising, naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine is more attractive to consumers. It is easy to carry, easy to install, and low power consumption. It gathers the excellent functions of all advertising equipment. According to the market statistics and analysis, the eye-catching rate of naked eye 3D holographic fan screen advertising machine is 7 times of that of 2D image, and the return rate is 5 times of 2D image. Where is an advertising machine like this suitable?

The fan screen is widely used. The special fan screen of jewelry store can display the details of jewelry in three-dimensional and all-round way; the special fan screen of chain store can display the effect of goods and the discount information of commodities; the special fan screen of kitchen window can make the display of window effect more realistic and more eye-catching than that of general window; the fan screen of stage background can combine the scene of stage background to realize the presence of people The unique effect in the painting; the exhibition special fan screen can enlarge and clearly display the exhibits, and long-distance viewing can also achieve the display effect; the subway special fan screen can display the real-time information of the subway, such as the arrival of the subway station, the subway stop and other information. In the future, fan screen can be widely used in many fields, such as education, game, car, gift and so on. Naked eye 3D advertising machine covers almost all industries, which can be said to be the black technology in the advertising industry!


Thank you for reading. I hope it can help you. Thank you~

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