10 city corpn schools to get smart boards | trichy news - times of india - smart board tv

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-18
10 city corpn schools to get smart boards | trichy news - times of india  -  smart board tv
Trich: Teaching Computers
Based on education for students, City companies decided to install smart boards in 10 schools in the first stage.
Other schools in the company will also get smart motherboards in the coming days.
When talking about the introduction of the smart motherboard, the principal of a company School said, "Nowadays, it is found that children are more interested in electronic products besides TV and computers.
Since they can easily master the events and information displayed in television and computers, this technology has been used for academic purposes.
With audio-visual input, teaching will be more effective, she said. Students are interested in learning through smart boards, she added.
A teacher at another corporate School said: "Some corporate schools already have computers. Assisted Learning (CAL)
Computer access facilities are provided.
However, this facility can only use computers in an interactive manner, storing textbook courses on CD-ROM, and teachers are limited to presenters only.
"Smart Board learning will provide Internet access while opening up a wide range of data from the Internet for effective learning.
"The teacher can enhance the learning materials while getting the data online, which will improve the students' knowledge," the teacher said . ".
City Engineer C Nagesh (in charge)
At Trish, it is said that 10 schools with a considerable number of students have been selected in the first phase, which will install the facility.
In addition, it will be extended to other corporate schools.
"Teachers will be trained to handle facilities for effective teaching.
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