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10 solid reasons to make your next pc a notebook - drawing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
10 solid reasons to make your next pc a notebook  -  drawing tablet for pc
Laptops have become very popular.
They seem to be everywhere: the legs of TV shows, planes, movies, or friends.
These smooth lychee invade our daily life as before. . .
The invasion is just beginning.
Find out why they are so popular among users and why your next pc might be a laptop.
It is estimated that more than 42 million computer notebooks will be produced this year.
This figure is said to grow by 20% per year.
So, what drives the demand for these devices and what makes them so popular?
The laptop is not just the next technology fad, it also provides some very practical solutions for our computing needs.
There are some real reasons why they are so popular among users.
That's why you should consider getting your next PC to buy a laptop or laptop.
So if you need to convince, here are 10 solid reasons why you should consider buying a laptop: 1. Size.
In this case, the size is really important.
This is the main reason why you should consider buying a laptop or laptop in the first place.
You want a computer that can be neatly placed in your hand to attend your next office meeting and you want to bring a handy laptop to class, or you want to bring a laptop on your next cross-border business trip.
Notebooks are available in various sizes for your needs or purpose.
They are classified or grouped accordingly: Tablets (smallest)
The size of a paper tablet or notepad is less than 3 pounds. Super portable (small)
, About 11 "x 10", less than 1.
3 inch thick, less than 4 pounds. Light and thin (mid-size), around 11-
14 "x 11", 1 to 1.
4 inch thick, from 5 to 7 pounds.
Desktop replacement (largest)
More than 13 "x 11", more than 1.
5 inch, more than 7 pounds, up.
There are all kinds of sizes as you can see, so it should not be difficult for you to find a laptop to suit your needs.
Just match the notebook size to the main use or use of the notebook and you will not go wrong. 2. Portability.
Could be the second one you are considering buying a laptop or laptop, if not the most important reason.
You want a portable and lightweight PC.
You can take it anywhere.
Classes, meetings, business trips or from room to room at home.
Freedom of action
The main selling point of laptops is to carry office or important data with you on business or personal trips.
Portability is something you should seriously consider.
Do you need a portable computer for your home, work or pure enjoyment? 3. Performance.
Not long ago, compared to the performance and speed of powerful desktop computers, laptops or laptops were regarded by many as second-class computers.
The distant relatives were carefully assigned to the field.
But things have changed!
Thanks to the next generation of notebook chipsets, Intel's new Sonoma platform, many laptops, while still not comparable to desktops, are already performing close to the level of desktops.
Many laptops, especially desktop alternatives, already have impressive technical specifications that will dwarf most of the average desktop.
Some desktop replacements even use a desktop processor or cpu.
Up to 100 GB or more of hard disk capacity (7,200rpm)
In some cases, up to 2 MB of RAM and 3 MB of support for Intel Pentium 4. 4GHz or more -
Most laptops can easily handle almost all computing applications and functions.
They can do the work. 4. Connections.
We live in a wireless world.
Laptops will serve computers, and mobile phones will serve the telephone industry --
Let's communicate wirelessly.
Keeping in touch with your friends, your business or your family does have an undeniable appeal.
The laptop will give you this wireless connection.
Most notebooks now have WI-FI (
Wireless Fidelity
Also known as 802.
11 a/B/g, keep in touch no matter where you are.
As more and more companies such as hotels, restaurants and airports roll out these "hot spots" or WI-
Providing customers with convenient services will become a common occurrence.
Plus, big plus-
Verizon Wireless 3g electric car
With the rapid development of the network, the connection of the wireless network will be upgraded to a new level.
It will make the Internet a real wireless network. 5. Function.
The laptop has some unique features.
Tablets provide a convenient device for notes and data collection, which is not practical in desktop computers.
Provide services to doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and other business professionals. . .
These tablets are very practical. the-
Housework or tasks.
Other notebooks are very useful for powerpoint presentations at meetings and other parties. 6. Backup.
A laptop or laptop can easily back up your important files and programs.
But laptops can provide a fairly cheap and secure way to protect your sensitive data.
Anyone with a hard drive that is serious or completely lost can realize the importance of having a secure backup system.
Expose your sensitive data to all hazards for those who keep surfing the Internet (
Viruses, worms, spyware, etc. )
Can cause problems.
Storing a separate system on a laptop or laptop is a good way to solve this problem. 7. Variety.
There are many more types of laptops and laptops than ordinary desktop computers.
From small pocket-sized tablets to more
A media desktop replacement for TV, stereo, CD/DVD players, and of course a computer.
There are more systems to choose from;
From stylish custom laptops to huge monster game laptops, there are a few things that can satisfy the tastes of most people.
You can also buy a notebook that matches your style;
Black from IBM to red Ferrari. It's out there. 8.
Price and availability.
Laptops are everywhere and are cheaper every minute.
Laptop prices are falling as more and more laptops are sold
Prices will fall further.
They are still a little more expensive than desktop computers, but the gap is rapidly narrowing.
It is very easy to find a seller or dealer, and shopping online directly from the manufacturer or company has also become very popular.
In addition, there are some online dealers with very good reputation in spreading the gospel of notebook.
Just click on your dream notebook. 9. Sex Appeal.
I have to mention that the laptop is very sexy!
It is undeniable that,
These stylish svelte machines are the sexiest accessories on the Batwatch Extra side.
For many people who are thinking about buying a laptop, the look of this notebook may be the first drawing card.
A fully functional accessory that can not only turn the head, but also make books. 10.
Last but not least, the main reason why you should consider buying a laptop is
Because you want one.
Just for convenience, easy to carry, or pure fun with a laptop.
In addition, it is a medical fact to deny that your needs or needs may harm your health.
Be kind to yourself!
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