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11 words that will make you sound super smart - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-08
11 words that will make you sound super smart  -  smart
When someone uses the fill word "like" a lot, you might think they don't sound very smart.
But have you ever encountered a zinger who "likes" after "likes" and then suddenly inserts a vocabulary word, such as "sycophant ", "This means that a person performs well to someone who is important in order to gain an advantage (
Or "obiously", meaning full or show service compliance)?
All of a sudden, you look at this person in a new light.
Maybe they're smarter than you think.
For fun, we have our Facebook fans say the words they think make someone sound smart (uh, smart).
Is there anything to add?
Let us know in the comments.
We include Merriam.
The Webster Dictionary definition below is recommended for each. 1)
"The paradox is," said Lee engrui Eriksson.
Def: the essence of paradox;
Not normal or normal. -
The pulse of contradiction-
Contradictory drug reaction—
Paradox noun-
Adverb of contradiction
The place of contradiction
"Contradictions," said Maria Regina enkanasang . ".
Def: a combination of words with opposite or very different meanings. 3)
"Ennoy," Mayda Tapanes said . ".
Lack of spirit, enthusiasm or interest. 4)
"It's in trouble," said Cindy Jarrett . " He also added "excessive" and "oligopolistic ".
Definition of Siege: (
One person, business, etc. )
: Example: a shortage of funds plaguing schools-
The castle was besieged for months. 5)
Said Jiang Amelia Perry. Def: To make (
Bad situation, problems, etc. )worse. 6)
"Preaching," says Kate Wood . ".
Teach people the design or intent of something. 7)
"It's annoying," says Suzanne Fleur . ".
Def: people or things that are very disliked. 8)
Said Michael James Cooper.
Def: planning and organizing things that involve complex activities or events that many people have to do. 9)
Don Quixote said, "Lee Thompson.
Def: full of hope or romance in an unrealistic way. 10)
"There is no sequel," says Fred clandell . ".
Def: a statement that has no logic or clear connection with anything that was said before. 11)
"It's realistic," says Lauren George . ".
Def: quality or status verified--
The appearance of truth.
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