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$2 mini graphics tablet - graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-09
$2 mini graphics tablet  -  graphics tablet
How to convert the touchpad into a useful mini graphic tablet and provide some simple daily items. For the full video, please check out a long Phillips head screw yourself.
This will simulate the pen of the tablet.
You need a small one. 5 volt battery.
The last item is a ball bearing.
You can find these on any dog chain.
Just cut one of the balls off.
Now place the bearing on the top of the screw and place the battery on the top of the bearing.
Make sure the front of the battery is opposite to the back of the bearing.
Now just tie the screws, bearings and batteries together to reveal only the front of the battery.
The ball bearing allows the battery to rotate and keep flush with the TouchPad, while in useI it is already glued to the screw thread, in order to keep more comfortable after your pen is ready, put down the touchpad with one hand and press the mouse button with the other hand. . . . and draw away. HOPE YOU ENJOY!
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