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10 must-have apps for your phone - graphic design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-19
10 must-have apps for your phone  -  graphic design tablet
A new app is like candy: It's fun and delicious --
Size, give you a rush.
Whether you like the iTunes App Store or Google Play, you will find oneyou-can-
Download soul buffet
Blow software for your mobile device.
People always ask me what apps they should get.
The answer, of course, depends on a lot of things.
What is your pastime?
What help do you need?
Some people live on Tinder.
Others are obsessed with Google Translate, Pokémon Go or Pandora.
Each of us has our own unique preferences.
But some applications are higher than others.
They are powerful, interesting and useful.
They are at the top of their category and almost every user ends up saying loudly, "Wow, I can't believe how cool this thing is!
"There are 10 must --
There are apps, plus bonuses.
What happens if you combine the location of Google Maps with the mindset of Twitter?
It may look like Waze, a navigation tool that also uses crowds --sourced data.
The small map shows Waze users on the highway who report accidents and speed traps to make your trip more smooth.
For more information about Waze, click here.
Adobe Photoshop is a Photoshop repair tool for casual shooting games.
There is no need to "rasterize" the photo, or add a "lasso" clip of the layer or image.
Most people just want to fiddle with the contrast and retouching of the photos.
Thanks to Adobe's Photoshop Fix, now you can do this from your phone.
But more.
You can automatically add colors with a few finger swabs and remove the entire part of the photo, such as ugly tattoos.
A degree in graphic design is not required.
For more information about Photoshop Fix, click here.
Social media is fun, but there is a lot of work to do.
You can spend hours making the right tweets, then the right Facebook posts, then Instagram photos, and then . . . . . . Well, you know.
Buffer allows you to coordinate all these social media releases from the samedashboard.
You can even schedule the date and time for posting.
Buffer is an incredible luxury for campaign managers and businessmen, bringing together different services such as Pinterest and Tumblr.
For full details on the buffer, click here.
You are a few pounds fat.
Your doctor gave you a terrible prognosis.
You want to exercise and feel healthier for whatever reason, but what you need is the motivation to work hard.
This is the origin of Pact.
You set health goals on the app and when you don't reach them, you have to pay for the money of other Covenant members.
Real money.
But when you reach your goal, someone else will pay you.
It's kind of like gambling unless you always win as long as you reach your benchmark.
Pact may sound like a crazy gimmick, but it inspires people.
So far, there have been 8 million workouts and claim a 92% success rate.
For full details on Pact, click here.
We all know our "circadian rhythm" or sleep cycle.
During the 90 minute period, the typical sleeper enters different stages of sleep, from mild sleep to dreamy rapid eye movement to back sleep.
It would be good to take advantage of this cycle for our benefit, but how can we? We’re asleep!
Sleep Cycle is an app that takes data on your sleep patterns and finds the right time to wake you up.
It may sound disturbing at first, but the sleep cycle helps millions of people determine their perfect "wake-up" stage.
The app also considers irregular sleep and customizes the "smart nap" feature based on your unique waking habits.
For full details on sleep cycles, click here.
Google TripsTravel is great for the soul, but it can be a very confusing experience.
You have tickets, manuals, printed itineraries, car rental details, scribbled hotel addresses on napkins, camera gear, spare batteries, and millions of other doodles stuffed with your cargo pants.
Google Trips aggregates all your travel information.
You can list all booking information, all itineraries, and all information about local restaurants and monuments in one app.
Can't receive reception in central Mongolia?
Google Trips can also work offline smoothly.
For complete details on Google Trips, click here.
"They said it would be sunny!
The frustrated fisherman sighed, and the rain poured through his boat.
If the smiling TV meteorologist loses your trust and the free weather app on your opponent's plane is skeptical, consider the dark sky.
Promoted as "hyper-
Local weather forecasters, this app is designed to predict the weather in your exact location.
In the mountains, each Hill Valley has its own weather, or in the Great Plains, the storm will pass in a flash, which may be particularly convenient.
The detailed map shows you the weather that is brewing and you can get a notice at any time.
For full details on the dark sky, click here.
For many of us, managing money is like keeping the house clean and tidy.
It would be great to keep the original spreadsheet, scan our receipts and integrate all of our account information into one platform.
Well, Mint does this easily.
Not only can you track revenue, fees, and tax information, you can also automatically pay bills and draft budgets on your mobile device.
More importantly, you can check your credit score at a glance, not the third
Party services required
Remember, New Year's resolutions will never be too late.
For full details on Mint, click here.
MagistoYes, you can hire a videographer to shoot, shoot and edit your online ads and then get the bill for $40,000.
Is there a cheaper way?
As a matter of fact, Magisto has the magical ability to convert amateur photos and lenses into amazing short videos. Ready-to-
Using templates can lead to active, professional
See the sights, there's a whole Royal Library-
Free music for any mood.
Whether you're an amateur looking to change jobs from iMovie or a business owner who makes professional advertising, Magisto will be successful.
For full details on Magisto, click here.
Bonus: my free app you know you will want to know more if you have read so much already.
My free Komando app links you to my security alerts, tips, podcasts and videos.
You will get special updates and insider news about the latest consumer technologies.
You can view weather and traffic reports without leaving the app.
Also, the competition is always in progress-the prizes are something you don't want to miss.
Click here for the full details of the Komando app.
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